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VRMMO Activity Log volume 1 chapter 1

First day
Edited by: TechnoLazer
Re-edited by: Mori Summers

...... It was faster than expected.
The day that I could touch a VRMMO has come.

My name is Tanaka Daichi, I am 38 years old this year.

Even in this age can't stop to gaming. My negligent parents also said that, they want me to stop.
I not going to get angry for that.
Because there is no doubt that game not love humans. (games don’t love humans? humans don’t love games? humans love games? i have no idea)

Still to game is so wonderful.
You can be 38 years old, but once you've entered the world of the game you can run full blast or jump high in the sky.

Are they not wonderful things? But everyone can do that.
However, I realized that when you begin to age, you will feel your body become dull.
Even pro baseball players and Olympic athletes lose their shape with the time.
The majority of them will retire in their mid 30s. But there are some exceptions.
When you are a teenager, you never think that your body will weaken...... but it's reality.
I must admit ...... or I hate to say that I also became old.

Well without additional prefaces (distractions?) we return now to speak of the VRMMO.
For start it's named "One More free Life online", its purpose seems to be to enjoy a faster life in the game.
The open beta end the day before yesterday, while the real game is officially scheduled to start in about 10 minutes.

The system of the game is a MMORPG with classic skill LV.
There are no basic levels, you develop and enhance the character by raising skill LVs. So it's a MMO where skills are everything.
You start by selecting your first ten skills. "To some extent" you can evolve the skills or also take other skills.
According to the information from the beta, to evolve or obtain a new skill you consume bonus, or Ex points you get from raising skill Lvs.
So you could become a jack-of-all-trades and master of none when you choose skills haphazardly and wildly.
Here is the promise of MMORPGS.

Subdue the Demon King and such Grand Quests do not seem to exist.
It seems the direction of the game is to live another life with courage and love.
You can hunt monsters, and also make items, or even talk in chat.

Well, now is really the time to start.
Although the online server of the MMORPG will probably crash on the launch day.

...... From the results, I was able to start smoothly. But it seems I can't save on the server.

Now, I have to make a character.
I need a name for the character... my name is Daichi, ground, being simplistic you can say "Earth" is good enough.
Anyway a Cool name and not too showy.
And it's not aged to players and get yourself a 38-year-old, but
Let's go young. In the game nothing but trouble to move until
You cum, there's no need to bring their smell from. (from what i can tell of this sentence, the MC does not want to play a 30 year old character, because 38 year olds smell. I have no idea about the rest of the stuff.)

Do let me be about 19 years old ...... The appearance of the character. Height about 176cm.
Black hair and black eye is nonnegotiable. I have to be cautious and not draw attention...... it’s looking better, but still a little bad.
I have heard that the degree of symmetry of the left and right side is directly correlated to beauty. To be the handsome young man, it's just a little, but I'll keep shifting or my nose will be too high.
Gender is determined without permission (this statement is kind of odd), so I’ll be a man ...... of course.Lying about sex is NG.

Bein a 38 year old player I didn’t really mind to having dandruff, but it’s annoying (added this to make the rest of the sentence make sense), so let's go youthful. Because there is no need to force yourself to smell like an old man in the long-awaited game that in which you can move freely.

... Okay, so I wonder.
Novels and not the consumer of the RPG folks say and say that guy?
Well,it was  finished in foil-like feel of the background. (is he talking about the scenery here? I have no idea)
Leave it to other people edit their characters like handsome young men and beautiful women, good luck.People like that are not my choice to become protagonists. (don’t know if this is right or not)

Next is what skills I want to select.
Based on the game information up to now, I will try skills that were obscure in the beta version, those that were not very useful, trash or totally useless. Games should be as laid back as possible! (is this right? is our mc a casual!?!)
You might be able to imagine that a 38 year old guy would have to work properly every week.
I have a day off today and tomorrow, but I will likely be able to log on 1-2 hours at the most. This means that I will mostly be playing solo.
I don't worry about the inconvenience, but will run in the story (I have no clue what this means). So I select quickly.

Selection <Manufacturer> <Cooking> <Carpentry> <Apothecary> <Stealth> <Physical boost> <Eagle eye> <Wind magic> <Kick> ...... <Archery>

10 or more.
Although I feel it is not bad at first glance. According to the information about bad skills from the beta, there are six: <Archery>, <Kick>, <Wind magic>, <Apothecary>, <Stealth>,<Physical boost>.

With <Archery> you will not be able to hit the opponent in the point would be. Said that <Archery> and not hit anyway. (is there anything about archery being skillshot? because this does not make sence otherwise)
To make the fate <Archery> worse, it also has a pretty bad cost-performance ratio.
In addition it only has about 75% of the one-handed sword’s attack power.
It has Abilities that can attack with some homing capability, but magic is a better for that

The <Kick>, according to stories from the beta, seems to not have Arts (things like a finishing move).
But I wonder what skills come out if it exceeds  LV 10, there are people who said “Hey, there probably won’t be anything good event if you Lv it up to LV 30, right?”.
(By the way, it seems there are arts worse than normal skills)
I want to say that I’m doing this to prove them wrong, but i'm a solo with a bow. I mean  it’s too risky to go completely without melee ability.

<Wind magic> looks cool but at first glance seems to be totally half-assed. The skill’s only decent ability is Buff Speed, but no other attacks, and its recovery seemed useless.
The attack is inferior to the other attributes (attributes are six: fire, water, wind, Earth, light and darkness)
Recovery also seems to be  half  of water and a quarter of light.

<Apothecary> is a skill to create a POT (potion). Although it is ordinary welcomed in MMO’s, in this game you can buy potions easily, and cheaply, in large quantities from NPC’s.
It seems to be too bothersome to produce.
Also it seems that cooldown time of potions it's short, but there is a little change in potion efficacy. (does this mean that the more you use, the less effective they become?)
Although it’s just a rumor form the beta.

<Stealth> is excellent, but the cost for hiding seems to be terrible.
It cost 1% of max MP every second. Furthermore, when you hide for 10 seconds the cost seems to jump to 2%,  4% in 20 seconds, and like that, the cost doubles every 10 seconds.
It is also meaningless because the monster can senses the opponent’s sound, smell, heat, etc.

<Physical boost> can buff various actions like running or using a weapon.
It's seems to be good but it's too jack-of-all-trades and master of none... simply said there are specialized skills with much bigger bonus! That is because <Physical boost> applies the buff to the entire stat to not create a broken skill.
So do yourself from it is good to learn. (again, no clue)

OK, for the time being this is my character.
I did not tell any acquaintance that I play this game.
No, I'm not without friends, it's just that... Everyone drunk and hanging out.
For a temperate man like me, when alcohol enters, the demons will be released and I will be in hell.
People are like monkeys, only drinking water for me.

Well, getting to know new people in games is nice, it would a once in a lifetime experience.
In the bow that could use-why do better with weapons or so it's being abused, but
It's a MMORPG's it was prepared on the fate. (I have no idea what this means)
There might be good people to meet, in my area or not. It’s really up to luck.

Also, it is nice, I could be an acquaintance of the game and would do once-in-a-lifetime chance to be played. (It would be nice if I could meet an acquaintance in the game and forge a once in a lifetime story. Something like that? Not really sure of the meaning.)
Although it is likely that with a weapon like the bow I would be marginalized, but it’s the risk you take when you play MMORPG’s.
There might also be good a person to meet, but this all depends on luck.

As for the style of play....... First try to aim to be a Ranger.
Although there is are no absolute classes in this game, I can lurk in the forest, shot and kill the prey, I can use <Cooking> for the materials I salvage, and produce bows and better arrows for myself with <Carpentry>. And I can collect medicinal herbs in the forest for Potion production.
Move quickly, it is dangerous when hidden. Improve the body's ability to support them. (who is them?)

My ideal is like that. An image of your ideal during the first of developent of a character is good.
So, lets go towards that with my new life by logging on.
Welcome to the One More Free Life online!

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