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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 6 Chapter 179

A Mass of Klesha 

TL: Google it
This chapter was traslated by YORAIKUN

“It should be somewhere around here.” (Naofumi)

I climb the mountain, only to find that the ecosystem here is just as messed up as ever.
The soil is polluted, and it feels like the flow of magic here is abnormal.

I never thought that I’d have to return here someday.
Taniko stares back at the village with angry eyes. What exactly is she mad about?
Last time, Firo was able to send all of the monsters we encountered flying, but this time is different.

We wasted time fighting the battles.
Though having Sadina, Rat, Taniko and Melty here sped things up.

“I lead the flow of the power of the land, and give it the power of incarnation. Earth Pulse, become my power.「Dark Firebolt」!” (Taniko)

Taniko’s magic summons black flames that burn the monsters.
The incantation seems to be fundamentally different from the magic I know of.

“Her magic seems to concentrate the surrounding energy and release it.” (Melty)
“It really is a strange magic.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah… I’ve only learned the basics, but this is a magic that borrows powers from the surroundings.” (Taniko)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
“Father could use much more powerful magic.” (Taniko)

Taniko continues casting her strange spells. I wonder what sort of mage her father was.
Rat looks at the magic and cocks her head.

“That magic is…” (Rat)
“You know it?” (Naofumi)
“It doesn’t seem to be a power of human or demi-human origin.” (Rat)

But Taniko is a demi-human, right?
She has dog-ish ears and everything.
I never asked her exactly what race she was, because I wasn’t interested, though.

“Could she have received special protection from something?” (Rat)
TL: as in Divine protection, divine gifts.
“By the way, what sort of magic can you use?” (Naofumi)
“Recovery Magic.” (Rat)
“Ah, I see. I’ll leave support to you.” (Naofumi)
“That’s what I planned on doing anyways.” (Rat)

Sadina eliminates the remaining monsters in silence.

“It’s not widely known, but it isn’t an extinct form of magic. Perhaps I should teach her some advanced spells.” (Sadina)

Sadina spins her harpoon and begins to cast magic on the monsters that begin appearing in great numbers. She pulls out a canteen of water and holds it out.

“I, Sadina, Draw out the power of Water to do my bidding. Dragon Pulse, eliminate my enemies. 「Saint Aquabolt」!” (Sadina)

Using a similar chant as Taniko, Sadina unleashes a shining mass of water.
Everyone there is taken aback.

“By the way, I can also use the main varieties of magic as well.” (Sadina)
“I who has understood the origin of power command you. Once again be read and come forth. Pierce all with spheres of water, 「Faust Aquashot」!” (Sadina)

She takes out another monster with a magic I am familiar with.
It seems Sadina is needlessly skillful.
It’s not like she was hiding anything, I just don’t know too much about her in general.

“Understand? Magic that takes from one’s surroundings has power proportional to the surrounding environment. Make sure to prepare things to aid you beforehand.” (Sadina)

Sadina hands the canteen to Taniko.

“This flask contains holy water, so it works well on the monsters of this land. But if you use it to much, the effectiveness drops so be careful.” (Sadina)
“G-got it.” (Taniko)
“If you’re really in a tight situation, you can try borrowing power from the sky. It’s hard to control, though.” (Sadina)
“Amazing, you can use the same magic as father.” (Taniko)
“Only a little. I usually use magic that changes the flow of energy in my own body.” (Sadina)
“What sort of magic is that?” (Naofumi)

That sounds convenient, of course it’s not like I’ll be able to learn it.

“Humans and Demi-Humans need special blessings to learn it, so it’s rare. Perhaps Naofumi-chan will be able to use it.” (Sadina)
“What do you mean?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, but with Firo-chan here, that might be difficult.” (Sadina)

I can’t learn it if I’m with Firo?
I’m getting more and more curious as to what sort of magic it is.

“… Are you possibly referring to that?” (Rat)

Rat seems to have figured something out. She addresses Sadina.

“One of the extinct magics. Currently only known and passed down by high class monsters, Dragon Pulse Order?” (Rat)
“Correct. I was once taught it a long time ago.” (Sadina)
“T-that’s kinda amazing.” (Melty)

Melty seems to have never heard of it before.

“Ah, Melty-chan might have the aptitude for Choral Magic.” (Sadina)
“Eh!?” (Melty)

Choral Magic? What’s that?
Is it similar to ritual magic?
In the magic books I’ve read, was that magic there? I think I’ve heard about it before, but I can’t remember where.

“Impossible, Impossible, not happening.” (Melty)
“It’s fine. Melty-chan. Even your hair color signifies that you have the talent. Trust me.” (Sadina)

Melty is frantically denying it.
Ah, I think Choral Magic was that thing Bitch was doing. Casting several magics at once.

“Anyways, you have the Talent, Melty-chan. Work hard.” (Sadina)
“Uuu….” (Melty)

Even so, Melty’s level isn’t that high. I don’t think you should expect that much from her.

“I’ll teach you when you’re ready. Shall I lecture on magic as we head there?” (Sadina)

This has somehow begun to feel like a Picnic. You know, Firo’s life is on the line here…
Anyways, we talk as we climb up the mountain. We arrive at the area that the Dragon Zombie had previously lain. It’s been 3 hours since we set out.
There isn’t a single blade of grass growing in the area.
Even now, this land is heavily polluted…

“Where could Gaelion be?” (Naofumi)
“… I think that way.” (Taniko)

Taniko points further up the mountain.
As if answering her statement, black fog begins rising from that area.

“My, my… That seems quite ominous.” (Rat)
“But we have to go.” (Taniko)

Taniko begins to lead the party.

“You know the way?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah… This way.” (Taniko)

Taniko seems familiar with the area as she leads the party.

“I see, so that’s it.” (Sadina)
“What? What happened?” (Naofumi)

Sadina seems to have figured something out. If you don’t explain it, I won’t get it.

“Naofumi-chan, are you the type of person that digs up people’s pasts? Shall I tell you this Onee-san’s past?” (Sadina)
“Don’t care!” (Naofumi)

She seems to be dodging the subject.
Past? Did Taniko live here before?
Was she part of a reclusive village of Demi-humans that lived with the dragon… This area’s population died out from plague. Perhaps she had tried to escape it and gotten sold off.
And the magic was passed down through that village.
Was it something like that?

“There!” (Taniko)

Two hours later, Taniko suddenly jumps and begins pointing. Of course, we had to fight a lot of monsters on the way. Firo’s remaining time is running out, yet we were wasting time on the way here.
Gaelion is lying down in front of a cave.
Is he asleep? He’s not moving at all.

We remain hidden as we approach him.
If we can get close enough, I can seal him with Shield Prison. After that, we can prepare magics and release them the moment the prison vanishes to weaken him. And then Rat can use her drug.
After that, I’ll just need to get Gaelion to spit up the core.
But that’s just the best case scenario.

Shield Prison’s range is 5 meters. We are 20 meters from Gaelion.
I analyze him. His level is 55. He’s stolen more than 20 levels from Firo.

“GYAOOO!” (Gaelion)

Gaelion suddenly opens his eyes and rushes into the cave.

“Damn!” (Naofumi)

A failure.
But now we can trap him in the cave.
We carefully peer into the cave.
Gaelion seems to be scampering around the cave, frantically looking for something.

“What is he doing?” (Naofumi)
“I think he is looking for his treasure… The villagers took it already.” (Taniko)
“Dragons have a habit of collecting things. I think the soul in the core Gaelion ate had some lingering affections for his treasure.” (Rat)

I see, so Dragons are that sort of lifeform.

“…” (Taniko)

Taniko quietly murmurs something.
But I have no time to hear her out.

“Okay, let’s go.” (Naofumi)
“Gaelion!” (Taniko)

And we approach the target.

“GYAOOOOOOO!” (Gaelion)

Gaelion shouts out.
The Shield pulses in response to the yell.
W-what is this!?
When Gaelion shouted out earlier, nothing like this happened.

“This seems to be dangerous. We should create a bit more distance.” (Rat)
“Gaelion! Come here! Please!” (Taniko)

But the shield continues to pulsate.
A visible black aura emanates from it and begins enveloping Gaelion.
And Gaelion even begins sucking up the pollution from the surrounding land.
Gaelion’s body gradually increases in size.

“I’m getting a very bad feeling, but Rat, do you know anything?” (NAofumi)
“How should I know? Isn’t it your shield’s fault?” (Rat)
“Probably… I think I absorbed some things like Firo did.” (Naofumi)
“Hey, Naofumi. Why do you look a little happy?” (Melty)
“Ha?” (Naofumi)

Well, this did give off a bit of a ‘Boss Battle’ vibe.
… But I’m getting a very ominous feeling. Something must be wrong with me.

“Naofumi, You got power from the Zombie Dragon’s core, right?” (Melty)
“Yeah, the shield I used to defeat the Spirit Turtle, the Wrath Shield used the core’s power.” (Naofumi)
“Didn’t that shield appear whenever you got mad at Sister and Father?” (Melty)
“Sister? Ah… Why was I angry at her again?” (Naofumi)
“THAAAAT’S IT!” (Melty and Sadina)

Melty and Sadina point their finger at me and shout out.

“Naofumi, that thing sucked up your hatred for Sister, among other things!” (Melty)
“W-what!?” (Naofumi)

Damn. I can’t remember anything.
I get the feeling that it’s something I’m better off forgetting. The world around me seems off.
Now that I think about it… Sadina is quite a beauty as well.
Why didn’t I notice it before?

“Naofumi, your eyes are creepy. Go back to your normal self.” (Melty)
“Even if you tell me that~” (Naofumi)

Rafatalia. When I think of her, my heart beats faster.
Firo is in trouble. Even when shes a bird, she’s quite cute. In her human form, I might fall for her like Motoyasu.
Melty looks like a standard Tsundere, which is quite nice as well.
Atlas is also a blind cute girl. I can imagine her growing up to be a beauty. Fohl’s Sis-con is understandable.
Fufufu. If this was an Eroge, it would be NTR.

… This is realy bad! I don’t know what’s bad, though.
What’s this about NTR? Useless!

Is the me without Hate, Resentment, and Killing intent just a mass of Klesha?
I must retrieve my negativity fast, or things will get dangerous.
In numerous ways.

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