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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 2 Chapter 46

Exit by a Kick, Again

This chapter was traslated by BAKAHOU

We arrive at the Hourglass of the Dragon's era.
As usual the facilities give off a solemn atmosphere.

"Hero of the Shield-sama right?"

Just like before the sister stares at me with a suspicious expression.

"What do you want this time?"
"I want to Class up"
"Then...... 15 gold per person."

15 gold!? No matter how you look at it that's too expensive!
The sister's expression doesn't change but her eyes are smiling.
You want to make me look like a fool for not being able to pay?

"Just 15 gold"

I reluctantly reach for my bag of money and produce 30 gold coins.
The sister's expression changes and produces a document.

"......It is prohibited for the Hero of the shield-sama"
"What did you say? What does that mean!"
"By the king's direct order, the Hero of the Shield is prohibited from getting a Class up"

That fucking king! I honestly want to kill him!
I especially need stats, and to top it off that ridiculous Class up cost, being turned down without even knowing about it.
At this rate it will be impossible to Level up!
Controlling any job changes without permission is just player control!

"Don't joke around!"
"That's the rules. Above all, in the first place it is impossible for the Hero of the sheild-sama......"
"Say that first!"

I burst into a fit of rage, and knights start appearing from behind the reception.

"Tch! Fine I get it!"

I stomp towards the Hourglass of the Dragon's era noisily.

Seriously, everything about this is unpleasant, especially this country!

"But, what now?"

Raphtalia was troubled and muttered, this is certainly a big problem.

"Hey hey, what is that hour glass? Firo wants to see more!"
"Hold it"

While feeling unpleasant, I go take a look at the help section.
......Class up was found.
Class up is a ceremony that expands the possibilities of members who become Hero companions.
Let's check the Hourglass of the Dragon's era.
It is recommended that I do it after a ★ appears.
There is no growth limit for a Hero.

Heroes have no growth limit?.....
Does that mean, I can get past level 40?
But, this is still very unpleasant!
If Raphtalia cannot Class up, there will become problems with our attack power.

"What should we do?......"
"Can't be helped, we'll do this later."

Fortunately, raising our levels was not scheduled until after this wave has passed, I'll think about it afterwards.
There is also the trump card of having Raphtalia become an adventurer and acquire a class up recommendation that way.
It can probably be done with more money.
But, there is no time now.
Searching for that would also be especially difficult.
that reminds me, the slave trader had slaves over Level 40. Wasn't I going to go there any-ways to get a weapon for Firo?


Whats that?
I turn around and see Motoyasu pointing at me.

"You! What are you doing!"
"What? Don't apply some strange connection to me."
"Are you trying to play dumb? I know. The owner of that fat bird is you."

Fat bird...... is he talking about Firo?

"Come to think of it, How's your crotch?"
"It was almost crushed, Thanks to this fucking guy!"

It wasn't destroyed!?  Don't joke around!
To be kicked by such power and still not lose it's function?

"You haven't lived up to my expectations."
"You bastard-"
"It's not me who did it! Why would your crotch be destroyed?"

I ask Raphtalia who looks amazed.
Oh right, Raphtalia was not there to witness this guy getting blown away.

"Why are you looking at me with pity?"
"Because you missed a really refreshing moment?"
"I don't need to know such a thing!"
"Fine, hand over the fat bird! I'll kill him!"
"You want my bird. What even happened? You are the one who approached carelessly."
"Are you feigning ignorance? I was kicked whenever that bird spotted me!"

Hm? What did he say?
Is it fate?

"What do you mean?"
"I said, whenever we meet with your fat bird, it chases me to kick!"

I look at Firo.
Then Firo says.

"Yup. I kick him every time I see him"
"I see I see, that's great"
"Why are you praising it!?"

I pat Firo's head.
I notice that on Motoyasu's nice equipment there is a crotch protector in the groin area.
That is hilarious! This guy has a trauma!
I burst out laughing.

"That's enough you bastard!"
"That's right! Motoyasu-sama don't concern yourself with that unpleasant shield.!"

What are you saying, you follower.
That fucking woman's face is red while denouncing me.
This is refreshing.

"What a refreshing smile, I haven't seen Naofumi-sama smile like that before."

Motoyasu clenches his fist and grabs my coat.

"Master~ Firo is hungry!"

The bird that cannot read the atmosphere asserted itself.
Motoyasu's gaze turns to her.
Motoyasu stiffens when he makes eye contact with Firo.
......What's the matter?


He takes a second look at me, and throws a haymaker punch to my face, but I catch it.

"What was that?  if you want to have a fight use your spear"
"Miss! Hurry up and run away! This guy is very dangerous"

Motoyasu shouts in the direction of Firo, trying to look like a good person.
That's the fat bird you wanted to kill not long ago.
Oh right, she's in her human form now.
Is it because she's pretty? That does seem like Motoyasu.

"Eh? Master is not dangerous right~?"
"That is your master!?"

Motoyasu's face is dyed with anger.

"You have another slave again!"
"What's with you...... do you have a problem because she's a woman?"

I talk big.

"Amazing...... This is the first time I saw such an ideal woman......"
" I did not think a girl so similar to Flonne-chan would exist in the world!"

Who is that.
...... It's a game character.
That reminds me, Firo's appearance is that of a certain pure daughter angel who is from a game in my world.
Tsl note: <- Flonne from Disgaea

"I, What a moe angel....."
"Shut up! I do not want to know your sexual preferences!"
"Different worlds are the best!"

Motoyasu's tension reaches it's climax.
The mood of his followers are the opposite.
I don't see the human being that flew into a rage a while ago.
However, I see Firo with a well-defined expression.

"Miss, What is your name?"
"Uhmm It's Firo"
"Don't just answer honestly!"

Motoyasu takes Firo's hand affectionately.

"This guy is probably working you like a coach horse. I will save you."
"Well, I don't pull the carriage like a horse."

You should just accept it. That's the kind of race she is.

"I pulled a heavy carriage everyday for more than a month!"

Annoying, I don't see this ending well.

"You bastard-----!"

Motoyasu is being noisy.
I don't have a lot of time. I want to leave already.

"Release Firo-chan!"
"This again!?"

It didn't work for Raphtalia, so it's Firo this time?
Do you want to take away my subordinates so much?
Motoyasu shouts with blood-thirst and turns his spear to me.
At that time.

"What are you doing to master!"

Firo knits her eyebrows and asks.

"Don't worry Firo-chan. I will save you!"

You're not listening!
Completely in his own world.

"Anyway, that fat bird you were looking for. That's Firo."
"Naofumi! You basatard, to say such a thing to a girl!"
"It's you. You're the one who has been calling Firo that. Even said you wanted to kill her."

This guy looks at me like I'm stupid.
Though I do call her a fat bird.

"Anyway, stop complai-"
"Firo will protect Master~!"

With a Bofun, Firo returns to her true from.

"Eh? What?"

Firo raises her foot and kicks Motoyasu in the ground while he is dumbfounded.


I was able to see it. With a perplexed expression Motoyasu flies over 10 meters while spinning.
Furthermore, the crotch protector was shattered.


Were they destroyed this time?
No, they were probably okay. There was a crotch protector.

"Now then, let's ignore the fool and move on."

Raphtalia's face is blue and is muttering awawawa.
Still his entourage is not trying to help him.
Well...... a lot of unpleasant feelings were blown away.
I must give Firo a reward.

"Alright, shall we go to the slave trader's now?"

Firo returns to her human form with a frightened expression.

"Firo is going to be sold?"
"Don't worry I'm not going to sell you, I'm going to buy you a reward."

It seems she has been faithfully following orders, and whenever we come across Motoyasu he is kicked, not to mention that blow just now.
This good behaviour must be rewarded.

"I shall buy the equipment you wanted."
"Yay! I also want food too!"
"Yeah, definitely."
"Then, I want food cooked by Master~"
"Very well. This will be special."

Firo begins skipping happily

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