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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 6 Chapter 167

Peerless Transformation

This chapter was traslated by HATOKEN

“Oh! A child with this talent is found only once every 100 years”(Battle Instructor)


So I went to meet the Battle Instructor. I placed my hands in front of my face and looked down because of what I saw
TL: naofumi is doing a facepalm

My head hurts

Why is this old hag rubbing Rishia’s body?

What an extravagant equipment she’s wearing
TL: the sentence refers to the “musuko” or son but it doesn’t make any sense so I just referred to the old hag… correct me if im wrong

The old hag is wearing a Chinese-style dougi, So she is the Battle Instructor of the Peerless Transformation Style huh?
TL:  Dougi is a martial arts uniform and Peerless Transformation Style if you translate it. But it is read as “Hengen Musou Ryuu” but whichever you prefer

“Oh my, Saint-sama it’s been a long time” (Battle Instructor)

“I’ve heard about you, but you are the Battle Instructor right?”(Naofumi)

“Yes Indeed” (Battle Instructor)

I shouldn’t have asked, but I didn’t want to admit it

I mean I somehow understood it

But inside my head I instinctively refuse to believe it

I think I’ve heard a similar voice back in Cal Mira Island, I also remember ignoring that voice

“Saint-sama saved many lives, so I rushed over to help save the world”(Battle Instructor)

“Ah…..alright, I understand,  but why are you keeping Rishia in this place?”(Naofumi)

“Don’t you understand Saint-sama? Extraordinary talent is sleeping within this person.  Her great qualities are suitable to be the next successor” (Battle Instructor)

“Fueeeeeee?! Naofumi-san please help me”(Rishia)

Recently, Her favorite word seems to have been running out in a full throttle

Was it really that unpleasant?

If I remember correctly, Rishia’s been focusing on training and is now around Lvl. 65

Her status isn’t very high

Also her general status is inferior to Kiel who’s only Lvl. 55

Her highest is only half as much

And if you compare it to Raphtalia…..It’s too terrible to look at

However, the level up speed is rather high

Still In this world the slave training level up speed is different from each individual

To think that Rishia is some sort of a genius

“I’m curious what Lvl. you are being the Battle Instructor, If I’m not mistaken I remember them saying that your age is the same as your level”(Naofumi)

“Oh that… Brings back old memories…  It’s Lvl. 100 with further training I was able to push it through its limits”(Battle Instructor)

100!  The limit in this world is Lvl. 100?

“Is that so, The Lvl. limit is 100”(Naofumi)

“I thought it was, but the limit of the Hakuko kind that is one of your slaves Iwatani-dono is 120. It is said that they are the strongest kind”(Female Knight)

“According to the legend the Hakuko kind is believed to exceed the normal class up”( Female Knight)
TL: I think she was referring to second Class up or not but whatever

Female knight compliments Rishia

To have someone who is knowledgeable sure is convenient

I don’t know anything about this world, and the slaves can’t provide any useful information either

Only various knights and nobles can.

“What about the Four Saint Heroes?”(Naofumi)

“There seems to be no limit”(Female Knight)

I see……  So the Heroes can exceed the Lvl. 100 limit, and the Hakuko kind is up to 120

However, there seems to be a method to break through the class up limit according to the legends, but that method is still unknown up to this day.

“That reminds me, where is Raphtalia?”(Naofumi)

“She’s over there”(Rishia)

Raphtalia is sitting down , she looks completely exhausted

What’s the matter? I can pretty much guess what happened

“Are you alright?”(Naofumi)

“Yes…… That old woman groped my entire body without my permission,   she said that it was some form of tradition”(Rahptalia)

“It’s because you seemed strong”(Naofumi)

In Lvl. she is above Raphtalia

But I don’t know in status

“Earlier when I tried to move, nothing is happening it was as if my movement has been suppressed. No matter how much strength I use I still can’t move”(Raphtalia)

“That’s amazing”(Naofumi)

Was that a joint lock technique of some sort?

It’s a shame that I don’t know something like that

Back in my own world this will be a typical otaku thing , since grappling anime is the one that is watched the most
TL: Baki the grappler  reference

Well, to hold down Raphtalia just like that the one who cut the head of the Spirit Turtle together with Firo, She must be a considerably strong person

“I understand what Saint-sama is thinking, It is true that magic and status is the key to winning the battle. However, the true strength can only be measured by experience”(Battle Instructor)


If a person cannot handle his strength properly then you might say that it is useless in battle

I of all people knows it very well

Even high Lvl. ones can be a bunch of weak people in a party

True strength cannot be based with status

“So, What weapon are you using ?”(Naofumi)

Before I used a hoe to fight
TL: not a person but an object

But it dismisses whenever I set it as a weapon

“There is no specific weapon with Hengen Musou Style”(Battle Instructor)


“Hengen Musou Style is an all-around combat art which utilizes a wide variety of weapons to fight different kinds of enemies”(Battle Instructor)

Then even a hoe is considered weapon too

It is a technique that does not specifically choose a weapon

“How about testing Saint-sama’s strength with mine?”(Battle instructor)

“Well my body is still recovering because of the curse”(Naofumi)

“Then will Saint-sama escape when a sudden occurrence were to happen because he is not ready?”(Battle Instructor)

“No…. Well you could say that I have reliable companions to fight with although the only thing that I could do is to defend”(Naofumi)

“Well then as a handicap I’ll only use a wooden stick to hit you.  A single blow should be okay right?  Saint-sama try to endure the attack.”(Battle Instructor)

The Old hag broke a branch of the bioplant and took a stance against me

It was almost a personal thing

I consider my abilities to be weak, of all the people that I’ve encountered Motoyasu is the strongest so far.

Well, when Motoyasu and I fought he was in offense and I am on defense which will obviously only lead to a stalemate

He was a knight who pursues, except he was just a thief who robs the masses

I’ll use the Soul-eater shield this time because it has the highest defense

The spirit-turtle series is not that strong yet because the materials for enhancing is not enough

“Well then, I’ll start”(Battle Instructor)

The Old hag jumped in front of me in an instant

However, this speed is something that I can deal with

I was able to react and put the shield where the wooden stick is coming from

With this I can lower the Old hag’s attack power

“As expected of Saint-sama, You got accustomed to my movements in an instant, but how about this?”(Battle Instructor)

In spite of being just a stick a shock ran through the shield


The shock transferred to my hand and then my body

Now it’s reaching my abdomen


It’s a strike to the stomach which made me lose my strength

What now?

“One technique of the Hengen Musou Style is used beat people with high defense such as yourself Saint-sama”(Battle Instructor)

My consciousness fading away but I endured it and started chanting recovery magic

“Tzuvaito Heal!”(Naofumi)

This power ……  is the kind of skill that can carry damage in proportion to the defense of the object that it is to be touched by the stick
TL: so it was like a defense cancellation technique.. just assuming things here

It’s the kind of power that will be really fatal for me

To think that Eagle Piercing Shot could possibly exist somewhere

“However, a reversal technique also exist”(Battle Instructor)

“There is?”(Naofumi)

“Ofcouse, and by all mean I would like you to master those techniques”(Battle Instructor)

“…..  understood”(Naofumi)

I understand that it is a powerful technique

She is an excellent Battle Instructor and she’s not an enemy that I can possibly defeat

There’s no reason for me to refuse and it’ll be troublesome not to cooperate

Rather it’ll be a great asset if it was taught to the slaves

“So what should I do?”(Naofumi)

“Since Saint-sama already has fighting experience I only need to explain the theory behind it.  All you have to do is asses your opponent internal spirit and inject your own magic power to cause a disturbance and make your opponent’s magic power run wild”


The image of a marble inside a vase that’s shaking floats in my head

That kind of logic is not probably wrong

If you shake the vase very violently sooner or later it’ll break because the inside is hollow

To receive such an attack will definitely break me from the inside

“to reverse the technique you just have to redirect the power outside of your body before it begins to get out of control”(Battle Instructor)

“I see”(Naofumi)

In other words I just need to let it go outside before the power begins to act violently.

If you compare it to ceramics it already has a hole so do I just have to push it forward?

Such things only happen in manga… Things became like such a fantasy

…… I can even summon a barrier from the shield

“I understand the theory but it seems really hard to do “(Naofumi)

Even though I have an idea on how it works I still don’t know how to do it

This Old hag really is amazing

“I understand, I now appoint you as the Battle Instructor of this village”(Naofumi)

“Thank you very much …  then I’ll be in charge with this child and this girl who seems to be your right hand Saint-sama”(Battle Instructor)



“Naofumi-san!” (Rishia)

Rishia and Raphtalia are protesting

“Do you not like it? But this person is really strong”(Naofumi)

“You’re right”(Raphtalia)

“Do you want to be stronger? Then endure it, training by yourself will just get you nowhere”(Naofumi)

It’s an opportunity to learn something

Because you are already close to reaching Lvl. 100, learning martial arts will make you even stronger

Rapthalia and Rishia both wants to become stronger

And I don’t have a reason to hate that

“Starting today things are about to get tough”(Battle Instructor)




Rishia is now Lvl. 75 after coming to that place… but originally she is just Lvl. 65

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