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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 6 Chapter 117

When Game Knowledge Betrays You

This chapter was traslated by YORAIKUN

It was only a few hours later that we realized exactly what had happened.

A messenger riding a gravely injured dragon flew to us.

“What is happening?” (Queen)

The Queen shouts with the face of someone who has just failed a mission. We are all gathered in front of the throne.

“T-there’s big trouble! The seal holding the legendary Magical Beast, the Spirit Turtle has been broken!” (Messenger)

“Spirit…?” (Naofumi)

Spirit? As in referring to ghosts?

The Spirit Turtle… In my world, I remember it was a sort of legendary beast.

He often appeared in games as one of the 4 minor holy beasts

Does this world have some system like that as well?

The major 4 are Seiryuu, Byakkou, Genbu and Suzaku. The minor 4 are Phoenix, Spirit Turtle, Quilin, and Dragon.

Many people think they are the same, but they are slightly different.

But from the feeling I am getting from this conversation, this beast is probably Genbu.

In Mythology, The Spirit Turtle was said to carry Mt. Horai on its back.
TSL: In Chinese, Mt. Penglai

Genbu was a tortoise-like beast with a snake for a tail, and long legs.

The Chinese said that Mt. Horai was a legendary mountain in the east inhabited by immortals. Whether it is based on a real location or not is still up for debate.
TSL: I know others may translate it as Tortoise but by his mythological reference, the beast that carried Horai was definitely a turtle. It was even often described as swimming through the ocean and being mistaken as an island. So I’m pretty sure it is Spirit Turtle, while Genbu is a Tortoise. Right now, the beast may very well turn out to be Genbu, so I cannot say for sure what to translate it as.

“It can’t be…” (Queen)

The Queen’s face has turned pale.

… That means the situation is really bad. I might get dispatched.

“In my world, there was something similar so I can kinda understand, but is the seal breaking something that bad?” (Naofumi)

“Yes. Long, long ago, the beast suddenly came into existence. It’s a monster that all four summoned heroes had to work together to seal.” (Queen)

“I see…” (Naofumi)

Did the seal weaken from the wave? Or did the seal just run out naturally?

The Help menu says that when the hour glass stops, a calamity even bigger than the wave is imminent.

“And to make it so that the seal never breaks, the four heroes of the time never told anyone how they set it. We do not know how to reseal the beast.” (Queen)

“Did it break because of the wave?” (Naofumi)

“Unfortunately, that is quite likely.” (Queen)

“But that does not explain the 7 that appeared on the hourglass.” (Naofumi)

7- that number holds many ominous connotations.

I hope it just means that the situation has to do with the 7 star heroes.

If not, then…

“U-um…” (Messenger)

As he speaks, the messenger’s face turns blue.

“What? Do you have some information?” (Queen)

“T-that is…” (Messenger)

The Messenger averts his eyes from our gaze.

? What is it? He’s staring intently at my feet.

“Speak up.” (Naofumi)

“T-the truth is…” (Messenger)

The Messenger began to elaborate on the situation.

“I was told that the seal was broken by the four summoned heroes, the Sword, Spear and Bow.” (Messenger)

“Are you certain?” (Queen)

“Yes! They all visited the town it was supposedly sealed in and performed some strange ritual. After investigating the town thoroughly, they destroyed a statue in the shrine. It was only after that that the seal broke. The heroes were last seen heading for the beast.” (Messenger)

The Queen looks pale.

But based on the messenger’s words, this reaction is appropriate.

“Itsuki!” (Rishia)

Rishia tries to run off to some unforeseen destination.

“Firo, please capture Rishia.” (Naofumi)

“Yes~” (Firo)

Firo chases after Rishia and promptly captures her.

“Unhand me! I need to go save Itsuki.” (Rishia)

For her to be devoted to this extent… Itsuki sure is lucky.

“But… Why would the Heroes take such idiotic actions… Why did they even know how to undo the seal?” (Queen)

“The heroes other than me should be quite knowledgeable about this world.” (Naofumi)

They probably used the knowledge of the games they used to play to undo the seal.

Now that I think about it, Itsuki said some incomprehensible statements before.

He told Rafatalia, ‘You will come to rely on me someday,’ and he told me, ‘This is the last time you can act so conceited.’

Did the feelings of inferiority he got from those times cause his current actions?

The turtle will probably give a lot of EXP and some valuable items.

The three heroes probably headed there because they became overconfident after defeating the Level 80+ wave bosses of other countries.

Again with the Game Knowledge. They should quit it already

I bet they plan to beat the Spirit Turtle to one-up me.

Even after all of this, they only care about strengthening their own characters.

I’ll bitch about it to them later.

“About that…” (Messenger)

“They unsealed it correct? So how are they doing in regards to defeating it?” (Naofumi)

The Dragon Hourglass is still stopped. Those gamers will never pick a fight with an enemy they cannot beat.

They should soon be celebrating in a nearby village.

There’s no food tastier than food on someone else’s tab anyways.

“Well… After heading for the turtle, the heroes are currently MIA, and the Spirit Turtle has yet to be stopped.” (Messenger)

“What?!” (Naofumi)

What the Hell

There’s no way they would unseal it if there was no chance of winning.

Well, that’s just my opinion as a hero.

I have a bad premonition.

There’s a possibility that something is impeding them from fighting the Spirit Turtle.

But for a monster so powerful that it could only be sealed to be released into a populated area…

This is really, REALLY bad, isn’t it.

“Shadow, what information do you have?” (Queen)

“I followed each hero, but…” (Shadow)

Shadow appears next to the queen and whispers into her ear.

It doesn’t seem to be the shadow I know that says –gojaru

“… It seem the situation is … uncertain.” (Queen)

Two days later.

Me and my party had departed with a large squad of knights to a neighboring country to join the fray.

We will be the front line of this war.

Our job is to make sure the damage caused by the Turtle is kept to a minimum.

So far, 5 Cities, 3 Forts and 2 Castles have fallen to the beast.

The Spirit Turtle is a Gigantic monster, and it is usually surrounded by numerous subordinate monsters. These subordinate monsters are tasked with finishing off all those that flee in the Turtle’s path.

It seems to be headed towards areas with high populations.

“Will the 7 Star Heroes be participating as well?” (Naofumi)

“We have sent out a request, but currently, we are the closest to the Beast. It will take several days for the others to arrive.” (Queen)

If I leave it to the 7 Heroes, the sacrifices will be great. This has to do with my duty as a hero.

And I don’t know if those heroes are strong enough to depend on at this point.

Also… If the monster is strong enough to render the other 3 heroes missing, I myself am in quite a bit of trouble.

But it doesn’t seem that I will be able to run.

If I weigh fighting here with being considered a traitor and having the other heroes come after me again, I would rather perish in this battle.

I have to do this.

The other heroes better have not just unsealed this thing and disappeared to show the queen my lack of worth as a hero…

However, I cannot deny that I do lack such worth.

The risk is too great, so they probably won’t do that… probably.

I guess I should act as if the other 3 are dead.

Their Game knowledge… The item that allowed them to believe that they understood everything about this world. It finally betrayed them, and caused them to underestimate a terrifying enemy.

That is the only explanation I can think of for their failure.

Perhaps in their games, it was a different beast that had been sealed away.

“… No matter what happened to the other 3, I have no choice but to fight. So how powerful are our current forces?” (Naofumi)

“We have this country’s knights, our soldiers, various vagrant adventurers and some other armed forces sent from neighboring countries… But some countries have already attempted to confront the turtle and have suffered crushing defeats.” (Queen)

“They advanced without waiting for the heroes?” (Naofumi)

“There’s no way a country can refrain from fighting when a monster is destroying it right before its ruler’s eyes.” (Queen)

“… I see…” (Naofumi)

It may have been rash, but there was no choice for those people but to fight.

It’s not like I can’t understand their feelings.

“So the only hero you can count on… is me.” (Naofumi)

If I allow even one casualty, my reputation will only get worse.

If the other three heroes are the culprits of this calamity, then I, the fourth hero, must step up and act like a hero for once.

… Acting heroic isn’t like me at all.

I am up against a monster that can destroy countries overnight, and I am fighting with nothing but a shield. This may seem very reckless. But if I do nothing, nothing will result.

“I can see it.” (Queen)

The Queen calls out from the carriage Firo is carrying.

I’m speechless as I stare at the monstrosity on the horizon.

“Um… Is that Mountain over there moving, or is that my imagination.” (Naofumi)

I’m supposed to fight that?

It’s far away, so I can’t see it clearly but this is even larger than the largest dragons of the games in which you hunt monsters.
TSL: Probably referring to Monster Hunter, but I don’t know

It truly is the size of the Turtle said to move an entire country on its shell in my world.

There seemed to be the wreckage of a town on top, and the Turtle is carrying it all on it’s mountain-sized back.

“Queen, in the legend of the heroes that fought this thing, how exactly did they fight it?” (Naofumi)

“It seems they got inside of it from the city on its back, and placed a seal on its heart.” (Queen)

So that means we first have to stop that thing, and then get inside of it somehow… No, stopping it will take more forces then we can muster.

“Do you have a plan?” (Naofumi)

“There is one. The turtle seems to be headed for areas with high population. We can estimate its course, evacuate the cities and castles in the way, and set up ambushes to hold it down in those cities.” (Queen)

“That isn’t all is it?” (Naofumi)

“After that, we plan to follow the legend and send you inside to attack the heart.” (Queen)

Should I try to damage it with Iron Maiden or Blutofer?

I had just gotten over the shield’s curse… but looking at that thing, I don’t think I have a choice.

“But with that plan, the casualties will be quite great, won’t they?” (Naofumi)

If we enter the Turtle, he will probably start rampaging.

So while we proceed towards the heart, a lot of damage will be done to the forces on the outside.

“…Yes” (Queen)

“Unhand Me! I… I Won’t fight! The Shield. Send the Shield!” (Trash)

“……” (Naofumi)

Trash is sitting in the seat next to the Queen.

The Queen is currently performing an iron claw on his face to prevent him from escaping the carriage.

… This person does not look like he will be of any help.

“I understand the risk, however there is no other way we know of to rid the world of that monster.” (Queen)

Trash’s interjection completely ruined the atmosphere.

Why is this person even here?

He may be the general, but I feel the army would be better off without this idiot.

I guess he is here as the Hero of the Cane, or the former Wise King to increase troop morale.

“We’re done for… in many ways.” (Naofumi)

“Meaning?” (Queen)

“Well for one, Your husband is done for. Also, that plan will result in too many casualties.” (Naofumi)

It’s too risky and too rash.

But I can’t decide anything unless I can see just how powerful an attack from the beast is first hand.

All I know right now is how many people attacked it and lost.

“… Let me try fighting it as a test.” (Naofumi)

We’ll decide our next course of action based on whether I can withstand its attacks or not.

“Fue…” (Rishia)

“Rishia, We are going to go scout out the power of the Spirit Turtle. Depending on the situation, I am counting on you to relay the information to the queen.” (Naofumi)

“B-but I’m” (Rishia)

“I understand your concern. That costume should greatly increase your speed. You don’t have to go on the front lines, but please observe the battle and report your findings.” (Naofumi)

This doesn’t look like an opponent I can beat with just the power of a Hero.

And it also doesn’t seem to have any intention of backing down.

He’s as large as a mountain. If I encountered such an enemy in a game, I would run. However if I ran here I would only be making more enemies of the shield.

I should start off by trying to fight it.

“Understood. I will help relay the situation.” (Rishia)

“I’ll also leave magical support to you. Worst comes to worse, we’ll have to retreat and wait for the Star Heroes to arrive.” (Naofumi)

“Iwatani, your performance will affect the morale of all of the troops fighting here. Please be careful.” (Queen)

“Yes Ma’am.” (Naofumi)

We unattach Firo from the Queen’s carriage. Firo takes us all on her back.

“Firo, we’ll be fighting that giant thing.” (Naofumi)

“Yes~!” (Firo)

“Rafatalia, just fight as you always do. As the Queen said, if this doesn’t work out, we can always think of another plan.” (Naofumi)

“Understood.” (Rafatalia)

“Rishia, only think about your own safety. If worse comes to worst, retreat and report the results to the Queen.” (Naofumi)

“Y-yes.” (Rishia)

I give out orders and prepare for battle.

“Let’s go.” (Naofumi)

Firo starts running at full speed. We begin our assault on the Spirit Turtle.

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