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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 6 Chapter 152


This chapter was traslated by YORAIKUN

In the Neighboring town, a magic, medicine, and clothing shop have now been built.
They’re still working from temporary stands, but business has already started.
“Ah, Hero-sama. welcome.”(Magic Shopkeeper)
The Magic Shop’s owner greets me
The building she is working out of obviously isn’t as good as her previous shop, but I have been giving her some preferential treatment.
I have high hopes for this town even though we have just started reconstruction efforts on it.
“How are you faring?” (Naofumi)
“I’m getting by. I think I will reopen the store in the Castle Town as well.” (Magic Shopkeeper)
“So this will just be a branch location?”(Naofumi)
“Yeah. I’ll work here until that store opens and I’ll occasionally be teaching magic there…… It seems you’re doing something interesting there as well, right?” (Magic Shopkeeper)
The Magic shopkeeper seems to have noticed the sudden change in my village.
This kind of progress is certainly in itself worthy of being called magic.
“…… Hmph” (Naofumi)
I think I can probably smell the Medicine-shop.
Sometimes my gaze turns toward the village.
“We can research advanced medicine now that the Medicine-shop has begun taking care of it. I am looking forward to the results and would like to thank you for helping me since my schedule has become rather tight” (Naofumi)
“…..I see” (Medicine Shopkeeper)
“Now….. Where is the clothing shop?” (Naofumi)
“I wonder if I’ve made a mistake. I was under the impression I would be living in the Hero’s village.” (Tailor)
Fumu…. I give the various monster materials I had gathered to the Tailor.
I had told her that I would give her various interesting materials.
I think I can leave the sizing of the materials up to her.
“There has also been a lot of reconstruction happening here” (Naofumi)
Unlike my village, this one has a lot of manpower, so I see lots of progress every day.
There seems to be a plan to re-built the Feudal lord’s house.
Currently the foundations have been erected, and they plan for it to be finished in two weeks.
“Sorry for many thing” (Naofumi)
“No problem. Most of the people here had a lot of free time on their hands anyways.”(Leader)
“I see” (Naofumi)
“Instead of hating you, everyone is looking forward to your cooking. Is it really as tasty as they say? I too would like to partake in it at least once.”(Leader)
…I would occasionally come over and cook food to support their efforts, but has that become their motivation?
The shield really does prepare good food.
“Well good. Also, I won’t be cooking again until I return from peddling.” (Naofumi)
“Okay, I’ll pass on the message.”(Leader)
“yes yes” (Naofumi)
I shake his hand, and set out to start peddling in the next town.
I am accompanied by Rafatalia, Firo and two other people.
There is a need for me to increase my combat forces and I’m not sure if Rat will be able to produce results in the given time.
On the second day of Peddling
I arrived in a big town.
“Hm?” (Naofumi)
There is a commotion going on involving a squadron of Guards
I should probably ignore it, but…..
“Why are these people getting off Scot Free, while I have to be taken into custody?!” (a familiar voice)
when approaching i stop the carriage because the voice I heard sounded very familiar.
I can’t see through the crowd, so I ask someone nearby.
“What’s happening?” (Naofumi)
“It seems that the Hero of the Sword helped capture a thief, but now he is being arrested.” (Crowd Person)
…It’s a story I have heard somewhere before.
“Hm? Aren’t you the Hero of the Shield?” (Crowd Person)
So I have been noticed. Well, my carriage does stand out quite a bit, and Firo is in her monster form, so this much is to be expected.
The crowd are breaking and ringleader comes into view.
There, I see a familiar group of thieves with smiling faces, and Ren being held down by some guards.
…I kinda understand the situation.
Capturing thieves. Something similar happened to me before.
There’s no choice. I make my way through the crowd.
“Yo.” (Naofumi)
Surprising them would be dangerous, so I call out from a distance.
“It’s Naofumi isn’t it?” (Ren)
“Been a while.” (Naofumi)
Ren looks happy upon seeing me. He waves his hand at me.
But the person I was talking to was not Ren, but the leader of the thieves.
As soon as the thieves see me, they begin to look pale.
Well… they’ve already gone through this twice. This will be the third.
These people, They should really learn to live honestly, maybe become mercenaries or something.
“You people really don’t learn, do you. Did you really think that framing the person that apprehended you would really get you off so easily?” (Naofumi)
“S-shut up!” (Thief)
There’s something I would like to test.
They may be a little afraid of me, but I haves something that gives them nightmares.
Firo come up by jumping over the crowd.
The bandit’s face became paler.
“Enjoy your meal.” (Naofumi)
“Yup” (Firo)
It seems she will eat anything that is not a child.
The thieves desperately face the guards and begin to beg to them.
“We are the culprits, Please Help!” (Bandits)
They confessed… Is Firo really that scary?
Well Rat did tell me that Filo Rials are supposedly very vicious, and this happens to be a Queen.
“No, these people aren’t thieves. The Hero of the Sword is mistaken.” (Naofumi)
It seems the guards have yet to discover their hideout.
These people have a bit of skill, and they’re good at saving up money.
I think I’ll make them a source of income again.
“Naofumi! You too!?” (Ren)
“I’m not saying you’re at fault. Just be quiet for a second. I have an idea.” (Naofumi)
“We’ll talk! We’ll talk, so just keep that man’s bird away from us!” (Bandits)
“Hey, master. Firo feels that she is being hated, but did Firo do something wrong?” (Firo)
“I think that the fact that you’ll eat anything other than a child is fundamentally wrong.” (Naofumi)
“Mu…” (Firo)
I can hear the crowd whispering.
“That Holy Bird eats people?” (Crowd)
“Nah, I hear the Hero of the Shield is quite skilled at deceit.” (Crowd)
“Really? As I thought. I once saw the Holy Bird playing peacefully with children in the Castle Town.” (Crowd)
That’s good, Firo. You haven’t become a public symbol of fear.
It’s up to her whether she gets treated as a human or a monster.
“That’s how it is. Those people once tried the same stunt with me when I had a notoriously bad reputation. Please make sure to wring them dry.” (Naofumi)
“W-what?” (Guards)
The guards are taken aback.
“These people’s bounties, will you give them to me?” (Naofumi)
“Y-yes, but we haven’t caught their leader.” (Guard)
“Hey, where’s your base.” (Naofumi)
“Yes! Please bring out a map!” (Bandit)
They’re being quite cooperative.
“Firo and Rafatalia, go catch the guys hiding there.” (Naofumi)
“Yup!” (Firo)
“Understood.” (Rafatalia)
I pass the map to Rafatalia and Fiol, and they set off.
“The rest of you, keep peddling” (Naofumi)
“Yes” (anon slaves)
I walk through the crowd towards my carriage.
“The Hero of the Shield handled the situation.” (Crowd)
“Amazing. He got the bandits to confess by himself.” (Crowd)
“He must be really strong.” (Crowd)
“Yeah.” (Crowd)
For the love of…
Even if they speak the truth, I don’t really want unnecessary abilities tacked onto my reputation.
“well, hasn’t it been a long time, Ren” (Naofumi)
“ah, ah……” (Ren)
Ren slowly distances himself from me, while looking vigilant.
“wait wait, Ignoring that, I don’t have any intention to catch you. I just want to hear your story” (Naofumi)
“I see… Everyone I’ve met so far has been suspicious of me. I’ve even had random people throw stones at me.” (Ren)
Ren answer defiantly.
I think it’s fine if it’s only at that level.
In my case, I was literally treated as the devil
The cause of all that was Trash, Bitch and the Three Hero Church.
“For now, should we go to the tavern and talk?” (Naofumi)
I take Ren to the tavern. I notice some people from the crowd follow us there, but I don’t really care.
I sat at the bar counter, and order a drink.
Along with my drink, I am also given a real Lucor fruit.
The boss of the tavern looks at me with eyes full of expectation.
There’s no choice. I eat the fruit whole.
“The Real one!” (Boss)
“Unbelievable” (some guys)
My identity has been confirmed by all.
It’s quite a strange identification test.
“It seems you’ve been through a lot.” (Naofumi)
I talk to Ren without any ulterior motives.
It seems that he’s been alone and being chased without knowing the exact reason why.
When I was alone, before I met Rafatalia and Firo, the only thing I could think of was revenge.
“Yeah… the guild said they were no longer accepting Heroes, I wasn’t able to slay monsters freely anymore, and I couldn’t claim bounties. Then, to top it all off, this had to happen!” (Ren)
Self-proclaimed cool Ren began to angerly complain.
But it’s not like I don’t see where he’s coming from.
“So I began selling monster drops and began to live day by day… It got really annoying. Everyone I meet seems to turn on me. Why do I even have to defend this crappy world?” (Ren)
“That’s just how humans are. When I was called the Devil of the Shield, I was treated the same way. No, I was treated worse than you, you know.” (Naofumi)
“I-I see…” (Ren)
“First, let me ask. Were you involved in Spirit Turtle incident?” (Naofumi)
Now that I think about it, his party members are nowhere to be seen.
Did they run away on him?
Well, I think they’ll do just fine without him though. If he’s been cut off, he can’t really complain.
“No… that’s…” (Ren)
Ren suddenly begins stumbling over his words.
“So you’re going to avoid the topic?”(Naofumi)
“No, it’s not…”(Ren)
As usually this guy.
His insociability is getting on my nerves.
I have some grudges against this person, but he has done me enough favors to balance it out.
“I am still thankful for that time during the failed attempt to kill Melty. I’ll listen to what you have to say, just as you did for me. I always make sure to return a favor.” (Naofumi)
“………..” (Ren)
“Ren If you don’t say it, your position will become worse. You’ll become the next Demon of the Shield.” (Naofumi)
“…. I understand. I’ll tell you my story.” (Ren)
Ren sighs, and begins to speak.

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