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VRMMO Activity Log volume 1 chapter 5

Stupidity of negation by misunderstanding

After you have weakness in conversation with ... Zwei.
I bought dozens of animals a rabbit horn then retaken by the mind.
Number more are down at least 30 because there is both skin and meat of the drop item.
It's not say any more, drop rate is not a 100%.

However, there is one thing that is not absolutely convincing to come down the rabbit horn so many.

"Is avoided all the first bullet attack from the side, such as blind spot or behind"

It is to say that.
If it a few times, it can also consent to the look was jumped by chance so was avoided by chance, but "all" if it does not hit me several dozen round

"Other party is made aware of the attack here for some reason"

Do not Ika have considered.

By the way, <Wind magic> even try, I had seen with the spell <Wind needle>.
It is, to hit decent result. Hit rate is better  <Wind magic> than <Archery> They will homing the opponent to some extent.
"But to take evasive action and aware to the shot from the blind spot attack"
Partial and had in common.
Because there is a homing capability, hit rate should as close as possible to 100% if the other party does not take evasive action.

And I was thinking.
Kore monster "All whether the logic that you have in common? "
To say that.
I have poor little arrow again to hunt, but to return without refreshing it is also in trouble far from.
So, to match the target Goblin was walking the edge happened.
Crowded around and using <Eagle eye> so that no other party finds out the course, it is an attack from behind.

Kiri Kirikirikiri ...... Huon!

The aim of the head goblin. It can draw a bow that it calmly because you have not ballet
While it is action as soon as the Goblin was able to ... after injection.

- Zuburi~tsu

And, vivid sound through the dull creatures reach the ear. It's a sound that did not hear even once at the time of the rabbit, but you are holding the head ...... Goblin Did confused sudden pain.

There is no reason to miss this chance, of course, send an arrow next feel free.
Next aimed fuselage hit emphasis.
The arrow pierced the body of the goblin aim seemed accurate.
But, although not through as if it was aimed at the head.
In other words, it probably was a vital point determined by head-shot treatment.
Goblin was reduced about 60% of HP and receiving 2 morphism arrows. 
Arrow of wood that had been through the Goblin 2 morphism th at the same time as the hit disappeared,
Goblin coming towards you ran into here for the face, such as anger shaking.

<Wind needle! > 

Here you choose to shave to ensure magic than readies force the bow,
Chanting the magic, and to hit.
Then switch to the mental attitude of fighting against it in order to stab a stop at the kick.
But goblins, had the Arts.


Dagger Goblin shine for a moment, it has been Kirikaka~tsu to yourself in movement, such as the reverse slash from the lower left to the upper right to think whether raised Screeching with.
Avoidance is delayed due to the influence of belief that I thought it was to come in the butt attack because it is a knife, you've ate in a direct hit.
HP is blow off about 40% at a stretch pain consuming attack.
It seems the opponent of case on when viewed from my now still.

Did better care of myself that fell behind in pain, come ran while smiling and trying to attack more goblins.
I wonder was thought vulnerable to short-range attack completely if <Wind magic> and <Archery>.
But, there is no law to socialize in such a template.

Unlike the arts first, come feeding the cue movement dull clearly.
So I've done put a kick to the arm that was careless.


It's unexpected Revealed! ? Goblin to suppress the hand aloud say.
Myself to think about that stupid but not that they think in combat, but the Na is well done.
The Oiyari out the idea instantly better later, it Kurawaseru the heel dropped into goblins stopped motion.
Arrow that was applied to the head in attack bow just now because it was very effective,
It's reason to say heel dropped to crush his head from the top would be very effective.
Dull sound called "Gori~tsu" echoed like a reply with the correct answer to one he expected.
And Goblin was Haitsukuba~tsu on the ground disappeared by shattered.

Summarizes the idea while drinking potions.
At least, I was hit in the Goblin. There was no gesture to take evasive action.
Assuming that, Rabbit underdogs to avoid while stay in the same field and why?
Where different and goblins?
Or tribe? And animals Ahito, yea or beast.
Hunter was if it's real? Can not be at the sight of course, you do not make a sound, it's common sense of close up from leeward to prey so that it does not smell finds out.
After what ....

No way ......, Sacchi? Consciousness In other words? That is referred to in here "intuition", it beast type of Toka hornet rabbit whether you are a possession order sly passive skills?
If you expected so, the moment that here is poised to attack, to perceive the Sacchi, it was away from the place the moment you feel a little while ago and came toward?
...... I may. The Kanen spear if creators of this game.
If you bother to make the Anna movement wants pain and movement very Goblin one.

However, it is say that mouth I turn off the sign ....
It is action that goes in the land the easier said than done?
Consciousness to towards the absolute at the time of directing the attack on it.
That's what, need to hide consciousness each ...... is ...... need.

It was said to be not available ...... No way, but what use had been taken I think that the good or to the Ranger family business is ... hiding?
Concealment do they exist to for these "intuition" is in sharp attack monster or counterparty to deceive?
In other words, in order to escape, rather than how to use a "defensive" for evacuation,
Is it a skills "aggressive" it is in order to not be noticed, blindside?

Was not studied bow itself have been the weapon debris possibly in beta.
So the short-range weapons, such as daggers and knives Tsukai dagger is probably used as Assassin particular.
But sound to even hide the figure much to smell the wind to move that object still one that they are working.
So came to light, the monsters of the beast system in particular.
So assume ...... that had been said to Kuzusukiru effect does not rise even to get away also unexpectedly out Do not hold true.
It is worth a try to try.

To return to the town once you think so, only 50 lines replenish the arrow of the tree.
(I will also from 15 gulor to 2 gulor single, that's iron arrow of wood the way)
We left the field again after deposited in the warehouse drop items.
Hornet Rabbit found unceremoniously if you walk a little.

It has turned its back on. Person, there is no state in which fortunately noticed hornet rabbit.
But here is the important thing is this time.

...... <Stealth>

To be aware of their bodies from thinned by to mouth skills.
Range range of bow up is the close up noiselessly in this state.
MP is gradually reduced pounding, but now do not care.
And readies the bow quietly approached to bowshot.
Perhaps because of the gas, I feel quiet than usual to even draw a bow sound.
Release an arrow and put firmly aim. <Stealth> skills are forcibly released the moment you shot an arrow.
Arrow toward the rabbit horn as ever ...
It was through the rabbit horn but unlike until now.


Reaction to understand well that was Nomaku against here completely.
Hold the camera again bow and about to stab a stop, but there was no ...... need.
Rabbit Horn collapsed as it is, is was gone.
In other words, he was "killed instantly".

I was the expected at the time the attack hits, but was allowed to die instantly it was not expected. There is no force that instantly killed in the arrow of wood bow and fledgling.
You have to log ON once you have to OFF usually seeking the reason,
I look for the results of the previous battle.
As a result, and three "Secret Attack," "pinpoint hit" and "critical hit" damage notation it was.
The ...... and try to find and pull out the help

I successful surprise attack from the state in which the hidden secret ... attack.
Damage is greater when a successful partner of "vigilance" has especially.

Succeed in making hit the attack at the site of the pin point hit ... specific.

When you hit the weakness of the critical hit ... opponent, causing instant death is very rare.
However specific enemy, does not occur in a clear case on.

(Caution) This help will not be disclosed only to players who have succeeded once!

Description was listed with.
Does this wonder has become ... look like a Ranger.
Although would be nice to not put in the category of the idea that spread because basic critical fully Unda, to fight an opponent of case on it's PT play basically,
Two above another. You should go eyeing as long as you can do it yourself using a bow.
Let alone because it solo, it is directly connected to the lifeline to either take a large damage in one morphism eyes.
May be Idome next is allowed to recover the MP calmly after if defeat.

". Way or has been able to ..."

I muttered and Bosori.
Like this combo would be great favorite of garbled Totan'ni combine well be those that are said Kuzusukiru, and scrap weapons, So if you like card games.
And of fuckable kore around because I fully believed in his notoriety only myself.
It is not a cheat because they Ho~tsu to game the system, of course.
It is not a panacea versatility because low, but the best results come out if Hamare to pot.
Was that while satisfying the results too enough to return to the city.
that night was approaching also why, it is because I wanted to do in the city that you want to do next.

<Manufacturer> Lv6 <Archery> Lv10 <Kick> Lv9 <Eagle eye> Lv8
<Wind magic> Lv7 <Apothecary> Lv9 <Stealth> Lv3
<Physical boost> Lv10 <Cooking> Lv1 <Carpentry> Lv1
ExP 2

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