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Ark Volume 4 Act 4

Meeting the Girl

This chapter was traslated by RAINBOW TURTLE
Edited by: TechnoLazer

"Taking the profit and wealth, ..... Drat!"

The burly and muscular Orc slightly trembled, and collapsed.
At the same time the Orc dropped the chainmail armour, which he was wearing when he died. It was a pretty nice-looking armour but it wasn't an item that he could use... Iit was the proof that showed that he defeat the Orc Thief Gang.

"Phew, it took quite some time to finish these thieves."

Arc stored the evidence and opened the stat window.

Character name: Ark
Race Human
Alignment Good+150
Fame 1335
Level 85
Profession Dark Walker
Title Cat Knight, Caretaker of All, Jackson's Hero
Health 1695
Mana 1295 (+100)
Spiritual Power 100
Strength 212 (+ 5)
Agility 252 (+ 17)
Stamina 322
Wisdom 31
Intelligence 250
Luck 42
Flexibility 21
Art of Communication 23
Affection 40 (+ 10)
Special stat: Knowledge of Ancient Relics 53
* Equipment item effects
Black Bear Mouse Leather Armour: Agility + 2, Frost Resistance + 20
Cat Paws: Attack Speed +10%, Agility +15, Critical Hit +10%
Crystal Golem's Head: Mana + 100
Norad Boots: movement speed + 10%, avoidance rate + 5%
Adelaine's Necklace: Def + 40, Affection + 10
Resurrecting Spirit: Strength + 5, Mana Recovery + 5%

* All abilities will increase by 30% in the dark
* You have the ability to hide in the darkness (15 minutes duration. Cancelled when you get into combat)
* Resistance Fear, Darkness, Blind, and Seduction spells is increased by 50%.
* You can bring out the true abilities from all types of tools.

"The level up speed is pretty decent... ..."

It has already 2 weeks since he first started to hunt for bounties.
He remembered when he first started it took 5 days to capture his first bounty. Now from level 78 to level 85, he has climbed 7 levels.
During the event quest he gained 10 levels in three days but that was a special case. During a normal day of hunting, it is difficult to gain 1 level. After reaching level 80, it becomes difficult to gain 1 level in two days.
The enemies that appear are also stronger so it takes longer to recover from a battle. It is also required to stop hunting to visit the village.
This is because of equipment repairs and restocking food, as well as organizing the bags if it was full. Also, depending on the job if you're an Archer then you need to buy more arrows or the magician will require magic reagents.
Village-Hunting ground-Village-Hunting ground
This is the basic formula of all games.
Because it takes time to travel to the village and back, a lot of time is actually wasted. This presents problems to higher level users as the hunting grounds become further away from the large villages. However, this does not officially apply to Ark.
After being treated like a thrown away dog hair, Sid signed an exclusive contract due to his feelings of debt.
Sid worked faithfully under contract.
Ark stores the items in the warehouse and when the bags are full it is taken to Giran to be sold for gold. It is then sold for about 10% profit of the normal sales amount, and the extra amount still goes to Arc's pocket.
This is an example of a condition that is reminiscent of a slave contract that Sid had no choice but to sign.
Anyway thanks to that, Arc could concentrate on hunting for 9 days straight.
And in the meantime, he destroys around 2 thieve companies per day on average.
In 9 days he destroyed as many as 18 thief companies. Thereafter, rumours spread that any thieves that meet Ark won't get off lightly.

"Sheesh, if the orc thieves hadn't tried to run away then the fight would have ended 1 hour ago........."

The thieves are smart and discovered that it was difficult for him to find them once they run away.
However, this has its own good points.
When attacking the thieves that had run away, ambush and siege skills become useful, with Ark utilizing multiple skills. Thanks to the increased utilization of these skills, their levels had risen leaps and bounds.

Passive skills
Sword-Hand Combat (Intermediate: 252/300) Polishes Hand-to-Hand Combat and Sword Mastery to increase overall fighting power.
Survival Cooking (Advanced: 332/500) Makes unidentified dishes with ingredients obtained from nature.
Indomitable Will (Intermediate: 134/300) When in critical condition, Attack Power, Critical Hit Chance, and Recovery Speed are increased.
Indomitable Body (Intermediate: 127/300), When in critical condition, Defense, Critical Hit Evasion, and Recovery Speed are increased.
Ingredient Foraging (Intermediate: 255/300) Food ingredients from nature can be gathered.
Ingredient Identification (Intermediate: 264/300) Confirms effects of ingredients.
Riding (Beginner: 3/100) Can handle a horse more skillfully with greater skill level.
Adrenaline (Beginner: 27/100), Immunity to fear and Reaction rate increases.
Counter Attack (Beginner: 88/100) Chance to get a critical hit on a counter attack after an enemy attack.
Parry (Beginner: 58/100) Block enemy attack using your weapon.

Active skills
Nursing (Intermediate: 234/300) Gives hope, energy, and courage to patients. Mana consumption: 10
Spirit of the Cat (Advanced: 374/500) Plants fear in mice and other small monsters, sealing off their movements; their Attack Power, Defense, and Morale are sharply decreased. Mana consumption: 120
Eyes of the Cat (Intermediate: 230/300) Penetrates the enemy with a sharp gaze. Mana consumption: 50
Magic Restoration (Intermediate: 239/300) Restore an item to its original state. Mana consumption: 10

Profession-specific skills
Dark Blade (Intermediate: 120/300) Deals a one-hit blow to the enemy's weak point. Mana consumption: 100
Blade storm (Beginner: 10/100) The sword will break into smaller shards and tear the opponent apart. Mana consumption: 400
Summon Demon (Intermediate: 125/300) Summons up to three demons from the Netherworld. Spiritual Power consumption: 100

Now all the skills learned earlier are at the intermediate stage.
In particular, profession-specific skills such as Dark Blade and Summon Demon had their effects raised to the intermediate level.
Dark blade's Critical Hit was raised from 150% to 180%, while Summon Demon's mana consumption was reduced by 1, from 2 per second to 1 per second. There was also the Resurrecting Spirit ring, which increased mana recovery.
Therefore, he could summon and use the skills available easily. In addition, the most used skill Sword-Hand combat with its slowed growth had now reached a higher level.
That was not the only area where Ark grew. His pets would be summoned and force fed under the pretext of practicing new operations. Thanks to that his summons was now level 40.

"Not bad!"

Ark confirmed the information and let out a satisfied smile.
But that was only for hunting purposes, he still needed to find the information about the thief for his quest. However, that doesn't matter for the moment. If he continues hunting the thieves then one of them will eventually drop a clue.
Ark casually thought. He shouldn't be impatient and just continue hunting comfortably. At the moment he was more interested raising his proficiency level. And it was interesting to hand in the bounties and read the list of offences.

"Now, then which quarry should be next?"

"Oh, have you finished?"

Sid welcomed him as he walked out of the woods.
Ark passed him the items from the thief company as he sat down in front of the campfire.

-You had returned to the camp.
Health and Mana recovery rate increased by 50%. 50% chance of monsters attacking.

This was a skill from Sid's job, a skill from being a trader called the 'campsite' effect.
Once he found the thieves, there was nothing that Sid a merchant could do.
Therefore Sid could only make the camp a safe place and wait for Ark.  But that was not the only thing Sid did.

"You couldn't find the information you need this time either?"

Sid asked as his hands continuously moved.
While waiting for Ark to reply, Sid used his trader skill "Item Decomposition" to disassemble the items.
The leather was trimmed to good quality. And the equipment items were classified according to the material.
It was a time-consuming task, but there was nothing for Sid to do when a battle was taking place. And if the item was disassembled well then there was a possibility that stores would offer more for the items when it is being sold.

"Yes, still ...It's taking longer than I thought."

"Don't worry."

"Actually Sid how much debt have you paid so far?"

"I've already paid 50 gold."

"A lot has been paid off."

"Yes, the merchandise sales skill's profit margin rose to 15% and making clothes everyday has also increased the sewing skill. If it is put on auction in Giran that the clothes still sell to some degree."

...Well, at least he hadn’t created a incur a bigger debt.
Not long ago, the hobbit Sid travelled across the continent to engage in trade. But now for a few extra coppers, he is sewing and taking apart items until he gets blisters on his hands just to earn more silver. It is a situation that would bring tears to anyone's eyes.
However, Sid was a very positive person.

"It looks like I'm going to be able to pay off all my interest. It's all thanks to Ark"

Sitting up on the tree trunk, Sid jumped up and down with a pleased expression.

"Yes, you must be satisfied ....."

"But where are you going next?"

"There is a Kobold thief group close to here. I'll look there for the moment."

"There should be a lot of ingredients to create useable dyes."

"That area is a higher level forest compared to here."

"Oh! Then it is possible to create better clothes."

Sid hummed while he continued sewing.

"Now that our Health has been filled, let's start moving."

"Yes, please right after I dismantle this one apart."

Dedric looked at Sid with a bad look.
The two weren't on good terms.
Except for Ark, Dedric was hateful to everyone and teased Sid by calling him a little midget. Thanks to that, the times when they met were often very uncertain. Even now Sid could not feel any compassion for Dedric.

"I really had to go ahead and take a look at risk of my life."

Dedric quivered his head.
The nearby bushes began to shake and the sound of footsteps was audible.


Ark stood up and shouted.
Dedric instantly flew up into the sky and searched quickly. .

"3 o'clock. Master, two trolls!"

Ark confirmed the direction and crossed the forest together with Skull. About 10 yards away, two trolls were spotted. But the trolls were not approaching the campsite.

" Kururu, Human ...humans ... ... ...Grab it and eat it!"

With their fangs bared, the trolls were chasing after a short-haired girl who was wandering the forest in her night clothes; all are which were torn and one shoe missing. She had wounded feet and was busy running through the trees.

"It looks like a NPC ........but why is she in the forest?"


At that time, the troll swung their clubs and hit a tree.
The young girl who was hiding behind the tree was surprised and collapsed... She gasped and gripped her ankles with trembling hands. The troll looked at the appetizing sight in front of him and smacked his lips together before raising his club.


The girl turned pale and hid her face with her two hands.
And just at the moment that the club was about to fall...!
Putt putt POW!
A violent sound was heard and the troll was pushed back three or four feet.
The girl lifted her head with a surprised expression.
With black hair flying in the wind, she stared with wide eyes at the youth who was standing in front of her.
Ark was the very definition of a hero!
Ark paused slightly and smiled.

"Now, there is no need to worry. I'll settle this and return soon."

Ah, what a cool line to say!
If it was a user he wouldn't even notice, but Ark was also friendly to a NPC. Of course, he's very sweet in the hope that his kindness would be followed by a reward.

"Bring it on, trolls who bullies ladies!"

Ark issued a stereotypical childish line and rushed at the trolls.

"You shall not interfere.....Kururu!"

The troll roared and Ark and swung his club with fury. But then, Dedric dived down from the sky and covered the troll's face.
The troll staggered and gave Ark the chance to land a critical hit. Then Skull bit the ankle of the staggering troll continuously and caused it to fall down like a dead tree.
Without giving it the chance to catch its breath, a double critical chance was taken.

"Take this, Dark blade!"


The troll shrieked and disappeared.
Let's handle the other one as well.
With Dedric, Skull and Ark attacking from three directions, the troll's health quickly fell to a critical state and it started to run away. However, Ark threw Skull from a hundred steps away to the back of the head, causing the troll to collapse.
Ark collected the items the troll dropped and approached the girl.

"Are you ok?"

The girl glanced around anxiously and nodded.
After that, Ark looked at the girl blankly.
Normally there would be cases that gave something for helping, or there was a quest waiting to be offered. However, the girl was just blankly staring at Ark.

"What the fuck? Am I missing something?"

It was at that time. The girl frowned and sat down with a thud.
Ark looked at the girl and sighed.
Well he wasn't going to get something from a girl in this condition. However, no matter his character, he wasn't vicious enough to leave an injured girl alone.

"You can lean against me while we head towards the camp."

Ark offered his shoulder to the girl who blushed and leaned against it.

"Ark-nim! What? Who is that girl?"

"She was being chased by trolls."


Sid's eyes looked at the girl, causing her to flinch at the stupid face staring at her. Even though it was in a start, the curly haired girl was a considerable beauty.
She was roughly around 15 years old, and yet the hobbit Sid had to lean his head back to look at her and she was at least as tall as Ark was.
Once Ark was seated he used the Nursing skill on the girl's ankle. Nursing is not a treatment. Because it cannot completely cure the injury but the swelling had subsided a lot.
The girl said thank you as he bent down and Sid looked shocked. After rummaging through his bag, he took out a leather shoe.

"You don't have a shoe do you. This isn't the same but please wear it anyway. Heheh, Ark, this is compensation so don't worry."

"I don't really care, but........"

"Oh, are you hungry?"

When Sid noticed the girl touching her stomach he quickly brought out food. Ark and Sid noticed something strange and slowly opened their eyes.

"But why were you wandering in a place like this? There should be no villages around here?"

It was at that time. The girl who was eating suddenly shed tears onto her food.
Sid was embarrassed and suddenly shouted.

"Ark why are you questioning her. I'm surprised at you!"

"Eh? I'm what..........."

"Please apologize quickly!"

The girl appeared perplexed by the 180 degree change in Sid's attitude. Shrugging her shoulders, the girl wiped her tears while staring at the ground.

-Please help me!

"So  ........Your father has been kidnapped by a group of thieves? And you barely got away?"

Ark asked the girl who nodded.
The girl's name was Sarah. The reason why she didn't say anything when Ark rescued her was because she could not speak. And when in the somewhat stable camp, she used a tree branch to write and explain the circumstances.
Her father was a cartographer, who travelled the world to different locations in order to create maps and when he heard of an unknown place near the ruins, he went there to investigate. However, that place was already occupied by a group of thieves.
The cartography profession is one that passes through many areas so that company had technology that made it possible to avoid monsters however it could not trace the thieves. In the end her father hid her and was dragged away by the thugs, and after hiding she headed towards Giran to ask for help.

"Ooh Ooh Ooh, It was like that. Then the troll......"

Sid tearfully asked and she nodded.

-I'm begging you. Please help me. My father was dragged away and it has already been three days.

"Of course we have to help! Ark-nim?"

Sid turned his head and looked at Ark.
Ark paused for a moment before asking.

"Where is the location?"

So Sarah wrote the location on the ground.

"The Brown rock zone ...........It is an area in the  borderline of Giran region."

Ark opened the information window and entered the criminal's location.

"There is no information about a thief gang in the Brown rock area."

Ark had torn out all the bounty information on thieves at the notice board. And although he's dealt with 70% of the notices, no leads for his quest were found. And there is no information linking a group of thieves with the Brown rock area. So the answer is that a method to register thieves also exists.

"That's right, why didn't I think of that? I am only looking for thieves associated with my quest. I never thought that the thief might not be wanted."

Ark realised that he had been thinking about it the wrong way. When a user captures the group and thieves, then the reward disappears. A thief group would form again but that group would be different from the one that was originally exterminated. The groups of thieves that Ark has exterminated would probably just reform as a new group.
On the other hand, the Heartsoul Bead was stolen a year ago.

"In New World, it is not possible to get a clue from the NPC if you only have a casual relationship with them. Then the group of thieves who stole the Heartsoul Bead existed a year ago. Still, if they haven't been registered on the notice board then they must have done nothing for the year."

When thinking about it there is a simple answer.
Because the bounty might disappear at any time, the group of thieves with bounties don't hold the clues to his quest. In the end he had wasted two weeks killing eight bandit groups.

"However this might be a chance. Hiding thief companies ......It's certainly possible. Besides, no matter what he would still earn the NPC's favour from this quest. If you're an adventurer that completes a quest then you can expect a big reward. No matter how difficult the quest is there is there is no reason to refuse."

Ark thought hard while moving his head.
When he had not answered for a while, he was snapped out of it by Sid's angry voice.

"Ark-nim, you're not going to act?"

"Kekeke, he pretended not to know. You shouldn't only think about money!"

"What, what?"

"What's more Dedric, why do you become a sissy when you're around your master?"

"Shut up, no one sheds blood like a bat!!"

"A bat? This is the body of the noble Lord Dedric!"

"Nobility sure. But you're still just a bat..."

"Do you want to die?"

"Bah, who would be scared of you?"

Sid and Dedric growled and glared at each other.

"Dedric, stop! Sid stop!"

Ark raised his voice angrily then turned to Sarah with a gentle smile.

"Don't worry. After hearing the circumstances I can't just ignore it."

"Eh? Master! Look! Just by looking at her you can tell that she doesn't have any money....."


Since Dedric's mouth was shut, Sid moved and looked at Ark.

"Ooh, Ark-nim. Now I'm deeply impressed. Indeed, Ark-nim is also sharing the same sentiment as me."

The words were strange.

"So what did you think about me before?"

"............A money grabber stingy man."

Sid turned his head stealthily and muttered in a quiet voice.
I'm thankful that I not naive enough to believe a partner with an innocent face while thinking such things.
Nevertheless, I don't believe anyone's words.
However, Sid moved closer and shook his head.

"But now I know it's not like that."

"I thank you"

"It just sounds right... You really think so?"

Sid quietly said and Sarah laughed as she nudged his feet. He looked pretty cute as Sid blushed and coughed.

"Hem Hem. After you have decided we should quickly begin. Sarah's father may be in trouble. Sarah, if you trust us then Ark will rescue your father."

-Really? You will help?

Sarah tried to confirm with a glance at Ark...

"Yes, if he is still alive than we will rescue him."

-Thanks you. Thank you so much.

Sarah's eyes brimmed with tears as she lowered her head.
At the same time, there were two dings and the quest window popped up.

Rescue Sarah's dad!
You saved the girl when she was being chased in the forest by trolls. Through your warm kindness the girl opened her heart to you and confessed her circumstances. She was travelling with her father who was kidnapped by thieves.
Justice overcomes you and you can't ignore the difficulties of the girl, and promise to rescue her father. However, be careful. There isn't a lot of time.
Her father has been kidnapped for over three days already. The thieves patience will run out, hurry or it might be too late. (If you don't succeed in 12 hours then the quest will fail)
Difficulty level: E+
"Eh? A quest!"

Sid opened his eyes wide and muttered,

"A quest was given without even knowing?"

Ark looked at his astounded eyes.
While Sid might have considerable information about the game, he is not too knowledgeable about quests. This is because most of the merchant quests are focused on selling so he wouldn't have this kind of quest experience.

The difficulty level is "E+" anyway. It shouldn't be too difficult with a party. But if the E+ difficulty quest is completed many time before than the skill level required rises. He had seen it the skill level rise many times before.

"Sid, let's go."


Sid replied vigourously and helped Sarah up.
The opponents were NPCs. It was difficulty to know what to expect and he couldn't tell what would do. But Sid looked at Sarah anyway with glittering eyes.



Double bang!

Hundreds of kilos flew through the sky as the golem was blown away.
The damage caused by that amount of weight falling was unthinkable... Instantly 350 health drained from the golem's body as it was dyed red and fell into a critical condition. However, that was not the end of the attack. The golem staggered up and was knocked back down again by a strike!
It once again knocked against the ground and lost all its health.

"HA HA HA, well that wasn't a big deal."

The person who laughed over the remains of the golem was the former hot blooded detective, JusticeMan......
The failure of the event quest had caused JusticeMan to become depressed until he found new hunting grounds thanks to Ark.
Ark who was familiar with Jackson's Lord asked him, and Jackson's Lord went to find JusticeMan the next day.

"I heard you participated with Cross and Ark"

"I just did what I had to do."

JusticeMan answered politely with honorifics.
Although he looked young for such an important NPC, JusticeMan was familiar enough with social nuances to not be bothered about using honorifics on someone younger than him. He was the Lord of that area so such treatment was natural. In addition, there was also the request that Ark asked from Jackson's Lord...

"I know how much you guys did for Jackson however it is a shame that we cannot compensate you due to regulations, so ...... Jackson cannot give compensation but if it's some amenities."


"In the future, if you want equipment repairs from the smithy or food from my dining room or anything from a store than we'll give it to you for  50% cheaper"


JusticeMan's expression became light again.
The costs of food, rest and repair was a big struggle when playing. However, a discount of 50% can solve that problem.
But, JusticeMan let out a sigh with a troubled expression. JusticeMan was already level 45. Jackson's castle was a level 40 hunting ground so it would be difficult to raise his level.  Because when it is time to go to another area than none of these benefits would apply.
When he mentioned it, Jackson's Lord smiled and shook his head.

"A foreigner really wouldn't know. Why risk danger by hunting monsters to get stronger. Well, it's tough if that is the lifestyle of a foreigner. But that's why you don't need to leave Jackson"


"Around the region of Jackson there are several areas that access has been limited by the soldiers because it is too dangerous. The ruins where Ark entered with my father in the past are one such restricted area. Of course, we cannot open it to the general public yet, however if you want than I could give you special authorized access."

In New world there could be other areas in Giran apart from Jackson with restricted areas.
Scenarios that for some reason haven't been released yet. And to enter these areas, certain criteria must be met. In the case of Jackson, the key was the event quest.
Therefore, the young Lord gave access to an area inside the Shadow Forest, an area of rotting bogs where level 30~60 monsters emerged.

"The necessary experience could be gained there ....."

The young Lord gave a subtle calming laugh and said.
In the case of JusticeMan, it is a hunting ground that no one knows about so he could monopolize it.
The rotting bogs were an undisclosed area where monsters overflowed. But was that all? The ratio of items dropped by monsters was also considerable. Nearly one in every three monsters dropped equipment items and twice a day he could save up magic items. In addition, the half off repair fees in the smithy caused gold to build up.
JusticeMan looked at the equipped items with a warm look.

Crimson Studded Knuckles
Weapon type: Knuckle
Attack: 12-15
Durability: 14/40
Weight: 10
User restriction: Level 45 or more

A knuckle used by a famous fighter a long time ago. Solid leather is wrapped around the iron knuckles to protect your hands and increase damage at the same time.

{Options: Hand to hand skills +20% Attack.}

Comfortable trunks
Armour type: Pants
Defense power: 20
Durability: 28/60
Weight: 5
User restriction: Level 45 or more

Easy-to-wear armour developed in the Southern Province. Boldly cutting the hem allows for more natural movements. However, those who aren't familiar with trunks can look unseemly.

{Options: Reaction Speed +10% , Dignity -20.}

All the items were obtained from the rotting bog monsters. He wore the equipment without thought, pairing a sleeve-less t-shirt with the trunks which looked strange, but JusticeMan didn't care about his appearance. Anyway what he was wearing wasn't that different from how he was in reality.

"Huhuhu, I have monopolized these hunting grounds. But other people don't there that there is such a hunting ground near the beginner's village? Ark really provided a great deal!"

"Damn, what are you doing now? We should use the time to catch up and be slightly helpful!"

At that time, an angry voice was heard to the side.
He looked back and saw that a few users were being chased by two golems.
Coming from the south was the ex-convicts ranging from 1401 to 1410...he was the user that named them after their probation numbers.
At first, the militia was consisted of 30 players but all of them left and only a few remained which included Roco.
The level 45 JusticeMan had already reached level 55 before suffering and dying. Now, his average level was around level 35. They came when they were at level 20, so they leveled up at least 15 levels, but it would still be difficult to deal with the level 60 golems.

"Have courage. The earth is your friend and will protect you."

In order to cause damage taken by the ex-convicts to reduce by half, Roco took out her harp and cast the 'Song of Protection' to increase defense. Then pebble rose from the ground and wrapped around their bodies as protection.

"Aigoo, our cutie Roco!"

"Of course, I can only believe in you!"

"That uncle with puffed up muscles and wearing trunks, just get out there and fight!"

The ex-convicts shouted and cheered at Roco. .

"Your words, I'll remember it, number 1403!"

"Damn, that old man has also good ears."

JusticeMan's attitude changed suddenly when in a battle situation.
The golem who encountered the strike flew into the sky like a falling leaf.
He might be level 35 but his actual power was closer to 68.
This was the effect of his Justice stat.
When someone with the Justice stat aids in battle, all stats would rise by the number of points in the rare stat.
The current number of JusticeMan's Justice stat boosts all his stats by a whopping 13 points. In addition, he was a fighter whose battle sense exceeded the common players, making the level 60 monster an easy opponent,
When the golem was instantly put into critical condition number 1406 shouted.

"Please wait a moment. Nothing has been stolen yet."

The 1406 member quickly raised his hand as he ran to him.

-The 'Iron ore' was stolen from the golem and taken out.

One of the unique features in New World was the specialty skills. 1406 favoured the 'Pickpocket' skill. When it succeeds, this skill is one that steal one item from a monster in critical condition.

"Ok, now that is awesome!"

1406 stole three iron ores from the golem and it turned to gravel. Then the rest of the golems received a concentrated attack and disappeared. When all the monsters were killed and health was restored, Roco hesitantly said.
Well, I guess I have to go.

"It is time to get to my part time job ......"

"Eh? Already?"

"Oh, it's boring when the female leaves..."

"Just quit your part time job and play the game. I'll give you an allowance"

An ex-convict muttered with a regretful face.
Roco was busy with school and her part time word so she cannot play the game for a long time. It was only possible for Roco to reach level 30 due to all the experience gathered with the ex-convicts.

"Hohoho, I'll connect at the same time tomorrow."

"It can't be helped. Then we'll return to Jackson for the time being. Our equipment also needs to be repaired."

So after another great day, JusticeMan and the probation members returned to Jackson. They were at the smithy when Cross suddenly visited.

"Sir, you have come. The young Lord was looking for you."

"The Lord? What's going on?"

"I don't know the details."

"You'll know soon. Oh and ex-convicts, Please go politely and don't cause any trouble."

JusticeMan and the ex-convicts left Cross and went to find the Lord. The young Lord welcomed them while reading some documents.

"Ah, JusticeMan. Welcome"

"Has something happened?"

"It's not that important. Sit down and we'll talk"

The young Lord recommended seats facing each other and sat down. JusticeMan sat and gave a small smile.

"You have not chosen a profession yet have you?"

"That's right."

"Well, that works out well. Do you remember when I said wait and build up a lot of experience?"

"Let's see. You did say something like that ..........."

JusticeMan didn't have a very good memory.
The young Lord didn't seem to care as he nodded and said.

"Actually, there was one thing I previously considered. Due to the geographical location of the Jackson territory, it was a gathering place for adventured. They have the experience of the previous event and the area is still rich in unexplored areas and monsters. But there are still foreigners who don't know the rules and don't understand that the monsters here can suddenly change."

"I guess that can get difficult." Since he had been a policeman.

"So .......Unlike the guards that patrol the castle, I want a private organization supervise them without relying on me. An autonomous guard or something similar. So when we were looking for talented people, we were introduced to you by Ark. I watched you grow into a man overflowing with justice. So I would like to leave this to you.....What do you think?"

"Autonomy? A private police?"

"Police? Is a foreigner word for a allowed organization with that much autonomy?"

The young Lord tilted his head at the strange words.
However, the definition was not the type to be preoccupied with such things.


Words that caused his body to shake lightly.
He had participated in numerous night shifts... He had fought gangs, obtained injuries and was even hospitalized.....
In the past, there were good memories of catching criminals.
So JusticeMan was someone who lived with an overflowing sense of justice but the occupation of detective was one that was just as important to his life.
However, due to the shooting incident he was forced to retire and his life seemed to crumble. Have you ever felt like a loser that was unnecessary to society? there are people that are need him. The young Lord said that it was necessary to have him guard the peace. In the game, JusticeMan had found a place where he belonged.

"I agree! I would be pleased to do it!"

"Ah, calm down. Because it's not yet fully determined,"


"It will be an autonomous organization, once under my authority you have relative freedom in public. But you'll need qualifications of course. Because you also have to convince the aristocracy."

"In-indeed. Then how do I do that?"

JusticeMan nervously asked.

"You have already proven that you can deal with monsters. The last thing is to observe your performance so that they can verify your skills."

The young Lord handed him a flyer. The flyer showed the arena in the town of Selebrid in Schudenberg Kingdom.

"Fighting contests are always present here. One point is given every time you win a game in the arena. In addition if you earn enough points that your name will appear in the newsletter that is distributed every month. You can also participate alone or in a group. You don't have to have your name in the newsletter as long as you raise enough points. Do you understand?"

In other words, they would have no choice but to admit his credentials if his name appears in the newsletter.

"The Arena ......Civilian police .......!"

Looking at the flyer, his eyes lit up with a burning intensity.
I don't want to waste this opportunity. Being a detective was what his life was about but his injured leg made it that even participating in judo competitions was just a dream. But in New world, a new martial arts tournament existed. His blood was heating up in anticipation.


Laughter came bursting out from clenched lips. The young Lord shot a worried look at his reaction.

"Is this ok?"

"Yes, it is fine. No, it is very good. I'll depart as soon as I'm ready. Even if some monster stands in front of me as a barrier, I will go to Selebrid and return with an elevated status worthy of the castle.

JusticeMan grasped a flyer and stood up.

"An autonomous organization?"

The ex-convict looked at JusticeMan with blank expressions. But in a short time they showed the same symptoms as JusticeMan.

"Us............Being a cop?"

"That's right. The very definition of police is justice! I think it is a necessary step in your rehabilitation programs. Is there anyone that opposes the idea?"

Justice searched the faces of every ex-convict.
As criminals they were branded and destined to receive a cold glare everywhere they went. However, that's not to say they were bad people.
They tried to do bad things for a living, but every human has a little corner of their brain that has desires like that.
And so, they received rehabilitation from JusticeMan. However, the whole process to become the police ... ... was a difficult task to fulfil his dream.
Although New World was just a game, it feels the same as reality. NPCs also think like real people. To become a policeman in such a world. There was no reason to dislike it.


The probationary members answered
So was decided that JusticeMan and the ex-convicts would soon be restoring order to Jackson. And as soon as Roco connected the next day, they departed to Selebrid.

"The goal is to overwhelmingly win the individual battles and group matches!"

"Ooh oh oh oh!"

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