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VRMMO Activity Log volume 1 chapter 4

Maybe ...... you step on the first step finally.

The next day.
Log in finished the laundry to cleaning to eat brekkie.
If you were able to regardless of gender is good housework?

Working to sell to make a potion to collect herbs in the morning.
Still quite a person, but I stayed because such fields.
But because there is movement of people, which aims to next obviously,
Was considered to start a hunting it does not matter whether in the afternoon.

And I feel that it is somehow healed the sound I Gorigori of work grind herbs to.
Made a potion in the ratio of 50:50 and manual batch for that.
It is because not hear sound mashing To Gorigori and not a manual.
The have to have to sell NPC 6 gulor one potion,
Creation tool does not deteriorate, it is possible to earn a Chimachima.
Buy a production tool woodworking and cooking with the money earned.
I think it is going to talk in more detail when the production of over there.

Spoofing the work of such a morning, lunch and log out once.
Eat properly and an important thing.

And Please login to wait for the dawn.
Although also spoke before that visibility is bad it's the middle of the night,
Somehow poison possession monster Toka Apparently boil.
Guy-ish Thief you are wearing a leather armor that was we had to go out and to return to death ate triple combo of surprise & poison & impatience due to the decrease in visibility in do not need to carry the antidote was talking about.
I wonder where you told how to withstand the night back to as soon as possible to would be still less people now that are going to Lv10 is, has become conscious of the player overall now in light magic possession.

And starting in the field greeted the dawn.
Party, which aims to place ish hunting ground to the next overall extent to which a person is present sparsely in the first field in the majority.
It would be okay to fight at long range attacks bow if this.

Monsters are weakest, is rabbit horn in place just fine.
Just as it is, a small rabbit-type monster equipped with a corner of the small corner.
But it is not could be done with the lick because it is a monster in this.
Although there is no fear of a critical hit.
I ...... readies bow story cares and while floats on the head.
I launch an attack from behind the opponent just in case once.
One shot th bow is important because something can not be its characteristics on a continuous attack.
...... And hold it steady

Huon "...... Tsu sputum"!

Arrow flies in rabbit horn noisily sword and good wind.
Hit it if it is this! Was avoided by jumping the moment ...... rabbit horn that I thought it was.

"I do!?"

Either be avoided though shot from behind! ? Lightly and panic.
Take the combat system, rabbit horn begin to run swiftly over here.
But there is Hoteru distance the arrow if you about one more time so aimed range from barely bow. Zing ...... and poised as quickly as possible!


And, was eyeing it's a face of the guy, but you have hit the leg of the guy to be shifted slightly.
Accuracy seems had fallen too soon again.
Rabbit horn ...... without loosening speed even under the arrow to the foot


Jumping in and lifted up the voice. Come digs towards the corner here that indicate its presence in the Nari small.
In only the initial equipment, it will suffer damage not less If I win.

Kick ". "

Was raised to present a kick to the face of the rabbit foot horn that was swung up like an uppercut from the bottom face of the guy.

"... Ruru Pu ,, Pugyururu"

And, downright melancholy? Rabbit horn going fell to the ground while raising the voice drifting.
While it is probably it translates to the Japanese,

"Fire, Hidoi~i ~I~i ..."

You've heard, as has been said.
But Kaken is mercy. It's rabbit horn fell to the ground, but it was kicking my best free kick in soccer as it is HP because it was still.

"Pugi~yu ~ ~ ~ ~ ..." ... Kashan.

HP goes to zero in that it was kicking, the body seems to have shattered with the tip that went blown away.
One "The meat of rabbit horn" item is drop
Two of the "skin of rabbit horn" items has been drop
Tsukai'll kick this'm not'm Archer! Suddenly from behind it and believe such ...... you've been in combat far from full thrust and,


Voice was playfully says, such as have been applied.
While looking back immediately,

"This is not soccer!?"

I have returned with the yelling. Warrior Sword that clad the heavy armor had been laughter When I can look back.

"No, no, it was just amusing to watch!"

"Here i do not know why over there whether I'm laughing!"

"I'm called bZwei" where laughter is calm
I received a self-introduction and easy. I also keep himself.

"and what was so amusing?"

My hear, I also fought in its own way and rabbit horn course Zwei says, but seems to have first heard the voice of Anna lead-footed rabbit horn.
And Rabbit horn going aloud while Futtobi by the kick of a free kick mock of the stop is likely was interesting indeed.
And ...... at the end of the story

"Fun things are interesting!"

"what are you, a comedian?"

This voice resounded around.
It's just to be sure, but it is Zwei was wanted Ya Notamai interesting ~.
Tsukkomi then is their own.
And you can have lamented in my mind to be, gonna be such does not this kind of imitation, such Threepenny play like what is sad.
And right in the middle of the field. I have seen absolutely anyone.

"Millie mentioned you so i came to take a look, you really are interesting. Wanna be friends?"

And, you can either do was friend of that child ...... which started to say.

"Sure, i don't care......"

I had to return the Boyaki with.

"Awesome! Now i have a long waited friend!"

After the return,'ll not mind that we have said

"I'm not taking part in any comedy shows."

I added. The Furuwashi shoulders reflexively immediately, movement stops,
Na, Nanno Koto de sublimation? Zwei that called out.
...... I do know this guy's no good, be some arms,
Analysis that it is the type to do any prank If you take a laugh.
I become anxious friend and wonder premature.

"Aniway why don't we form a party sometime?"

It should be reply and ask Regards at that time because there is no hobby lines close to the deception came flying but defeat messing around.
And come to a sudden realization after Mitodoke Zwei is headed to town.

"Still that's quite a lot of time to hunt a sing tiny monster, i'm gonna need more experience."

Interaction with the Zwei is not included in the time of the monster extermination in the strict sense, but that the time that has elapsed and if talking just a fact.
Head and have no idea what is going to happen is past the body from Suberidashi,
It's wrong in Japanese, but the way of the strange expression "headache hurts" and was ground comes to mind.

<Manufacturer> Lv6 <Archery> Lv5 <Kick> Lv6 <Eagle eye> Lv6
<Wind magic> Lv5 <Apothecary> Lv9 <Stealth> Lv1
<Physical boost> Lv8 <Cooking> Lv1 <Carpentry> Lv1

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