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Ark Volume 4 Act 2

The bounty hunter

Ark had no knowledge about the area yet.
Take a look at the map unfolds almost devastated the black fog.
When you first come across a shortcut Grey Ridge Giran, and sometime a blind auction homebound lived. And as soon as the event began a Quest to do the hunt.
Before the General Store, because it is a map to Giran to take some shots. If you like big cities, near Giran geography of hunting grounds and the information on it was automatically updated maps of the slopes.
I know that based on the information turned out to be the presence in a wide variety of hunting grounds in the vicinity of Giran. Forest or Plains, swamps, mountain areas, appears to vary depending on the monster and level even existed until about 50 to 100. Jackson left the Manor, just to level up that level of user was a good place.

"Let me see. There is an old forest is the light arrows Thief ... .... "

Let's make a map marking the level region 60 to 80.

The "right level"

Currently Ark's level is 78. So far, only the higher level monster hunting themselves have been easy but I feel a little bit like the Ark, a bounty-hunting Quest information gathering and Iran anyway on purpose, so you can be comfortable and more relaxed.
Ark teleportation destinations along the way.
You can pojangdororo around the metropolis teleportation teleportation speed + 20% additional effect of wonder. In other words, the teleportation is one that can minimize time. Thanks to the Ark, arrived at their destination on 30 minutes.
Has gotten a huge thick trees closely packed, silvery arrows Thief was an old forest, hiding there.

"Meat .....!Fresh ... ... ... Human meat! "

As we waited in the Forest Troll and three pieces appeared. It was a brilliant pupil of the Ark.

"The finish is good. Thief skills to test poisonous before meeting wanted to see "

"La Croix-sur-le-, huh?!"

Double bang!

Troll shout and ball rods this painful years wielded. However, the Troll of daecoban is already level 70 Ark of the Opponent.

"Dedric, skeleton. Drag the time in moderation "

<"And then the day after, I'm playing with guys this dull, but not"

Just the Crackle!

Dedric and skull is only your own answer and attacked the Troll.
He breaks into the Ark to the light footwork stepped back and avoid the club. And when it was collected in the Woods behind the toxic Ingredients to make sure fed to a Snake. Then, after a while, the Snake's fangs in pale blue liquid.
Poisonous venom produced by the manufacturing skills.

The Tomb, right car King!

 The venom in sword fencing along with eerie sound effects taken just before travelling to the day side of the black & blue/bruised to change.

Lancel’s Sword the neurotoxin (Beginner).
When you hit an enemy attack will be at different stages of the nerve Paralysis for 5 seconds (count 5)

"Dedric, skeleton. Now put back the attention of other guys! "

Venom straight like an arrow the Ark dwells a bunch of body is thrown out.
Troll in this weird old shout and wielded a club. However, just recently had a complete anomaly in Jackson to attack Opponent Ark.
By the time of the attack and placed poisonous Troll is close my eyes and could even damage.
Ark looked up and twist the club put the sword horizontally, and to avoid sticking. At the moment Counter Attack and cant to one side of this Troll fat.

On the right side of the bridge has been in Paralysis neurotoxin Troll!

The Paralysis on one side of the bridge Troll is quite pathetic limping and stepped back. However, it's not worth a look pathetic and Ark
The other end of the bridge in the Ark and shove a sword straight out of the Troll.
And the club is to avoid side kick flip, the Troll is a Paralysis of arms and legs, drowning out Bush succumbed to rot.
Perfect defenseless!
Double critical chance is invoked.

"Dark Blade!"

Damage from the intense glare got to ride Godzilla Troll is gone.
The two remaining pieces of the same Troll. By the sword hits the arm after trying to Troll's arm was stretched without force. Sometimes if the spinal nerves in the heart is a frightening Critical hit Paralysis. Of course, it wasn't 100% probability of fire.
Beginner poisonous-la grunge success probability is approx. 20%. Difficulty high kick was a little higher than when success probability.
However, Ark was also is that they may not have considered.
Kicks, more than nearly such a large Troll Monster status. However, when a large poisonous Monster fires with a fairly high probability Opponent. In addition, certain States, such as random, but the kick more than arbitrary can be triggered. This has exerted significant effects.
Ark is a Troll, only three pieces that fell in just two minutes, Trine.

"This is a surprisingly usable"

You can't ignore the second battle line.
Especially when you drink a potion of urgency, is a few seconds might be. However, 20% chance of Paralysis the enemy for 5 seconds if you can. In addition the number of five-time can be a maximum of 15 seconds, which means Paralysis.

"If the Ingredients are always free. Especially the poisonous Ingredients are so often not used. In other words, they can use anytime when you need one! "

There is the Ark is now a chill I completely lost the sword of Attributes.
Simply use a better item when it comes to selling swords and learn skills, as opposed to leaving it as a one time I happened to arrive safely. If you're doing well than Rare items usable skills did bad.

"It's maybe a Rare sword might be more usable skills!"

Ark is a hum chanting around the dock seconds is raking everybody one by one try reading in seconds. However, it is still Beginner skills, poison has only a weak venom that could extract Ingredients. It is also the most effective were just a few I can come up with.
5 seconds of hesitation, reducing the enemy's movements and 30 percent of the poison.
Damage of 30 every 10 seconds for 1 minute acidic poison.
The enemy's defense by 20% for 10 seconds, reducing the subtleties of the dock ... ... ... Etc. It's hard to expect absolute effects, supportive writing as a fairly decent level.
However, it was not blindly do too many skills.
Is the same to all the monsters do not effect. For example, a large monster is usually slightly lower rate of fire duration is short.
However, the bleeding is more likely to cause fires rises rather thorny duration may be longer. On the other hand, the monster has a Tendency to acidic acid you can use poison rather regain Health.

"In other words, the Monster's Attributes, you should use well and that means!"

Monster research and more effective poison into the strategy.
Ark was a good fit for the battle of styles and skills.
If there is only one, Downer fuel-efficient.
Ingredients are also wherever there is a limit. And if you want to use poison Survival Cooking seconds when needed. You can't turn it into all poisonous.
In addition, unlike the poison kicks count. Once the poisonous matter to sprinkle or ensuring hut was consumed the number using the trim.

"But it's up to me. My taste buds don't have such skills 100% fit. Want more greedy. "

There is no perfect technology. For the sake of balance, its advantages and disadvantages are obvious.
It is the user's ability to utilize properly or not!

"fine, Snake. Keep in mind. Well done "


Ark is a long-awaited big smile on the face of the runners turned color Snake. Then going sour face this quite a Grump Dedric.

"Chet, Chet, Chet!"

"What the heck? The complaint? "

"No, no! I will have my flying skills what complaints on the Snake God? This body should be, what the reconnaissance or sped off. "

Dedric this Pack and flew flutter flutter pause.
He looked at the Ark are accused. Not Chuck, yet calming jealousy is severe.
So the Ark is Ong Ah Ong and forest people fished at any moment, the sudden emergence of Monster hesitated.
What means such a slow change in experience, Ark.
Set in a changing boundaries of Monster. However, this is not a mere Monster.
Perhaps the silvery arrows Thief of the area.

"Which reminds me to try Human Opponent long yiDo you want to read the ball well this sharp wave and he's right in front of you like a light. With a bold arrow in the shoulder down the eye studded with Bonnie Bourg Le will mn"

Human-type monster, nor a real Human. I shall not feel the virtual reality, real-world conditions. So I thought Let's feel fairly heard clamped. In fact, I've already killed Leo I have realised that Andel distasteful.

"If you don't know the difference between a monster and a star anyway, this Thief"

As the Ark is so.
ake it bounce.

Blitz redang. Damage to 200. The shoulder injury was a 10% reduction in Attack speed.

"It would bring, today is in luck. Guests listen to my feet and gear ODA. "

"While earnings were not difficult to appreciate true guest."

"Then I'm sure a treat"

"Although our way of entertaining, of course, a large and giggling"

"This....... The Silver Arrow Thief? "

Lovely eyes glanced around the Ark looked puzzled.
The sky is not visible in the dense enough to twig. Somewhere in there, their voices have been a Thief. It is also not a sites everywhere ... ... ... Already beleaguered.
Distracted to test poisonous skills to guard.

"But I never thought I'd be doing till ambush"

No, if you think it is taken for granted in tact.
Keep in mind, however, that the famous Opponent colors will not alert the Thief cannot be close to stamping ground. However, the Ark is a Thief is only just enough to think up there because the monster did not. Anyway, the situation is not very good, but the Ark is largely didn't care.

The difficulty level of the "silver arrow" Thief F. average level is not going to be out of the 70 's. If you do not have to worry so much. "

"Dedric, right twice? Wood! "


Ark wooden one down flew to answer to this exciting and Dedric. This air tight, the sound is heard, screaming that tree Thief 1 persons and rolled from the tree fell.

"The big evil, well, what the heck? This Bat? "

"Shut up, this body as a metaphor of the nobility, by Dedric Ishida!"

"A Plan! The skeletons, let's go! "

Ark in a shared skull and rushed to the Thief. But just a moment trying to wield swords. The four-engined arrow projected flew all over the place.
Ark hurriedly put the sword.
However, no matter how disciplined he even with Taekwondo had four-engined arrow reflexes Parry was one of the bunch.


Again, the legs and the abdomen was lodged an arrow.

"Bleeding", "Ark" teleportation rate reduction is rolled between the way we'd loose wobbly Thief climbs up a tree this went tumbling.

"That's me, Monster burritos?"

"Don't alert. Also hit by the arrow sticking it not seeing a tough nut to crack "

"First let me Bat from the Church!"

"Concentrating attack Bat!"

"Dedric, damage!D Plan! "

"Oh, OK!, what is this?"

Ark's voice rises into the sky this struck quickly on Dedric.
However, in less than a few feet hanging off something before it flies away, flapping. Head of Ark, a lush tree branches together freezing snow dumped only a crude trap set hanging on the hook.

"Kiki is a kick, a jackass. Embarrassing to teleportation "


Thief who ridiculed-tree and blow up an arrow barrage.
Don't let the squirming hanging on a tree branch with a couple of feet, arrows right Dedric instantly has become moribund state. Vulnerable to ranged attacks, such as arrows flying creature with a 30% additional damage is due to receive.

"Damn, Dedric Summoner off!"

Ark could barely recall being this Dedric off blocked the forced repatriation. Then the situation is harder.
Dedric turned to focus on the attack was both Ark.
Shoot an arrow above the tree Danny as a ranged attack skills, there was no way to do without the Ark here.
Ark is a mental block and avoid the arrow that flies from place to place without and rolled across the floor.
But it's all a bunch of my arrow damage. Three or four feet, one foot at a time whenever you hit the arrow was Slow or hanging over the status of the bleeding I would be worse.
Thief are savage.

"Next time!"

Turn your body to the sound can be heard coming from behind, hurriedly shoved an arrow on the night.

"Fool's back. Kiki kick "

"What an asshole this one teach me Lil place an arrow?"

"Hey, this time I attack. Well, stop! "

"Shut up!"

"It seems to be fooled twice, once inside you?"

............ Even if you do not turn up and I think this is really an arrow had been blown. That way a few times we had only attacked my head Burns as painters had the foresight to go white.
I imagine my hat?
Under the NPC Thief who'd get attacked by bullies.

"Ugh, this children ... ... ... ... ... "

Ark is a grind. However, this situation is getting better, even if not labeled and grind.
Ark is a tub made from tree to tree at Dark Blade. Shake the trees to fend off Thief, will you want to view. However, the number of meters in diameter and wood is stuck.

"Bloody hell, what is the alternative?"

I climbed a tree too, but it attacked the statement of their arrows Thief even that isn't easy. Get a couple of feet, arrows or ridiculously hit a retreating TT.
The skeletons did not help either, no.
TT does not pass through the floor or even in the California skeleton Ark wood gear cannot be be able to rise. Also you are right, instead of the arrow that flies the skies did not imagine.
In the end, but I'm not the same person.
That is why even care whether the Thief did not write their skeletons. So the Ark and the skull is absolutely as we paddle the clothes on, drizzle between Health this clip as I faded into moribund.

"No, these guys don't have to die!"

This unusual step was on the face of the Ark.
It's not a mediocre Opponent Monster. Thief NPC. These guys are killed to 60% chance to drop the item into the equipment.

"But once the surviving imperative!"

"Skull, summoning off!"

Ark returned as the skull oil began escaping.

"Everything seems to miss the meat caught?"

Of course they did not only Thief.
Draped all over the woods like Tarzan vine branches from the tree branches using teleportation and shoot an arrow barrage.
Ark has managed to avoid the arrows between the trees, but in the end got hit, step up to the plate again on the bridge had collapsed.


"The end!"

"Ugh, fuck ........ It really gives them a 70-level Thief die? "

Ark watching them grind the paste this flood was a Thief.
Suddenly, the Thief who speaks a familiar object from tree branches come teleportation in dogs. Hanging from tree branches, shaped like a rugby ball roll upside Brown objects. Ark that he knew the identity of the object.
Just as in the forest of New World: Red Bee, Red Bee's hive.
Argus_Mountains, Hanna was a starter. Red Bee honey, which is higher in the bulge of the Ingredients is that you can save the information to figure out were never rushed blindly is fatal.

"Fine, if you do so, the judge Edition!"

"I believe at the end, too, and Summon Demon skeletons! only!"

Ark grabbed the skull came from, and picked up a rock and threw out the power.
Fly in a straight line drawn skull hits a hornet's nest. Do you want to go further heavily riddled with shaky following the NEA began to come out of the Red rain continued pouring into black within.
Weng Weng and pouring rain my aggressive stream echoes the red came out and tried to be the face of their white Thief.

"Huck, Les, red Vida!"

"Also, run away! it takes is screwed!"


Red flocked to rain now. Thief is screaming in all directions from the tree and ran away.
He and a guy fell to the ground and attacked the Red rain. And Red flocked like rain clouds and expressions Health ground or abandoned.
Meanwhile, the Ark is returned into the forest as the skull back to the oil ran out. Belatedly discovered the Ark Ark flocked to the Red rain.
Beset by a moribund untiring Ark series and the Adrenaline was buff State. Thanks to the teleportation speed went up significantly, but it can stretch out the Red rain was completely.
Weng Weng came close until just after the sound of the street.

"Here's where I was ... ... ... ..?"

Ark frantically ran home to Bush Re. More than a few minutes or so? Death appeared to be a large lake, and grass disappear. Housed in an old forest and Lake, was discovered shortly after.

"Got it, I've found!"

Ark will immediately jump into the Lake.


"Hugh.......... !"

Red rain 10 minutes or sleep is for the pacing went on.
If it were not for the Lake and near the Mermaid_Scale if it was rusting.
Ark was once the food people eat and regain Health.

"Fuck!" sick, hurt and would not let the children!!! "

Again the summoned Dedric this jumped me and bucket-tree.
Ark was the same sentiment.
Do you think that just prior to the battle, and suddenly came up with unpleasant memories as a child.
By the time the gods would have been admitted to the elementary school. Ark is quite introverted child. And that's the age when such come to an evil bully, children. Ark was that half of the guys.
Guys break once the Ark but tormented.
Most lay hidden in the shoes, or getting eaten lunch yet, and now think of painters were a pretentious hoax.
Bag 壺 璣? 3-4 persons and took this path, look to tease was for a hoax. The other guy who'll drive through the Orange pass, and'll drive through the Orange passes and ........ His mood did not know of such a person.
Just the feeling of it did get to the NPC Thief.
Really messy unpaired mood!


Ark is an eerie look as far as Puerto sprinkled with minced.
He looked rather scared body skeleton with Dedric Corp.

"Heb IK, why, why is it That" s right? I told you as the master! "

Ta doc, just the Crackle!

"I know, do not temper the bumps quietly!"

Ark Garber luck sound gardenia Dedric and skull tummies noticed salpimyeo has been dented into the corner.
Department of nature to be summoned, but Ark also knows.
Ark is a wrap, as long as someone else's mistake does not commit their mistakes for men ascribe as a Bigot.
This battle has not even that funny look at responsibility is to yourself.

"There is no excuse"

In fact, Ark has been a little complacent.
Ex-one backwards Ark has always fought with the level has never been higher than his own. 5-10 level is basic, and sometimes even the 20 levels higher, monster hunting. In addition, their level is bulky and never make Boss monster also was down. Moreover, in the event to a level 70 Quest achievement took first place.
So you want to Chuck out the pretend Bonnie Ark is the most important would be retained.
Once again, but New World is not everything in the level.
The user's ability to manipulate a character than a level larger works. Ark has grown faster than the others because, well in advance for it go ourselves without a break and the break fu? brushed.
And the reality of enlightenment in the game did not neglect the effort to apply. But from the moment he tried to neglect 榮?
This is not to say that hard exercise.
2 hours a day like the old muscle pain was enough to cause movement. The problem is to apply to research on exercise performance, Ark and that neglect to learn new skills or even neglect research into use.
At this time would not have satisfied Burry development.

"I've had so much inside. So far, the only Opponent to have monsters but thought I'd look forward to it. But this is a game. As long as you don't do the same, only the Opponent Monster "

All the laws of absolute constants in the game exists.
The higher the level, the battle will be very difficult.
Hi, as long as the level increases and stronger. However, at a higher level Opponent a monster that must be even more stronger. In addition to a variety of characteristics, which have a more Opponent. In other words, the higher the level of the understanding of the game and more precise manipulation is needed.
Of course, if you are satisfied with the monster hunting now don't care ....

"If I make money in the game to go ahead than others at any time."

Ark is the reason for the game. Global joined Sakae and earning a living as a New World. The others are New World to invest the money. But, in contrast to the big loose money.
They want to get one step ahead than s?
Most users come up in a situation where the level level 40 30 reel should not, of course, the money is to sell items. It's at least level 45 item (s) sold is money. And to do this the first stronger monsters than others always fall down in the tree, and should solve higher level of Quest.

"I went crazy, I. To me, the game is a profession. Fun games for a bad, but fun because there is no lost purpose. If you want to move a lot more good than others, should be a lot more effort. Must not games for no. "

Ark broke the molars, he asked.

"Now the important thing is not the Quest, level-ups, too. Now my level is 78. Level 40. So as to fit the character of the level 78 put my skills. now I have work to do. That’s right, but rather worked well. You don't have to think about anything else. Now my goal is to only a Thief just as well!
It is no longer the process for obtaining a clue of the Thief was not a single Quest.
Should do to get stronger acid.
Leave the other Thief was less than a brigade level monsters.
It is natural. Each monster is an artificial Intelligence applied to the Intelligence level of the North-MWC. However, the Thief only Human, of course, play with high Intelligence, than the General Monster's level was high.
But you can summon the Ark is also the de facto parties. Still, the problem is that so far as differences widened when organizational skills!

"First of all, the most urgent thing is to have fun with my work"

Now you will be able to summon some of the Ark.
Take a look at the percentage of the Ark in the battle were 60% and the number of summons, which is responsible for station 40% or Hora. In other words, they can summon the power of the soon-to-be said that Thief, combat power of the Ark, only to play in connection with spreading like an enemy Opponent organizational skills necessary to level-up.

"As far as the simple operations is limited. Get more reinforcement to take operations even in complex situations should be put to cope "

So far, A, B, C, D. the four operations only.
Of course, just as effective as shaving, but it feels like a situation with a number of complex, the corresponding monster has its limits.

"A more systematic and complementary general need that can make operations of yeast"

What are the advantages of moving into practice as soon as the Ark thinking points.
However, the Ark, or that he or she knows from experience in the FPS strategic Iran saw the RTS game picks.
Envision having to maneuver while the head and moans and moans away southern Ark soon found a way. Very Special and was dispatched to South America by the clashing of the combat professional, JusticeMan.
JusticeMan from Jackson's tactics is already frozen, make sure that a big power to exert a Mana bar?
There is a crazy idea to break the Ark to bow JusticeMan straight-up.

"Tactic? It said, "what's up with that?"

"I needed to get That" s right. To provide assistance to? "

"글 ?......... Although there are not. But I have a TextBox is the level is too high. The army has been difficult to understand things as well as People and "

"From the ground up deserves to learn the exercises are?"

"Oh, there is one. I don't know whether that would help me do "

In the old days, like when the first operation, once was a prospective Opponent dull Troll. Ark is a Troll using Dedric and lead them to test multiple pieces at a time I saw the op.

"A-4 plan!"

Let us recall the Ark could command are moderately attracted to Troll and attack back. So to lure back seug place to Troll A minus one (-1) operations change Dedric and skull is besieged and Troll from side to side. Then some Troll who didn't first attack Tung.
It is also easy to avoid attacks, not intensive. In addition, in three different directions, among persons 1 persons could be fed back steps at any time.
A-2 is an instant hit and falling Undulated attack.
It would be a stronger Opponent, was to help manage Health. In addition, phase one and at the same time attacking A-3 is a useful operational Agility and Monster Opponent. There is a properly applied the skills of a poisonous Snake out greater 榮?
So take advantage of all that A maneuvering of the Ark, and went out hunting nearby monsters. Get B's operations and to some extent educated.
Of course, the overall education of Spartan.

"The skeletons, this operation when changing the response for a few seconds and I'm slow. Food-type! "

"Banal, it's okay. In addition to the brain can be properly without skull? "

"Dedric, step. you food's older brother!"

"Activities? My, why would I? "

"I did not talk to me? In the future, joint liability. "

"No way, this is violence!"

"I said that? Or violence fine "

You will be able to make out the mouths of those summoned to the Ark and put the station came to shove food in buts station. The old forest is first came to the area had a lot of new Ingredients that were moderately.
This is, in fact, was the suggestion of JusticeMan.
Nevertheless, as my development organisation that makes some of the best when it comes to joint liability? Indeed, experts what can be different. They are able to summon help if you dare to do after the break, but both say Ark head face-to-face group. The other guy had me on the door fits the Thunderbolt would hate.
A bit domineering, but can now summon ALL forwarders also come FOR ONE, one FOR ALL four started to get the concept of ONE to come. After all, you will be able to summon through education and penalties are once again fighting ability has risen by leaps and bounds.
In addition, the increase in the number of penalties of which still led to the rise of skilled Survival Cooking Chi. And finally ... ....!

"Yuck, this, what is this? It is a taste of Hell! "

Survival Cooking made out of food "to get rid of the taste buds stew." look might seem plausible, even the smell once you get older you'll drown in trauma, as long as it tastes horrible and I have lost the appetite for a while no matter what Cooking is aromatic Cooking even if I hate the view to look at the effect on a diet! ".
{For 2 hours, you will not be able to eat any kind of food you eat, make Nobu; and as far as food, it will effect decreases was} 

So unfolds a Bat from the Pan gearbox that moment five bytes. Finally, skills levels rose.

Survival Cooking a lot of experience rating.
Survival Cooking (Advanced, passive): do you tip your hat to the rustic Cooking various Ingredients used to make numerous new releases. Inquiring and creative Cooking, thanks to the endless lust towards you has finally been the guru of Survival Cooking.
Now 100% efficacy of Ingredients can lead to hidden 營 yub qiu? In addition, all distribution of Cooking terms and additional effects, the penalty drastically rises.
Senior bonus Special Cooking "japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables)".
* Japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables): two new Special Cooking mix Cooking "japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables)". Japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables) there are two Cooking Cooking made of special or extra effects, or the penalty has scrambled to disappear as well.
The General Department of an entirely different form of Cooking cannot work randomly.
However, japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables) is not registered as a new recipe is made with food. Eating while taking up one side of the bag, if you have a Cooking up custard, Jim resolutely japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables), which also made ...........

Yes, Survival Cooking!
In the meantime, only the Ark made a good effect had been Cooking. Limits on the type of Ingredients, so sometimes the penalty in effect goes to pay for Cooking, knowing that I'd have to make even without skilled, that Cooking was to give away their tears faded. Fine Ingredient and food waste waste that needs to be created so that whenever the Earl was earlier Mana.

"But now it is also made from food waste can be recycled (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables) japtang!"

Ark will immediately take out the unwanted Cooking japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables). Put the food in the Pan sweep two skills at conveying even against a backdrop of the sound effects and ride the new Cooking is made.

Japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables) was created.
Soup of Horrifying Taste + rag cooked flavored tea = wrath of distilled
Even those who eat the taste difficult unspeakable extreme anger.
{Rage + 50, yell sound is large enough 100%}

Japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables) works differently than the random, Survival Cooking was able to recognize the immediate effect of making.


Call the number subpoenaed the Ark in anger using a series of Special skills, like the Warrior, Spiritual_Power consumed. Also, what is the sound and larger intention could not even know whether the effects that you have created. In other words, does not have much effect on Ark. However, the Ark was quite satisfied with the results.

"Soup of Horrifying Taste the damage effects. Boiled and flavored tea and hook rather Mana is consuming food.
Just mix it with food to give away two anyway creates a usable food was not bad. In addition japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables) made up of skilled Survival Cooking qi. Bad food is better than just throwing away food with me. "

I saw the Ark back testing and whatnot.
Japtang (porridge_of_rice_and_vegetables) was created as the food is added, the additional effect is random. That "s also like mixing food with high probability right such as the official results but created an entirely different food, appear regularly. Well, That "s right you there but ...
I've been trying something technology enthusiastically looks heck did not make food. Most of the anger will be useless somewhere like distilled, it is also not the same ... .... There were many subtle effects of feeling.

"Well, if you think about it, this is the purpose of the food slowly. After all, they try to reduce the rustic food at Van scrimp bag space to spare so once packed-Ed "

If possible, try out a little bit more and whatnot, but now couldn't afford it to Ark would mind. It's installed with a pot can do at any time. However, the training is an appropriate time to present. Now this was right then.

"Now it's my turn now"

Battle of the Ark can summon the ability to simply satisfy the idea went.
You will be able to summon the proportion of keojyeossdago, even if not yet 40%. The remaining 60% is the share of the Ark. Pet does not grow even stronger but not talking about Ark.

"Early on I learned skills are trained in a duck on the seabed some hard-boiled poised in the air. But the newly learned skills, yet do not utilize it properly. In particular, Parry and counter Hyun-woo success rate too low, which is a chain of skills. Ranged attack to two the number of Opponent will completely make my skills "

All the other skills that the Ark back sealed.
Only Parry and Counter Attack wont connect to the heavy-handed invocation only.
Of course, this was not an easy thing to say.
Hyun-woo is a skilled winch. This ability is only to be a gamer's skills. In order to Parry and Hyun-woo to Counter Attack that exist between, indeed I hold close timing.
But even after that moment, Shar is not easy.
Furthermore, the speeches in a combat situation is not easy to succeed in an uneasy position, failed for 3 seconds on the rigor Hyun-woo. rather State a penalty was beaten got hanging on Xu.

"This was a mess. TT does not succeed at any given time only twice! "

I ate the food when the Ark. Of course, you can write to the growth of the newly-created food recall, already among the horrible tasting food is registered on a recipe I had made. The South is also strict, but give yourself a more rigorous was the Ark. He appeared Dedric and skull is looked at as a fearful look.

"Damn owner ... ... ... Scary, scary. Let us now out of bases "

Just the Crackle.

That sea of subsistence cultivation stretches Silmido I continued.
Without going into town once a day and 20 hours of training!
Thanks to the Ark and summon their totally enamored with the beggars.
It was definitely a tough time worked. You will be able to summon up all their D-4 operations was apart and sensitivity. He as well? Ark is ramping up to Hyun-woo feet up to 80 percent of tie.

"Now is the time of revenge"

"It would bring, and waited. Master "

Just the Crackle!

Sacsac SAC!

Now the only remaining evil can live in the eyes of the Ark and summon a bundle.

"Cor, guests!"

"Eh? That asshole, I went away to the other guy? "


"Giggling, view more brave guy in Lee County. Life is insignificant here. "

"One arrow in the head as the wind or materials have to embed. Customer satisfaction is our temple, Hun "

Again, Let's kill this Thief beyond boundaries.
Shortly thereafter, the arrows above the trees and began pouring out.

"Dedric, skeleton. D-1 plan. "

"Got to know"

Dedric and spread quickly all over the skeleton.
D-1 is running away blindly unlike the D position of Thief and square teleportation, rock or wood ply as a shield to prevent the arrows using the OPS. On the other hand, expose the body to body, and ripe Ark Parry skills and prevent the arrows. Back in a few minutes to do so hours ran the Ark and rocking body was Dorrigo.

"A-1 plan!"

"Okay!" skull, come on! "

Ark sound picks up this skull Woods hit Dedric ran across.

"Eh? Those guys are going away again? "

"Even if you miss a silvery arrows! the shame of this!"

There are yelling or Thief and sued on the vine.
So Earl Mana outside? And GIMP were quickly narrowed the distance the sound ULI party Thief suddenly dropped to the floor and scream. That's exactly what I would have had no Ark.
These guys are the branches twigs found Ark teleportation. Set within a sheath on the branches near the advance. Thanks to the Thief who broke and horny party intact.

"It is now. Snake!"

Sacsac SAC!

Kwa Ah Ah Ah!

Walking away from this Snake mouth.
At that moment, we are seeing a huge number of leaves in the mouth.
Squirting all over the place, Woods leaves it seemed deserted in the mist of the leaves in the grip. Ark is prepared for this moment is another.
In advance, fill it with leaves and in the Snake's belly (see table 1).
Attributes of the item to the spewing Snake attacks!

"Huck, what, what?"

"Damn, where are these guys?"

Showers will spread like a swollen leaf sight unobstructed now Thief are feel-embarrassment detonated. The number of leaves in the Ark and summon turbulent jumped gun then.

"A-3 plan!"

"HA HA HA, this guys!, where the taste!"

Ark sound rises into the sky hit Dedric is fast and loose. And suddenly a parabola drawn That "s like right sticking even Thunderbolt. Thanks to essence Lee slapped Thief this hurriedly set up the bow. At that moment, skeleton leaves from the pile begins to bite your thighs.
Thief is screaming from the tree and wobbly now arrows flew into the wrong place. All of the attacks that could do this was a Thief. In the wake of the Ark is best to shove a continuous tackling Critical hit Thief is lying without screaming into a new.

"Snake, is a neurotoxin!"

Instantly processes the Ark one Thief is fed to a Snake, one herb.
Straight out of the Snake's fangs, venom borne.
Ark is a nerve poison in all directions around the rubbing on the sword Thief's arm and tried to hit back. Then there is this Paralysis of the arm a couple of Thief themselves. So don't let this couple become a Thief and shoot the arrow became the face of the Ark.

"This, these fuckers ... ..!"

Tearful WinCE this Thief who mourns.
Some tried to climb up on the wood lice hurriedly, wait and see is not the Ark.
Expand your C-3 as soon as the operational head of the fly all over the place this Thief Dedric tread on. In addition, the skeletons were also guys who latch onto their ankles. Get away from the tree that is in the back, waiting for Aaron's sad Ark's sword.

"Well I'm going to play with me!"

Putt putt POW!

And without a Backstab damage Thief stuck under they stumbled. In the end the Thief ran up the tree up and pulled a dagger. Check the flashing blade desolate at the mouth of the Ark and a smile.

"By the sword Opponent would do? I am thankful "

Between the three persons of the Thief straight out of the Ark.
Was this a dagger wielded from everywhere. However, the Ark is?
Day and night, without a strong body with a level 78 of Tae kwon do.
Ark is a Thief was just kicked the guys shot attack. However, if you're level 100 melee combat just hit Monster going beyond even that doesn't surprise once surrounded with Ark. How to level 70 for Thief I ... ... ....
Moreover, the Opponent has a Human NPC.
Muscle movements as the geeky-looking monster, making it easier to figure out than attack trajectory.

"Down stroke!"

I think this lift the sword Thief reacts faster than the body. Stream and the sword struck at an angle down the AP chagi is a Raider.
This is projected forward or retreating Opponent was close to.
And knee kicks and swords like sandpaper stretched this genus apart.
You have to track down Opponent and attached the other guys did not easily swung the sword. Unlike a savage ignorant creatures called Human animation is also a weakness.

Putt putt putt POW!

Old Thief is thrown all over the place that seemed to pop out.

"Heb IK!"

He looked at the remaining Thief in this breathtaking shrieked.
Unlike the other Thief take a gorgeous looking guy wearing a hat Thief of the boss.
Higuain saw Ark fighting dagger, the Opponent is pulled quickly said no thought was the bow. And the familiar shoot arrows skillfully.
Did you use a boss offers Special skills in this black arrows were tipsy wound. However, the Ark has not budged and stood facing the arrow glared.
So just stuck at the nape of the Ark an arrow the moment!


Ark's hand moved like a glare.
Sword seemed to bounce and hit the arrow towards the end, stabbed pouring into action.
Which is equivalent to the right of the decimal point the arrow that flies like a Flash at the time almost up, Counter Attack fly into the hands of the faster and more sophisticated as progressive technology and sea point are caught while the blistered! Hyun-woo to moderate the practice was for the sake of this moment. Arrows for an attack, and will be determined to feed counter. Ranged attack and came up with a way of coping with Ark desperate measures. However, the effect was more than expected.
Sounds of molten iron rings and arrows thrown out if I got plugged on the boss ' Thief.

"Ah, uh, how is this ... ... ... ..!"

Thief grabbed dagger face swung all over the place.
However, it was not such a hit on the blind black Ark.
As soon as the Ark and Dedric, let's tackle the skull turned to body lice have been chilly.

"EW yuck, Yes, Yes ... ... ...!"

Bosses are collapsing now silvery bows.
Do you put a message window is opened.

The Silver Arrow Thief was the boss of the hatch.
Steam bubbles to get Giran guard rescues have a reward.

Five days later, but finally it is the first Mullen wanted to manage.

"HA HA HA, does make a difference! This by Dedric skills! "

Dedric is like a Thief alone only to annihilate like bouncers.

"Snake, skills. Item archive "

He went to a runner or not. Once a Thief only to annihilate one oozing items to collect possessions around the Ark began.
Thief caught a monster compared to their General systems had dropped quite a bit. At best, the leather or paddle ply Shak is unlike the dagger or clothing and other equipment to Monster items fairly.
He as well? Once people see the camps run the color turns Thief, bravura items that came out. Thief who was using the tableware and lantern and a collection of miscellaneous items to steal up to ........
Of course not their high level, because it's not big money Thief? folding things. But money is money.
Ark even Thief they treat food residue wipe until all bags.

"We're salty corners"

So far a piece of copper coins of the Thief scoop had the following goals straight and find the Ark teleportation.
The next goal was near the town of Delrin haunted by The Grey Axe Gang. In contrast to the light arrows Thief and Thief, consisting of columns as a warrior.
However, the Opponent has to be picky.
Until now, such as Warrior and Sorcerer, Archer is the most ideal job and I think the party is gathered, but everyone is armed with a shield and an axe Warrior party than flawless.

"Bigger fish to fry sliced drop!"

Shield backed warriors who swung the axe over the Ark. Levels of 5 or higher only than the light arrows Thief 75. In addition, a guy's got a fabulous defense collapsed tree is also a common day.
However, the Ark is a craft, as you will be able to summon Hyun-woo and one exercise had slipped and hit a guy using a maneuver at a time went out together. And finally climbed down the tree-level Warrior.


It was only five days of level-up.

"Now People are just why the Thief did not know but wanted to extort the phenomenon"

It's just a Thief, annihilated, and the same holds for three to four times the level monsters more than difficult.
With a Human NPC savage, vocational skills and equipment under armed. It's not hard to add experience and also take the Thief take you only had to hunt for crude.
There is also a phenomenon rather than a Thief and was the most widely used.
However, the Ark looked up and shook.

"A tricky Opponent and fight more extemporaneously sides. Not long ago, as far back as the arrow's new Le Hyun-woo, also when users and Human NPC and be fighting goes on this occasion should experience "

"Now open up ahead?"

Ark is a The Grey Axe Gang all the items on the campsite of the sweep.
So to remind both Thief throughout Snake's belly is full.
But it's not how much you sold out, catch the Thief only comes pouring off generous system takes the fun is pretty much shoot shoot.
And of course the Quest reward or looking for items that are hard to hit the jackpot.
However, the car is a hunting ground, raise money car songs songs prewar seemed to be okay than income.
Ah!, I surprise elementary school Ark harassed guys go up to fourth grade. Ark got fucked to. Ark has learned Taekwondo was only two years. While not necessarily the nature of giving, for example, or now reimbursed by boat has changed.


"Oh, You've done this guys? Watch face is not new sanctions? Well done, let's deal with the two gun or You'll remember the face. Oh, this is the promised bounty. I look forward to playing a lot for a favour peace in Giran "

The most wanted to get rid of the phenomenon have been rewarded.
A successful mission accomplished by Giran greater contribution for 150,000.
The first successful hunt a bounty hunter rank E promotes 營 yub qiu?

Let us present deposition foam bounty Giran guard 25 gold and further contribution as compensation and Hunter rank went up.
In addition to the reward even though you think that something's coming up too meaningless feel-good job. Also grab the prize receives a bounty killer. This was a fairly simple task Ying surprisingly fun.

"The Quest for information about the nail but ........ Well, I don't care. Someday I'll come. While he experienced only a Thief or and Dali. Surprisingly funny and even money that seemed "

Bulletin from the Ark to the phenomenon of the badge again pulled the two.

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