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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 6 Chapter 180

Good Luck

This chapter was traslated by YORAIKUN

I check the Wrath Shield.

… You have not cleared the conditions to unlock this shield.

I can’t check its status!
And Gaelion’s status is so corrupted that I can’t make any sense of it.

“For now, the only thing we can do is defeat him!” (Naofumi)
“Defeating it is… correct, right?” (Taniko)

Gaelion was able to slip past us and get out of the cave.
His size is now greater than 20 meters, He looks like an authentic dragon.
His eyes are shrouded in darkness. I can’t read his expression.
I can’t find any part of this being similar to the Gaelion we know.

TL: Note, this sound is written in alphanumerics
“Ah… Yes. I’m fine. How have you been?” (Taniko)

Everyone snaps their heads towards Taniko… She’s also at a loss for words. She’s one of the lower level slaves, who has yet to Class-Up.
Gaelion takes in a large amount of air.
He’s, going to unleash a Breath Attack.

「Meteor Shield!」 (Naofumi)

I deploy Meteor Shield, and prepare for the impact. The others get behind me.

“I’m going to borrow the holy water for a second.” (Sadina)

Sadina takes her holy water back from Taniko and begins to chant.

“I, Sadina, Draw out the power of Water to do my bidding. Dragon Pulse, Protect My Body. 「Saint Aqua Shield」!” (Sadina)

Sadina’s magic envelops the party.
I wonder what’s its effect.

“Naofumi-chan, I made preparations in case his flames are able to inflict curses.” (Sadina)
“Thanks.” (Naofumi)

As long as I can withstand his blasts, we can stand a chance. It’s not like it’s as strong as the Spirit Turtle.
A Pitch Black Flame comes from Gaelion’s mouth, and flies towards us.
It immediately dissolves the Meteor Shield on impact.
W-what!? That shield was able to withstand being trampled by the Spirit Turtle, yet it was destroyed in an instant!
The Flame continues to fly right at me. I deploy E Float Shield as well, and block it.
My body feels like it’s melting as my shield takes on the attack.
Just considering output, the attack rivals the Spirit Turtle’s lightning!

“Saint Aqua Shield was dispelled… What a powerful breath and curse.” (Sadina)

I quickly cast recovery magic and stare at Gaelion.
This is… without a doubt the flames of the Dark Curse Burning S.
Perhaps what I was doing was merely an imitation of Gaelion’s power… This is a monster with the power of the Wrath Shield.
It even sucked up Firo’s level and status, making it a tougher opponent than the Spirit Turtle.
Retreating is always an option.
But if I run here, then I can’t consider myself a Hero.
Hm? Did I just think something stupid? Something feels off.

“Rat, if we weaken it, can you get the core from its stomach?” (Naofumi)
“… By getting eaten?” (Rat)
“Possibly, but it might be quicker to cut its stomach open.” (Naofumi)
“After we’re done, we’ll heal it, right?” (Rat)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)

Hopefully that’s enough to solve the situation. Taniko is desperately calling out to the Dragon, but it seems to have no effect. If this were an Anime… There would always be a slight effect.

“Then this Onee-san has to work hard.” (Sadina)

Sadina spins her harpoon as she steps forwards.

“Can you do it?” (Naofumi)
“I’ll try.” (Sadina)

Sadina points the harpoon at the sky and begins chanting.

“I who has understood the origin of power command you. Once again be read and come forth. Rain down Spears of Lightning, 「Dreifach Thunderbolt」!” (Sadina)

Upon Sadina’s chant, the clouds in the sky begin to grow dark, and lightning flashes between them. The clouds gather around Sadina’s outstretched Harpoon.
Dreifach… It’s a level above Zveit. For the Level 35 Sadina to be able to cast that is quite a feat. Could she possibly be very strong?
Her previous level had capped at 40, but I wonder what level her strength was on.

“It’s a bit dangerous, so step back.” (Sadina)

Sadina leans forward, and begins rushing towards Gaelion.
She’s fast. Though slower than Rafatalia, she’s running at a speed unbefitting of her level.

「Thunder Impaler!」 (Sadina)

With a loud sound, Sadina kicks off the ground, and throws her harpoon at Gaelion’s abdomen. The Moment the Harpoon leaves her hands, lightning comes out of it, blinding the dragon and preventing it from dodging.
And immediately following, the harpoon pierces Gaelion’s chest…
Or is should have.
A sound like the one that occurs when something hits my shield rings out, and the harpoon sticks in Gaelion’s skin for a moment, before being shot back in the direction it came from.

“Ara… It seems Onee-san’s signature move didn’t work.” (Sadina)

Sadina lands, and catches the harpoon while stepping backwards. She then rejoins us.

“… So we’re in a lot of trouble unless Rafatalia gets back.” (Naofumi)

The Blinded Gaelion puts its hands over its eyes and lets out a moan.
We can see if other magics work… But the outcome doesn’t look good.
But we can’t just sit back and do nothing here. Our time is limited.

“Count, can’t you do anything?” (Rat)
“Even if you say that…” (Naofumi)

It’s sucked away my offensive abilities…
Hm? Sucking away abilities?
It at least seems to have the powers of the Wrath Shield.
What will happen if I try to strengthen that shield?

“I’m going to try to strengthen the shield that seems to be his source of power.” (Naofumi)
“ARE YOU AN IDIOT!?” (Rat and Melty)

Rat and Melty call out.

“Wait, Wait. Listen to what I’m saying. Strengthening occasionally fails. What do you think would happen if I purposely made it fail?” (Naofumi)
“Is that how it works?” (Melty)
“Yeah, I think that Dragon is getting defensive abilities from my shield, blocking all attacks… Perhaps I can destroy his defenses.” (Naofumi)
“Got it.” (Rat)

Gaelion lets go of his eyes, and begins searching for us.
It’s only a matter of time until we’re found.

“Let’s retreat for now, and fight it again later.” (Naofumi)
“It will definitely stay within its territory.” (Rat)
“Probably.” (Naofumi)

I activate the Portal Shield…
… It’s not letting me select a destination.
Eh? Could it be that the abnormal flow of magic in the area is blocking the skill!?

“I can’t teleport. We’ll have to make a run for it.” (Naofumi)
“I don’t think it’ll let us.” (Sadina)

Sadina points upwards.
Gaelion is floating directly above us. We’ve already been found.
If we wanted to run away here, we would need Firo. Without her, it’s impossible.


He swoops down, and tries to slash at us with his massive claws.
I step forward and take the attack.
A great pain runs through my body.
It’s not as severe as with the Breath, but it’s still quite painful.
I had quickly deployed the meteor shield, but it’s only a matter of time before he breaks through.
The claws are followed up by his tail, and then his fangs.
All of them send great pain.

“Count! 「Zveit Heal!」「Faust Guard!」” (Rat)

Rat casts Support Magic. That saved me. I didn’t have the flexibility to cast it on my own.

“Then, Melty-chan. Try casting Choral Magic.” (Sadina)
“Eh… But…” (Melty)
“You too. Help Melty-chan. Your Unique Magic should be more effective that the Standard Magic Systems here.” (Sadina)

Sadina also issues orders to Taniko.

“Y-yeah.” (Taniko)
“I’ll take the front. Melty-chan, work on tuning and synthesis, you need to focus on support. Let’s go.” (Sadina)

I see Sadina and the others preparing their magics, and open up the Wrath Shield Strengthening window.
I have more than enough materials.

Wrath Shield +7 → +8. Do you want to carry out this reinforcement?

I select 「Yes」.

Warning, if this reinforcement fails, the reinforcement will fall to 0-
I ignore the message, and select 「Yes」again.

You have successfully Reinforced your Wrath Shield to +8.

Damn! Why did it have to succeed here!?
I timidly look up at Gaelion.
Yeah, his scales begin to shine for a moment. In an MMO, when you enhance a weapon, it usually glows for an instant like that.
Why must I be so unlucky.

“U-um, Count? He… Seems to be getting stronger.” (Rat)
“Ah, the strengthening succeeded.” (Naofumi)
TL: Tehe
“Are you an idiot!?” (Rat)
“Yeah, I’m sorry.” (Naofumi)
“You’re acting like it’s a trivial matter. Count, there’s definitely something wrong with you.” (Rat)
“I’m well aware. If we don’t beat Gaelion soon, I don’t know what will happen to me.” (Naofumi)

I immediately prepare to strengthen again.
I once again select 「Yes」.

You have successfully Reinforced your Wrath Shield to +9.

Gaelion’s attacks begin to succeed in piercing my defense.
The pain is getting too great for me to handle.
Blood starts erupting from parts of my body.

“Count!?” (Rat)

Is this shield… trying to kill me!?
If the next one succeeds, we’re screwed!
We’ll get devoured.

I button mash 「Yes」.

Do you want to carry out-

You have successfully Reinforced your-

Gaelion’s tail attack is coming right at us.
Yeah, Gaelion shines for a moment. If this hits me, will I start seeing stars?
Gaelion’s mouth is wide open. At this rate, we’ll get eaten.
I continue the button mashing!

You have Failed in Reinforcing your Wrath Shield to +11!

A breaking sound occurs and the Wrath Shield Reinforcement fails.
Gaelion’s scales darken, and his attacks get visibly weaker.
As he was positioned to eat me, he picks me up in his teeth and tries to bite down on me, to no avail.

“Get off!” (Naofumi)

I grab his fangs and wrench them open with all my strength. I fall to the ground.
Good, this finally seems like a battle we can fight.

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