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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 2 Chapter 28

Exit by a Kick

This chapter was traslated by BAKAHOU

The next morning.
Raphtalia got up early today so we went to the barn together.


Firo rushed up to us happily when we arrived.

“Mou, her body is already grown up?”

Somehow…… compared to yesterday her head is bigger. It’s strange.

“Her body is almost balanced now.”
“If you say so.”

Her appearance is similar to the other Philo Rials we saw in the castle town and on the highway.
Her color now is white, with some light pink mixed in.
It’s a beautiful color.
That slave trader doing quite a good job.

“Are you hungry today?”

Firo chirps while tilting her neck.
Yup. It seems the growing phase is over.
A strange sound is echoing.
Is this ok?
We finish breakfast and think of our plans. Meanwhile.


Firo stares at the wooden carts that enter the village enviously.

“So you want to pull one too?”
“I guess so.”
“How’re you doing Hero of the Shield-sama”

The villager sees me pointing at the cart and comes chat with Raphtalia.
“Ah because my Philo Rial wanted to pull a cart, I’m wondering what to do.”
“Ma….. It’s second nature to Philo Rials to pull carts.”

The man nods as if convinced and starts inspecting Firo.

“Right now the village is in the middle of reconstruction so we have insufficient manpower. Hero-sama, can you help with distributing supplies in exchange a cart?”

That’s not a bad idea. After all I want to take advantage of the fact that I have a demon capable of such.
I could also do other activities as the cart is being pulled.

“What do you need?”
“I cut lumber in the nearby forest; can you bring it to the village for me?”
“Forest huh……”

That reminds me, I didn't check out that forest yet.

“It’ll take a while to return.”
“Understood. Let’s talk.”

On the goodwill of the villagers, one cart was given to me.
Everything from the wheel to the stands were made of wood. It can’t be helped that it’s low quality, because it’s free.
It’s slightly old.


After the cart was prepared, Firo pulls it happily.
The villagers prepare reins for the carriage, but it’s only for looks.

“Yosh! Let’s get to the forest today!”

Firo cheerfully pulls the cart in the direction I point.
Goton Goton!
So relaxing……
Goton Goton Goton! Garagaragaragaragara!
Wheels turn noisily as the scenery passes at high speeds.
“Faster! Faster! Slow down!”

After slowing down Firo walks with a Tokotoko sound while seeming dissatisfied.

“Ugh…… I feel sick.”

Raphtalia seems to have motion sickness and is lying down in the cart.

“Are you okay?”
“Eeh……Don’t sway so much...”
“I see, Raphtalia you have motion sickness?”
“It seems so. Are you okay Naofumi-Sama?’
“I’m fine unless I get drunk...”

It seems for me liquor is related to motion sickness. I remember back in grade school, during a field trip on the bus I was reading manga and light novels while the person next to me got sick, in the end I had to ask for a seating change.
Additionally, I remember on a family trip to meet relatives on boat, and I was playing games while my family got seasickness .

“Mah... just relax, Firo will go slowly there.”
“Please let me accept that kind offer.”

Raphtalia replies lifelessly as she lay on the cart.

On the way... I encountered someone I didn't want to.

“Buaha! What’s with that! Haha. Fuahahahahahah!”

This fellow holds his sides while he laughs out loud and the fucking woman behind him starts laughing too.
I feel disgusted while being laughed at.

“What do you want Motoyasu?”

Motoyasu and the women who follow him all burst into laughter.

“Come on! You look ridiculous!
“How so?”
“You’re so poor you began peddling? And that bird-----!”

Mu……Peddling! That’s not a bad idea.
It seems Firo’s ability is more dependable. Let’s actually consider it.

“That's so stuipid! That’s nor a bird or a horse, and what’s with that colour, it’s not even pure white, there’s pink in there. And furthermore-!”

“What the hell is your problem?”

I don’t understand why this bastard is laughing.
This is a waste of time. I should just ignore these guys and move on.
Motoyasu approached Firo when suddenly.


Firo strongly kicks Motoyasu right between the legs.
I saw it.
Motoyasu's face that was laughing become distorted while his body's flying back about 5 meters, rotating backwards by the impact.

“Ky-Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! Motoyasu-sama!”

Haha, I think his balls are crushed.
That was refreshing. It was totally worth buying Firo to see that.
As expected of my monster. It seems to have avenged me.
I’ll buy you some good food tonight Firo.


While flapping her wings Firo runs around noisily.
I stopped caring about Motoyasu immediately.
Iyaaa……That was great. I didn't even have to dream of that scene.

“Wh-what’s going on?”

Raphtalia gets up and asks.

“Huh?? Ah it’s nothing.”
“...There is a cheerful expression I have never seen before on your face.”

Oh. It was reflected on my face?
But that’s some great leg strength, to blow off the hero of the spear.
Tsl note: literally BTFO

“Umm….. Please run slower.”

I don’t hear Raphtalia’s voice from the back. I let Firo run with a great feeling.

After we reached the forest Raphtalia hit her limit.


I reflect on going too far while looking at Raphtalia groan with a pale face.
Motoyasu is to blame. Because that fellow let me feel so refreshed.

“I’m sorry.”

A disheartened Firo agrees apologetically.

“I’m, I’m alright……”
“You don’t look alright at all. You should be able to rest around here.”
“Ah, it’s Hero of the Shield-Sama”

There is a hut near the forest, and a woodcutting villager comes out.

“Ah, so you came to get wood for the village.”
“Umm…… is that person ok?”
“I think so. Is there a good place we can rest?”
“There’s a bed here, let’s put her there.”

The lumberjack guides us to the hut while I carry Raphtalia to the bed.

“Firo and I are going to fight enemies we can beat easily, while you guys pack the stuffs.”

Raphtalia is vulnerable to vehicles, let’s not use the cart for a while.

“Excuse me, I’m going to go put the wood into the cart. Come back in a while.”
“Ah ok.”

Firo drop off the cart and looked inside the cabin.

“Well then, let’s go.”

With a kick that blew Motoyasu away, I expect great offensive power.
We go in forest.
When we enter the forest we did not encounter any demons.
I go around walking in a quiet forest with Firo.
The air is clear and relaxing among the trees.
That reminds me…… there are many sights that I have never seen before in this world.
I wonder why I never noticed it.
It seems everything was blown off when I saw Motoyasu’s face warped in pain.

...No it's something else.

I think it’s because Raphtalia believed in me.
Although Raphtalia isn't here because of motion sickness.
It’s somewhat lonely.
Although we have only been together for about half a month and 3 weeks.

“I should create some pills for motion sickness.”

I look around and gather medical herbs.

“However...A demon may come out”

Though we have been walking for a while I haven’t seen any signs of demons.


The voice of Firo is heard in the distance.
I turn around and see Firo with something in her mouth.
……Is it my imagination? No that’s an Usapiru.
It was swallowed after I saw it.


Firo runs here as if nothing happened.

EXP 34 Acquired.

...I’ll stop worrying about demons.
After about an hour we return to the hut our cart has been fully loaded by the lumberjack.
Raphtalia is still asleep in the hut.
This is an evil idea. Raphtalia can’t last when Firo runs at full speed. But it is necessary to train Raphtalia who is not accustomed to the vehicle.

“It’s necessary to train with a cart for a while.”

Raphtalia groans at my words. Did she hear it?

“Umm…… I have finished placing the wood.”
“Ahh. Then can you watch over her while I go to village immediately?”
“ Yes! If it’s a companion of Hero of the Shield-sama I’ll guard her with my life.”

Though I am slightly uneasy, I can’t just sit here and wait.

“Then I’ll be back soon.”

I prepare the cart and depart with Firo.


Firo dashed energetically.

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