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VRMMO Activity Log volume 1 chapter 3

... That came out in the field but is finally good.

After you left the training ground, ... and taking a bath taking a meal Log out

Well, and not ready for a minimum before leaving the field for the time being.
Check the equipment properly.

Bow of the fledgling 
The exchange of early bow suits, so weak fledgling to use.
Atk + 2 endurance unlimited 

Protective clothing fledgling 
Piece upper and lower body clothing for fledgling. None Armor Mastery judgment.
Def + 5 endurance unlimited 

And, weapon armor like this. Infinite endurance I guess a lost measures.
And to be able to pick body surgery has other than it has been fully equipped with Lost.

Also present in the skills and armor Mastery was in armor, 4 types.
Four types of cloth, Kawayoroi, light armor, heavy armor.
It is worn without the Mastery of course, defense will be triggered properly,
Movement would have been limited to the fullest weight and Once dressed Nante heavy armor, especially in the absence of Mastery, it becomes basis not move.
What also means disappears defense is not you not move even if no matter how high.
In other words, the benefit of Mastery, and so on action limit relaxation and weight reduction.
Only light cloth has increased magical defense force in another, and avoid force increase.

Let us talk also means that there is <Cooking> in the ...... skills in passing the story is shifted.
There is a "hunger" properly for this game, I am there to "drought level" further.
HP is out helicopters MP Drought degree of hunger is runs out completely.
Can I eat and drink if you simply want to prevent this.
So I also continue to purchase from NPC neatly bread and water.
There is no need skimp on price, so 5 gulor both one.
Become a Saddle to the deaths pathetic reason to say and skimp on ... I starve to death.
Half 30 minutes status, Desupena is -33% equipped with durable all places.
The mercilessly endurance reaches zero at it Major damage Break  It is extinguished by.

And, thanks to the description is prolonged? I arrived in the field or area,
Myself I thought Well ...... and Ne or hunt was a sweet-chan.

"I ...... I wonder had estimated that sweet ...... 's first day"

And, sigh. I mean, other players in front of the eyes ......

"We'll have boiled there, chelating!"
"Oh guy's prey of us!"
"In Doi there, kill guy (ry)"
"Koch'm not enough to fight! Divided by the following nice and quick!"

Success sore word oh, and Abikyokan is appropriate. Specialty Speaking of specialties.
...... If I had entered the spectator mode while his arms folded and I wonder if absorbing it impossible

"I suppose it'll be like this for a few days."

And, voice drawling downright came took the female voice from behind.
It is! Come talk to yourself that you are carrying bow Valuable Rare  You're such a person.
Do you try to even talk so much trouble.

"I know, these guy are all blood thirsty."

"They probably want to kill a few mobs before night."

N? Night?

"Hey, i have a question. does this game have a day-night cycle? "

"Oh, well, it's already cycled once ~? Oh I ~?"

"I was in the training hall and then log out"

 "Ah, that's why ~"

According to the description of her anything, that that there is a day and night (the day last 3 hoursnd night for 2 hours) in a certain period of time properly.
I mix battle of the night is troubling vision is narrowed and during the night, some nasty monsters come out.
Such features seems born.
Measures, <Light> of <Light magic> Lv10, <Torch> of <Fire magic> Lv15,
Either use one of the <Knight site> of <Darkness> Lv30,
It's ... it seems to raise the skill level to remember <Eagle eye> skills.
<Night vision> also seems to have bell  <Eagle eye> that was selected for the Ranger family business.

"Ah, so this'll last until night then"


Kore to nor say if Na not make, anyone with responsibility.
If you do not it may be if the action of ...... other than combat.

"Thanks for explaing that."

"Don't worry about it, i'm Millie, would you like to add me to your friends list?"

Well, ...... Do not child's laid-back anything.
We should spread the friendship Well to do good.

"I'm Earth nice to meet you."


She went into the town in the leisurely tone "I return to the town," said now that you have finished your friend.

His departure in the field. Purpose is collected herbs.
The herb while kept in mind that it does not interfere to take a distance as possible from the people who now triggers <Eagle eye> skills, are hunting? I scrape together.
Herb? Reason has become the ......

"...... Paddle of a non-state appraisal ......"

Is not mean. Even torr co ○, ○ Sile even good. It is not know what the item just after it picked up as the game was Ai~tsu.
That said, ... Yone placement is not a poisonous weed that causes bad status was playfully in the first field suddenly?
Was raked anyway grass say grass hoping so, until it gets the dusk in the game.

Night. While many players return to the city, you have a meal or cash monster drop, his had appraised the grass is crouched down in the corner of the stairs in the city.
I did not know, even if it looked at first, but the identity of the grass is came to be seen in that you keep watching patiently.
The reason is this.

<Apothecary> Lv3

Apparently, you can determine it not only make also seemed part of the skill,
Discrimination of the herb comes to stick drug levels when it becomes 2 from Lv1
Once at Lv3, and Antidote grass, poisonous herb can now be appraised.
And I've also felt malicious staff. But he only one.

Choking grass
Eating this will cause death by asphyxiation.
Do not eat absolutely!
Potion items

Items such ○ like a oh ...... ultra misfortune came out anymore!
Steering'm thinking anything! I want to think and, it would not be anyone blame yourself maybe you felt like yelling about.

The following is a production Once take the material.
Facing the potion shop, buy a beginner medicine production set that can be mobile.
I have used 400 gulor. Initial assets 1500 gulor. Hand has decreased until 1080 gulor because inn bill 10 gulor.
10 gulor of rest has been consumed in food.
But I do not need because of how expenses.

How to make potions from healing herb roughly.
Grind herbs well  > mix with distilled water and heat it > Done
It 's certainly the mon happen because it's what the easiest.
Effort is likely to take a long time to make a first one future definitely.
Potion that is made is like this.
Healing potions common 
A basic healing items.
Effect: restore 11% of HP. 
I can make in bulk material if aligned properly from the next once production if successful this game. So herbs on hand to all potions.
Antidote Potion also made incidentally, had been made and only make.
<Manufacturer> skills of production also rises to steady.
Choking grass and poisonous herb intact. Skill level does not seem enough,
There does not seem qualified itself to challenge the production.
Potion of Antidote from this.

Antidote Potion common
A weak anti-poison potion. Detoxification success rate fall if poison is strong. 

Nor should there Nante purchase seekers for changing to cheaper mass from NPC As mentioned at the outset Nante potion.
To sell all the potions you had to first NPC nice and quick.
In some 1% of the self-made potions, but I leave in hand for performance is better than the NPC. Antidote also leave in hand, better to keep putting a sense is good.

<Apothecary> levels were also raised, and it ...... or do is about this today.
I thought so, and went to bed as they log out, even in the real and into the inn.
Guys Komu spear while thinking trivial things it is!, Na would be up all night.

<Manufacturer> Lv3 <Archery> Lv5 <Kick> Lv5 <Eagle eye> Lv4
<Wind magic> Lv5 <Apothecary> Lv7 <Stealth> Lv1
<Physical boost> Lv5 <Cooking> Lv1 <Carpentry> Lv1 

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