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VRMMO Activity Log volume 1 chapter 2

The Crowded first day and the training ground.

Edited by: TechnoLazer

Immediately after login.

"......chock's dazzling enough for the promise of the stunning first day."

I mutter unconsciously.

And from the people

"You want to raise the level with a party! We recruiting members, especially in the avant-garde role!"
"In looking for a member to go towards the rock to holding a place before it's crowded!"

The voice of party recruitment to Level up (but strictly as skill increasing) and such is raising.
The wonder is the skills organization because the content of the skills and how to move the avatar in this world was holding tightly especially from the beta testing experience, because they will raise skill levels like crazy.

On the other hand ......

"New player, we have some good equipment!"
"You have to see how equipment before going to combat?"

Such voice of every producers flies in the air.
There already player shops up and running.
every street are crammed packed, and you can see the tipical interaction of the MMO.

But in spite of the crammed people, i didn't see saw other players than who are carrying on his back a bow.
To say it's the stronger influence of information relased by the voice of beta tester.


And I ended encounter a troublesome type early.

"Hey, the useless archer over there! Carry  your bow here"

So, the yankee who look down on people are everywhere.
But honestly most don't want to be handicapped by get involved because it's annoying so I pretended to not understand.

"...... I guess is my"

I turned around and hide the face as possible.

"You scrub don't you want to quit the game nice and quick? What are you doing whit something like that scrap weapons?"
"And you look like a side character loser!"

Such as dammed blabblysh guy keep ranting.
It's only a waste of my time.

I've got some lousy luck to deal with this on my firts day... i got noticeable  by evil people that i even hate.
And while five guys that have put the accusation i still continue to swearing.
Dammed who are you the reincarnation of Mohawk's the end of the century? I would want to say.
But Well, leaving said to last over there ...... also must've been roughly say bored.

"Well, i suppose a scrub can still enjoy sitting in the town's alleys!!"

With those words the party of the five Mohawk (is not actually such a hairstyle as an image) went away. The image of bow it's a scrap weapons seems to have spread around further thanks to that.

......Oh well, this works fine for me.

Solo is the main anyway, and it would be left essentially now.
PT may be at about Crossed When you are acquainted with, and people coming over the voice still upon hearing the notoriety of the bow this much to would not be a loss in the sense humane early.

That said, start moving nice and quick and there is no pieces hobby something that you continue to be stared.
Purpose training area. Just as it is, it is a training ground.

Solo is my the main anyway, now it would essentially be my only option left.
Form a party it's may be can when you are acquainted with people,for strangere after hearing the notoriety of the bow they will value my capacity to be wrong.

That said, because no dead to a hobby i start moving nice and quick something that you continue to be stared.
My destination is the training area. It's just as, the name say, a training ground.

It's a little icing on the cake, but it seems there was no training area in the beta testing.
It seems was born after the request sended to the management by the betatester with wantend a place where you can practice with confidence chanting magic or waving a sword.
I want to say this point is really a good idea.
Basis does not work, in the training field target that moves to some extent at random are prepared.
<Archery> is subject to the shooting system (and like archery are include of course throwing and even magic).
In proximity of Straw dolls  subject to treatment system (for sword, axe, spear and bare hands! ).

In training area you can grow skills to Lv 5.
Since is indeed a training ground, growth is slow when compared to going to hunt monsters outside.
And was also the NPC will support you, such as teach how to handling  weapons and chanting a magic.
So, that you suddenly stumble in early in VRMMO participants of the first time's unlikely to.
... Well if listen properly to the NPC.

After receiving such explanations from the NPC i went immediately to practice with bow and arrow.
After the training area specifically for polearm it's the training field for bow and throwing weapon
Here the arrow are infinite. It is very welcome measure.
And should not be commemorated... but first <Eagle eye>

"Was a matter of previous shoot and not shoot..."

I pulling the bow and poised until firmly support the arrow, but arrows fell and crying, becaming a fumble treatment.
Honestly quite shocked that in secret here.

I repeated to pulled and shoot, I poised and shoot many times anyway.
As a result, I discovered like real archery there are not guidelines of the trajectory of the arrow when you poised.
You have to practice although the cost performance is the worst at the start.
Because of the difficult in the handling that the stories of the bows being scum weapons it's convincing.
Of the 100 arrows I have shooted in the practice barely two hit the target.
The first problem it's the reach, near 70 arrow fell helplessly in the middle of the way without power.
Well the arrows disappear the moment they fell, I just counted a rough number, but I think the error it's not big.

Anyway, i will concentrate only on bow and arrow to begin become aware of the target.
<Archery> was already achieved Skill Lv 5 the maximus level to pratice for the newbie, but even if it's Lv99 it's mean anything because there is no support to the player from the skill.
You have to shoot and poised and repeat many time to understand how to aim.
I have a probability of 6% of hit the target, eventually 8% if i pulled and aimmed random, if the basis does not work
Shoot and poised, and yl is poised, or thanks to that ...... you are and poised,
You have come to like is to hit the arrow that flies firmly with a probability of about 60% of 80%, even in specific move somewhat random if the basis does not work eventually.
I wonder if I'm barely good enough to fight the weakest monsters.

I return the bow and arrow to NPC for now. Next was decided to perform the exercises <Wind magic>.
To cast magic you may have a wand, but it seems possible to chant even without anything if at the expense of range and hit power.
A wand is the best as a medium of magic. Mage to use witchcraft used as basic medium wand but there are even magic hand (which are glove with special treatment), it seems you can use even a magic ring.
However, they that for newbie the wand as the best perfomance. I do know if it actually because the NPC say this.

The borrowed wand, to cast the lowest grade spell of <Wind magic>.

<Wind needle!>

Small needle of wind appeared and hit lighty the target.
In this world a spell of decent wind cutter cannot be used from the beginning because they are middley rank spells.
Can not be used from the beginning is like a spell rank of decent wind cutter in the world of here.
You have to twist an attribute from many point to a single to create a cut and junior magician not have the control to make it.
Magic spells has a cost for minute of MP, but is hit rate is better than <Archery>.
Although they say <Archery> has better accuracy.
When also <Wind magic> hit Lv5, I return the cane, following i will train <Kick>.

People than like to be warrior seems to have come to train. All over the field one-handed swords, two-handed swords,  attack the straw dolls holding spears.
Anyway, I pratice <Kick> by watching and imitating low kick.
Seems is getting in good shape and <Kick> skills Lv also raised up.
I try also try middle or heel drop to increase my skill.
I can not do dropping the in the real world,  but indeed this are a game, I mock drop heel i saw in the movie, and  discover it's possible to do.
I can use heel drop to attack point higher of my head.
It's also would be a good idea to try on humanoid monster opponent that seems to be there is weakness.

<Kick> reached skill Lv5 in about half of the time of <Archery> and <Wind magic>.
I wonder if skills with involve the body are easy to raise.
I also raised <Physical boost> to Lv3.
I would say that each skill training are affected by experience differently.

Anyway, in the training area i have learn as a newbie how to move the body and use  magic body in this world. It's a good think I learned.
Repeated practice, simply  increase the player's skills and ability.
After three hours of practice had already passed it's seem I'm ready for real battle.
I decided to log out in order to prepare the dinner and a bath.
And decided to log out in order to prepare for the evening bath and rice,
To log out you have to rent a room in the inn of the town.
When you pay the room slowly your body glow.

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