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Ark Volume 4 Act 3

Met again in Sid

Giran's high street is still blatant.
In particular, commercial areas, even for the early morning hours to buy and sell stuff, users would be crowded into a real break.
3-4 persons, this is barely out of the room except for the roadbed was left on each plate floors. I remember one of the Europe's largest flea market on TV as it seemed. There is a huge variety of items, sort of, in a few Rare items from the item Ingredient not until Cooper-does not have to.
You can use 5% of the auction will have to pay a fee.
The item's price increases, the amount of the fee is incurred, even calming. In addition, the people who live right can save the item you need and prefer direct deal there are a lot of users. However, if you do not know the direct quotes should be the concern of a scam so be careful.

"Well, I don't mind doing ........... "

Ark had no interest in such a business in the first place.
Required items are self-sufficient, but also trying to save fees to trade at that time hunting or to gain was the idea of the Ark.
Ark star ran across flea market without thinking.
Catch the Thief, only to quickly open up the Thames to a shop selling out gathered the bounty hunting in. However, the sudden step at the end of a flea market has stopped working.
Located on the corner of the eye to the side a schnauzer Ark clothing is piled up.

Various clothing sale. Flat 50 Cooper!

There are also non-casual wear the New World armor. Defense power on them, but wore to carry it around in your town or city. In addition, expensive clothes are "charm" option in some cases, stuck.
The attraction when NPC stat that affects Intimacy.
Because merchants that have a few bees each Deluxe clothing is.
Of course, such as the armor Deluxe clothing is expensive.
Now the clothes piled up on top of the left panel is just casual wear. For the purposes of recreational diversion once cannot be used outside the mouth look. Of course, reality is not interested in clothes from the Ark is interested in the game's clothes remind Boyle.
Ark's clothes showed interest, but that he squatted behind the Hobbit was a trader in a sitting.
Gaze seemed not to even notice, it was right that the stitching out Sid.

"What Sid, this is not me trade in clothes?"

Ark, the sounds.
Sid is a former job is a traders. Away from the town or city to buy sell trade goods from the profession. However, TT-50 Cooper is selling clothes or make? In addition I feel varies greatly from Sid out earlier did not put bright and cheerful.
He has appeared in black and white, only the background around the dark force crush crush peer.

"저.............. "

In the shadow of the Ark are felled — Sid flinch and quickly looked up and Joa.

"Hot!, welcome. I'm selling a special discount on all sorts of clothing. Deluxe is working properly by using the nifty fuel. Popular nowadays and many feathered Mo Jana small fashion items. Please buy one. I'm only barely 50 Cooper. I'll buy two out of 10 chip Cooper "

"Sid's this is why I'm doing a sales pitch from a place like this?"

Weeks island province Island products gotten Sid hand towers stopped.
And slowly looked up and coming leader while a stupid face, looked at the Ark.

"Oh, the Ark's ... ..!"

Tears from the eyes of the Acorn-like suddenness Sid jeurereuk flow. * Unknown Ark is embarrassing voice asked.

"And on and on and on? Why is it That "s right?"

"Sobbing, Ark. I wanted to see. "

"What the hell kind of That" s right? What I've been doing? "

"저........ I actually screwed "

"I'm fucked up, do you?"

"That's what I mean. Merchant Guild up to receive loans from the bought stuff ........ Sniffles, got in trouble to die price drop until the floor ........ There is a debt, thanks to sniffing ... ... ... ... Interest paid prayer gone mirror where la ........ Sobbing, I somehow try to even pasted in your mouth I started business ... ... ... Sewing skills are low, things are not sold ... ... ... And not even taking my more debt ........ And, it makes things that sell now and tired "

Quite a lot to look cluttered.
Runny nose, tears, blurry, and put the neck to describe SIDs eventually cry.
Flea market blah blah Let's cry enough to hang rings hanging people gawking. With the help of a hat this time that once the Ark to receive Sid. So I barely stopped crying and never to twist SIDS are eye is more soothing voice explained.

"I had to do was raise Giran silk share you know?"

"Yes, I've heard"

"Broken up, when the Ark's thrust into the capital was a State Park. That's to say at this time, in the right roll "s share significantly and stood me up as I think about trade, see. After arriving in the southern provinces and Merchant Guild through? This happened a while back of silk market booming and Giran was pumping. I thought it was a chance! "

Sid seemed to be thrilled at the time survived, only one Joe just grabbed the fist tight.
However, trade is a city tax of jagged, but booming southern plunged overnight to do.
Just goes back to the time that you've got the start of a surge risked even Giran, surely it is possible to leave the benefit has high. That's the fate of the game in which Sid traders decided to walk.

"Top Merchant Guild Midas is also lending to the traders. That "s right I see a close Guild 300 gold I got the loan. The sale of silk in Giran will pay as soon as you write a contract with. And hiring up to expensive mercenaries got into NPC hurried Giran ... ... .... "

"I have fallen off of the silk market"

".............. Yes "

Sid is a tearful again nodded.

"Did you cheat"


"The fact that the silk merchants who were competing with me to leave a share a few persons. Later, one of the merchants he knew that he had to put up the funds of the Guild was Citi. "

"Citi? How do I? "

"In the southern provinces have come to buy silk traders set up trading posts all show a higher price to purchase some. Of course, this can be bought at the silk does not skyrocket to quote turned out to be. And I have a collection of silk and silk all arrived, did you, for example, can be bought sold "

He makes players who sell silk raking.
The result is a blind man can see.
All of a sudden left turn the drastic price slump of silk!
When I arrived at the Giran Sid, the purchase price is not even 50% of the market.
In this case, the dealer has to sell supplies to trade with other regions, Eng. However, the Sid is money within the deadline I'd sold Billy rice have written contracts, State and Giran.
Map of their inability to get rid of the contract period is coming to an end, between Merchant Guild being called silk, all foreclosures until the light goes to take the 200 gold.
........... Simply speaking, bankrupt me.
Thanks to the reliability of some breach of contract Sid STAT and crashed to the floor before Fame. In addition, due to a negative trading levels and experience levels of various skills up to drop, there is a debt to the State do not have the money to buy the arms trade fully called beggars catches.

"Banal, it's okay. Traders had a jerk on the subject "

Dedric this Heb die away and salt ran great.
However, the Sid is not too broken up to sigh for blow and pointed items.

"Now a days before scraping into the sewing skills based learning ought to trade their debts are going out, but ... .... "

50 Cooper sold the 200 gold reel clothes together to pay off in less than a few years is unknown. Also sewing skills not only clothes but also lower Denis sell Lido.
To get there, the Sid is Ark described gawking.

"Ark, did you ever ... ... ... ... "

"I don't have that money."

Cut off end of Ark is quickly abandoned.
In fact, inside the bag is a considerable tons.
Had the money close to 700 gold leave Giran. There is no central body to catch the event Quest system received the money as a reward, to sell altogether 100 gold. The sum is a whopping 800 gold. However, the Ark is?
Ark is a piggy bank with no bag lid.
Once the incoming money never spew there was no law.
Remember the strong personality of the Ark came up with Sid, too, seemed to be knocked onto the shoulders.

"Indeed. 하아......... "

"I'm sorry. To do a heck of a lot of money went out "

"No, that's fine. Anyway, I have done nothing wrong. HA HA HA, and forced to pay off the debt by working hard to sew. Well, HA HA HA. Never mind "

Tastes like a glimpse of a Sid-to-desperation rotting cattle. So let's take a look at the broken down Sid calming clamped one.
Sid is one of the few People I met in the middle of the game, was the favorite users. There are quite a few useful information obtained through him, but also quite Blind_auction.
By the way I'm not sure if asking for help whilst pretending to be Sid ... ... ... ...

"I like relatives"

My father passed away and my mother let me hospitalized overnight facial have changed their relatives.
They felt an aversion to Ark, and vowed They would never live like. By the way, of course, depends on the game, but I think one acquainted with Sid felt like myself find it difficult as They turn a blind eye. What's more, he took to heart.

Sat up on a pile of debt "but Sid could not lend money blindly to ... ... .... For more information about how I can help without seeing the damages resulting from the Sid? Give them no money ........ "

Around for a while, was for the Ark could be found without difficulty how soon.
Ark is a combat-type character, Sid, the trader.
However, the solution is surprisingly simple?

"That's right, it was that way!"

"Sid 's, in case you are not going to hunt with a decrease?"


"Yes, I'm for a while to concentrate on hunting bounties in the drawing near Giran idea."

"But you know. I do not help in the hunt. "

"Hunting is not allowed"

Ark is a laugh.
Ark is a Thief's wide area to hunt only. Of course only a Thief but also a few other minor MOS shall until the hunt. In addition until poisonous Ingredients if you want to use your skills to Ingredient Foraging Snake can also refer to item No.
Because of the lack of space is always a bag. And the bag every time they can't ignore the time shuttles and Giran.
But if all issues at once joining Sid are solved. Traders have kept the six bags and even Klitschko NOU I, and also runs on behalf of the Ark when the Sid is Giran teleportation can concentrate on time even hunt.

"So on sale for me?"

"Yes, Sid Gets the beed not be present. Also, the bag is full, I just up the road from safe to dangerous, even if escorting wouldn't Giran Koyo "ag makes a round trip in space will often n

"So what distribution ........?"

"I can not afford a tip it's an aside. With the exception of the original price of the item, instead of the Sid's merchant skills may also have profit as a fine. At least this is better than going to trade clothes. I drove off the extra reliability and can contribute the content and skills proficiency exam, too. "

In fact, this is not something that came up with the Ark. If you go to the front of the store is like a Sid Giran burial gathered the failed merchants. Catch the dream of recovering users gather on the Thames instead of trying to raise capital by selling People a fee to send and receive.
Of course, most of that, but I know Sid merchants can make a profit by more than 20% are traders. However, traders took the Sid is selected the General system can get by selling profit up 10% or so, users cannot leave systems.

"I'll make it, no, please!?!"

Sid and rock got taken out of the hands of Ark.
He's already got the frozen Ark Mana terribly systems we have ever experienced.
He organizes things, a monopoly of the item when only 10% of the amount of the profit even if you are just a few of the additional leave.
Sometimes you are lucky and gotten a few expensive items out of State & Sid fine too, as long as you can make a lot of money. Old clothes at least 50 Cooper trumpet and sedentary than I am.

"After a surprisingly good idea whooping, this awareness ... ... .... "

Ark nevertheless satisfactory smiled.
Sid joined the 6 different bag giveaway. In addition to automatically return the item changed the gold settling of Zuni village carry walking around the shops or not is the difference!
Nevertheless the Ark is where the Sid to the bag.

"Fine." Then once you have the item (s) from foreclosure and now it's starting. "


Sid had left in a hurry Edition cleanup.
And Sid is venturing into shops, went to the Ark again boards Thief counted all the singular badge, 燦?. Now the way I don't have to work at all, come to live in the hunting grounds.

"All 15 gold and I got it. Profits also got a gold or 2 m "

Back in the square, on the face of the flower color, Sid met.

"That's great. So with that money could buy a contract? "


"Merchant Agreement, you know, write. He did not say that the degree 1 gold? "

Ark gently smiled said.
Eventually, Sid tears faded 1 gold to spend, sales agency agreement should be written.
Anyway so the Ark credit delinquents was to meet again with the Hobbit traders Sid.

Sulky comforting sensitivity is a dark cave.
Two men walking along the cave. Flashing white armor over the blond handsome. It was also right to sleep Fame Holy Knight Alan. And as a conventional slat armor looks seemingly over, Opponent's House was right in Andel.
Andel is federal looked around and asked.

"Thought I never presume? So here's the secret of theirs called Dark Brother stamping ground is going fit? "

"How many times do you say"

Alan light when subjected to an inspection by the way and answered.
New World are still unknown to the General user information.
One of them is just how to take advantage of the Tavern. The City Tavern is a village of scale always exists. And Tavern owner, drifting on the inner New World a certain amount of rumors.
Where there are rumors about any item at any time. Or there was information about the Quest. Of course, I'm not sure if I can see nothing suffer rumors, you can't get.
However, all the clues and find themselves in the user New World that alone has considerable merit.

"But then you've got a rare NPC giving the information. Tavern of the Bard. Bard's song I hear a certain number of rare information on a world map. Well, at least you have to pay to hear a song once and 10 gold 1st Battalion rolled information, but Bard got reliable information that 80 percent or more. The other day the tar Shah leads to labyrinth is also got from the Bard's "

Indeed, you need to splurge can mean that NPC. So if you never make bulky way Alan Ark Deluxe and get information.

"Dark Brother obtain information on more than 100 gold, I was told. It ought to be. "

"So glad, but ... ... ... .... "

"But there is something"

He, Alan, this progression "detection" aura is something each takes. Stop shining swords come in Riesa cave walls red sentence struck.
The pit looks like a handprint in the light of the sentence. In front of him is an old stone stood as both were watching. It was a bizarre kind of zest for elderly, Alan is going to be the mouth of a pale smile came out blurry.

"Properly come to shape"

Alan is one step and asked.

"The tangent Dark Brother place your Knight?"

"I heard someone talking about?"

"The Royal Road of the Bard listened to."

"Confidential fighter Jean look. I do not smell of blood for those who shed information. "

The NPC, saying blood incense Giran Chaotic Tendency.
Old man's eyes narrowed a hawk.

"In addition Holy Knight Alan teleportation ... ... ... "

"Do you know me?"

"It would bring, here is where I think it is?"

"I don't want to reveal your identity"

"I guess"

The old man a pale smile and nodded.

"Fame is well known for having people like us, Holy Knight becomes Sir Alan is rumored to be in the gun industry. But there is no need to worry. Customer confidentiality. That's our cardinal rule. After all, that says something dumb, they vowed to make bonito mobbing seems to not ... .... Now, let's see, where you listen to anything for Holy KnightAlan? "

"The whole thing was also bestows"

"Of course. In particular, there are illegal, can be said of this specialty "

"Those who want to kill ... ... ... No, the heathen "

"Commissioned by the assassination? Know that this was a fairly brimming with minute Justice, surprisingly the military "


"Grassley? Well, fine. As a matter of course since the conclusion is possible. 그런데............. You will be in contact with us, such as the easy decision would have been. Here's a couple of the assassination with him ........ May not have the desired relationships reveal shape? "

"I have to say to that?"

Alan reveals this nasty fuck sleeping elder was laughter linger.

"No, it is not necessary. If you're always welcome, submissions. But of course we will not volunteer or know? "

"I want to say someone who has gone through a refurbishment"

"Depending on the requirements, the price is different. You know they're all the Foreigners, unto the Foreigners, even mystical abilities, you've got a complete killing we flock. However, You are not capable of any number of damage cases. Of course, the amount of damage which is invariant to remuneration. "

After the dreary old horse laugh sounds and a message window.

You were only stray rumors secret assassination organization "Dark Brother" and the tangent line was successful.
Dark Brother has many secrets secret society organization. They have been covertly involved in the history of New World, and sometimes trick means without covering the dangerous ones. However, very few people who know about the identity of the beginning.
Dark Brother succeeded in hooking up with the user cannot solve it alone for those special days. However, bulon and deal your Tendency and realize that you can have a fatal effect on Fame.
Also, if you noticed these transactions with true Cathedral and hostile relationship.
{Dark Brother commissioned to the city, once a "line" Tendency to decrease 500 50, Fame}
{If this Tendency has been 0 days will be Chaotic-50}

"A Dark Brother" assassination commissioned documentation
A grade five times or more killing commissioned: audience. Equipment items more than 3, 200 gold Seizure, fees
B-client: the audience at least three times and killed. Equipment items more than 2 Seizure. Fee of 150 gold
Class C clients: the audience more than once killed. Equipment items more than one Seizure. Fee of 100 gold

"I will choose A grade above the buds"
We do not have a hover message, read Alan Ying replied.
Then the old man's eyes shone dimly.

"Ho-Oh, who commissioned A F didn't have much ... ... ... Seems pretty much emotion stacked Opponent. OK, don't accept. We have to deal with the target? "

"The power of you can buy reliable?"

Then the old man beat a flip of the finger--Bing smiles.
At the same time turned out to be a fire in the cave. Watch Alan and around Andel's face was then determined to be too stiff. I ended up behind the black mask is one of the three persons of the company, They were pointing the sword on his back.

"Ah, Alan!"

Andel is slightly scared expression murmured.
However, Alan is a rather pale smiled and nodded.

"Fine, reliable"

Alan caves-2000s from Organics detection Ora on. However, They did not detect any of the Chuck. The aura also found a high level of "God" as saying.

"Ask me again, Opponent?"

"........ Ark!"

A glimpse of the old man's eyes on Alan's answer to the Hawk.

"Ark-La-... Jackson’s Hero? Indeed, no easy Opponent to the military "

"Did you know?"

"Here is a Dark Brother. That much information is not a default "

"Fine, there is a more dependable in getting"

"Wait a minute"

At that time, the document one step this grind Andel.

"Once I was pretending to be accompanied by a college. With my own eyes I am going to have to die. "

"I know the face of the person who will accompany the targets and if we're bad. But we would not be communicated to related? "

"I don't care!"

"Aye, Yes. We are not ready to accept the customer's needs at any time. If you let us know where to stay tomorrow night, pretending to be sent only to live together, I am going to give you. Other para? "


Alan is a 200 gold to calculate and to revisit the cave again.
While walking without telling passing this as Alan was asked.

"I'm okay? If you want to buy a trail to pretend for a while would have to give up a level. Jackson's death also has dropped this stat. I have not yet recovered? "

"There is now well fine"

Andel is bundled and gobble up the pupils.

"Anyway, who joined the test of global activities saw the suspension just for the fun of it. Now I am not interested. My goal is to only the Ark, he's just a child.
It was a GNOME said candidates Lariette? Sheesh, who joined the global lives on Sakae's Youngs ... anything. But it was a mistake to set the day. What it takes, even if I am going to make the incident cannot pass the exam. No, it won't let me play the game anymore at all bulky or make! "

Alan is silently nodded.
Andel is a significant addition of the preppy son.
Now take the allowance to parents who put in writing, but it's quite a bit of shopping I get one 燦?. It is also taking on the global activities of the parents did not even pretend to torch would want to win just as badly, there was no reason the Ark.

"Thanks anyway, Alan. You shall, in so far as I didn't think "

"Don't ask me to do?"

"You have this Tendency and Fame would cut ... Do not forget that this grace "

"Never mind"

Alan mock's rock star replied.
Alan is how NPC assassination organization Dark Brother.
If the desired Opponent embraces is Chaotic. He is not as Chaotic is the only way to kill the Opponent. However, for the game's balance, and having a significant advantage of the assassination Guild restrictions.
Once the secret organization also hooking up an assassination is not easy in the Guild.
In addition, the Commission also has a minimum of 100 gold. The amount of current available 1000, 000. He as well? Commissioned by the assassination of the Tendency and Fame until the end of the clip.
It's already Chaotic power fell to the floor before Alan Andel and Fame positions differ. As important as this Fame level, Holly Knight is indeed a poison pill would be like.

"It's not for you, Andel"

Alan was asked to light the molars.
Not long ago. Alan topped the achievement and spooky and returned to Warrior Guild. And from there, back to the Ark will have heard the name.

"Have you ever seen the Ark contains the name?"

Warrior Guild, the Chief asked.

"I've never heard of."

"In fact You did a joint achievement with Chi's # 1 source for that information."

"Yes?" He say? "

"In addition he is a Sorcerer, but my dealer. You know if you get in contact with him and get accurate information between? If the child is able to join the Guild of Warrior Guild even more good "

Alan's face at the end of the ensuing Regional Director ilgeureojyeossda.

"...... GNOME stirred up my ego "

So far the presence called Ark to me that Aral with Paris.
Try to catch as much as they went mad, nervous was not present.
Alan is often talking about modern-day aristocracy.
And I know such facts themselves.
If the exercise movements, academic grades grades. He is always best kept insisting. And whatever has been put in hand.
It was the same in the game. He is the best in all areas of interest had to be the Alan.
But the idea never got this annoying.
And at that time, Alan is on the Internet and come up with a user's videos, which have witnessed Valderas. Comments have different opinions, but Alan is equipped at a glance.
Valderas and fighting user ....... It was right out of the Ark.

"I'm Linda Schneider"

Alan, in the bosom of the offensive has been normal in thermal climbs in.

"I mean, of course, the incident passed the exam. The important thing is not the acceptance, rejection or. The Chief can do, n "

Although it is not yet known, but the protagonist of the video on the Internet is already the global attention the Ark to Sakae. I'll have to accept the report, and if you dare to compare ... ... ... ...

Alan plays a much more active than the Ark's impact.
That is to say from the evaluation is pushed to this Alan means Ark.
Alan is not tolerated at work.

"Alan is my alter ego. My posse's defeat soon after my defeat. In addition........ "

After the break, but the fuss about Lariette Ark's actions did not like.
Just as I came across the most inside the game, but I've put this interview from the day Alan Lariette pics girl. Because the game was won under the pretext that she, and she soon changed profoundly.
It was the inevitable result. He has never had a woman come by eating beyond the mind. But other than the man himself such a Lariette interest did not tolerate to deception. That's Alan, this was the Ark to hate.
Yes, but that's absurd to seriously think that you guys Don or mindset.
And now, touching the Ark, even his pride.
TT Games though, because it's something I don't get TT Games to others cannot be pushed. In addition, he joined the test of the global exercise of course should take up senior.
I have never been obstructionist is unacceptable.

"The next barrier to matter if guy who turns out to smash the power!"

That's Alan, this is the way forward, a sheltered and non-forthcoming.
Alan is a towering stop Andel, dolaboassda.

"You hate the guy, I said no. But there's even more. "

"Alan, thank you. Pics after a shattered tooth to help you die "

Andel is thrilled to have one face, replied.
However, looking at the face of Alan's eyes was that cool.

"I'm fine, he's referred to grovel"

This was an Alliance for the Ark.

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