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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 6 Chapter 150

Favorable Discrimination

This chapter was traslated by YORAIKUN

“I see…” (Naofumi)

Making a strong monster.
Quite a simple and childish desire.
This world has a game-like modification system, so I can see where she is finding her enjoyment.
But I must admit that it is quite rude to experiment on living organisms.

“For that goal, I travelled the land and studied various monsters. I have learned and assimilated various sciences and magics. But those people… They said something about going against god’s creations and creating works of evil. They tried to kill my creations, it was quite troublesome.” (Rat)
“So… to summarize, you’re learning how to strengthen monsters through alchemy. Can I think of you as a sort of monster tamer?” (Naofumi)
“Well… Close enough.” (Rat)

I expected her to deny it, but she seems to be fine with being referred to as such.
At first, I thought she was crazy, but it seems that she is just earnestly focused on a goal.
Is she the type of person that gets overly enthusiastic when it comes to research?

“Can I ask a simple question? Oh, Female knight, please listen as well.” (Naofumi)
“Me too?” (Female Knight)

Female Knight, who had drawn her sword ready to attack, looks confused.
Firo had recovered from the medicine and ran away. Rafatalia is also waiting with sword drawn.
As a matter of fact, Firo is the strongest one among us.
Because Rat was able to take her out without a problem, it’s no mystery why everyone is wary.
Because of the Shield and my poison resistance, my guard isn’t too high.
Perhaps I should be more careful next time.

“There’s one thing that has been bothering me for a while.” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Rat)
“Well… Strong Monsters… Are you able to take my already special monsters, and increase their powers even further? For example, could you fuse a Caterpilland and a Dune?” (Naofumi)
“It’s outlawed by some sections of the Church. They only allow for the pure breeding of monsters.” (Rat)
“Then, Rat, your research is…” (Naofumi)
“Yes, some may consider it illegal.” (Rat)

…In many games I’ve played, the fusion of monsters happens on a daily basis.
Are the monster users of this world just plain breeders? Instead of aiming to make strong monsters, they just try to increase their numbers for labor purposes.
…wait, by her phrasing, does that mean that you can crossbreed monsters?

“Is it possible to get an egg with the properties of multiple monsters?” (Naofumi)
“Of course it is possible. It’s like with Demi-Humans. If a Fox and Wolf Demi-Human have kids, it will be a mixed breed. Monsters within similar categories can breed to make children sharing the attributes of both monsters. My research happens to deal with…” (Rat)
“No, I don’t really care about that.” (Naofumi)

I had never thought about what happens when different races of Demi-Humans mix.
But, I have heard that it is possible for a human and a Demi-Human to have kids.
So that logic also applies to monsters?
… How the hell does the ecology of this world function?

“So basically, what you are trying to accomplish is?” (Naofumi)
“I want to research what makes monsters strong, make new types of powerful life-forms, and add to your fighting force.” (Rat)

Rat is extending her hand towards me. For some reason, Taniko’s eyes are sparkling as well.
Taniko always loved monsters. Does she approve of Rat’s research?

“Let her join.” (Taniko)
“Who decided that monsters had to be evil entities that threatened mankind? I want to correct that attitude. Certainly, we can kill monsters and increase our own powers, but then doesn’t that make monsters killing humans for power the exact same thing?” (Rat)
“Is that so?” (Naofumi)
“Murder, killing other humans, will also give you EXP, but it is not practiced because it goes against moral standards.” (Rat)

Hmm… I see.
It’s quite a black world here, isn’t it.

“Everyone in this world was made equally, so why are monsters the evil ones? That’s because they are weak.” (Rat)

Well she may be a bit eccentric, but at least she speaks with conviction.
But, there is a high possibility that she is only saying things that will further her cause.

“Look at Filo Rials, they’re way too famous. Their Queens feast on the flesh of Dragons. They’re called the holy messengers of God even though they’re monsters like all the rest. I want to make a monster that gets a public reputation as good as that. A monster that will be able to help people, and be helped by them.” (Rat)

I can’t deny it. Firo did eat a bit of dragon meat, though it was rotting.
I don’t think an average Filo Rial can get that strong… But I guess that their legends earn them quite a bit of respect.
Perhaps the legends are of monsters like Fitoria.
That one is somehow even stronger than Firo.

“It’s not like I don’t see where you’re coming from.” (Naofumi)

I’ve played plenty of games which involved rearing monsters to be strong.
All this person is doing is taking something that would be the common sense of another world, and trying to apply it to this one.
Though she may be lying.

“So you wish to study the monsters of this village to aid your research?” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Rat)
“I hate liars more than all else. If you want to do such work in this village, then to prevent lies I will have to make you one of my slaves. Will you do it even with those conditions?” (Naofumi)
“Sure. If that’s all I have to do, then I’ll happily throw away my human dignity.” (Rat)

She accepted it way too readily.
And… She worded it in quite badly.
It’s not like I make my slaves sacrifice their dignity or anything

“If that’s what I must do to advance my research, then I won’t mind.” (Rat)
“Fumu…” (Naofumi)

If I let her stay, then my monsters may be able to get stronger.
It’s not a bad prospect.
If I place a slave seal on her, then I can act quickly if problems begin to surface down the road.

“I work my monsters hard, you know. Like slaves. You’ll be treated no different.” (Naofumi)
“There are Human and Demi-Human slaves as well. I see no need to give them preferential treatment out of pity.” (Rat)

Mu… Preferential treatment is also technically discrimination.
Overseas, I believe that woman began objecting to receiving such treatment, calling it discrimination as well.
Some Japanese trains even have Women-only railcars as well. Quite a few people of all genders protest against them.
TL: Instituted quite recently- in the last 15 years- to prevent grope and molestation, they still exist during late night hours.
It might be close to that.

“I don’t like it when people protect one life-form. Filo Rials have more intelligence than other monsters, but why does that mean they have to make a law that prevents the consumption of them? And yet when a dragon appears it is immediately ordered to be slain?” (Rat)
“…” (Naofumi)
“I won’t tell you not to use monsters. In fact, I support you. I hate people only thinking of monsters as something to be destroyed. Monsters are alive as well, and they can help combat the wave. By my theory, monsters are not born of the wave. They can make for strong weapons. Just like the heroes. Whether for good or bad, I hate discrimination. Everyone in this world can be helpful to everything else in it.” (Rat)

Taniko is now glaring at Rat with inflated cheeks.
I don’t know what part of Rat’s ideology ticked her off, though.

“I understand your objective. You want to make my monsters an effective fighting force for the upcoming waves.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah! But that damn Seven Star Hero! I was almost cut down for Heresy!” (Rat)
“Well then hypothetically…” (Naofumi)

I hand a Bioplant seed to Rat.

“This seed is definitely a plant, but if modified incorrectly it will become a monster. If handled properly, however, it can make abundant food, and medicine. What does this tell you?” (Naofumi)
“What are you talking about? That has nothing to do with my research. Anyways, hand it over. I tried working with seeds before, but they quickly deteriorated when I tried to work with them.” (Rat)

Fumu… It seems this one can help in my objectives as well.
She might become trouble later on, but as long as I have the reins called the slave seal, I can control her to some extent.

“I’ll allow it. If you will become my slave, then the village will assist in your research.” (Naofumi)
“Understood. If the Hero of the Shield can only trust slaves, then this is the easiest way to gain your trust.” (Rat)

I exchange a handshake with Rat.

“I’ll count on you from now on. To gain your trust, I will become a slave. In exchange, you will permit and assist in the conducting of my research.” (Rat)
“I don’t allow deceit. As long as you acknowledge that, then I have no problems with you staying here.” (Naofumi)

And so the Alchemist Rat began to live in my village.

“Can I start with modifying that Filo Rial? I’d like to begin by adding another eye on its stomach for increased perception, and perhaps several tentacles to its back for increased movement and tactile manipulation.” (Rat)
“NO!” (Firo)

I hear Firo’s voice shouting from a distance. It seems that there are now more people in this village that she won’t get along with.

“The individual is against it, so you should give it up.” (Naofumi)
“Well that’s unfortunate.” (Rat)
“Why did you drug my Filo Rial in the first place?” (Naofumi)
“You don’t know? Filo Rials can be surprisingly vicious monsters. If I don’t immobilize it first, then I can’t examine it.” (Rat)

Is that how it is? Well I guess it is crazy to suddenly try and examine a wild animal without sedating it first. It might start attacking, or run away.

“Fortunately, your Filo Rial is in quite good shape. She has an annoyingly high amount of energy.” (Rat)

From birth, Firo has had way too much energy.
I don’t think she’s ever been sick.
Perhaps I can also leave veterinary work to her.

Anyways, this is a person I don’t really understand. Her ideologies contain multiple contradictions.
Discrimination is bad, but turning monsters into weapons is Okay. She wants to modify monsters to be stronger. Does she like monsters or hate them?
Anyways. It seems that my own research will be getting easier from now on.

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