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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 7 Chapter 197


 This chapter was traslated by HLENTAI 

"If you won't do it then I will--" (Naofumi)
"No, I shall do it. Though I hold no grudge" (Atla)

Atla went forward saying that. Hou, I must raise my evaluation of Atla.

"Enough of that!" (Female Knight)
"You're in the way! Move! Shield Prison!" (Naofumi)

Because Female Knight was being annoying, this should silence her.

"Hmph!" (Female Knight)

Female Knight easily destroyed the Prison with a bakin- and got out. Oi. To destroy the prison in one blow when Ren needed a few seconds, just what kind of specs is Peerless Transformation style hiding.

"If Iwatani-dono has that intention, I also have my own thoughts" (Female Knight)

Female Knight drew her sword and took a stance toward me.

"...Having me as your opponent, I'm guessing you do know the significance of that?" (Naofumi)
"Yes, Iwatani-dono, can I have you obediently withdraw your weapon? I also want to avoid having you as an opponent if possible" (Female Knight)
"You have the prospect of winning?" (Naofumi)
"I wouldn't do this if not. Moreover I have no path of retreat" (Female Knight)

Honestly, this fellow doesn't know her own place. I've seen Female Knight's strength from the fights up until now. From what I saw, her status and fighting ability greatly fall short of both Raphtalia and Rishia. Yet still wanting to fight me, even foolishness should have limits.

"I've said this before. If the Hero of the Sword is captured, I said I'd personally educate him" (Female Knight)
"Like I'd know" (Naofumi)
"...That's fine. I'll have you be my opponent seriously" (Female Knight)
"Fuee!? Naofumi-san. Please put down your weapon here!" (Rishia)

Rishia says toward me while being oro oro-flustered.

"Even you are going to speak nonsense" (Naofumi)
"This person received the secret sword arts of the Peerless Transformation style in just a few days you know!? She is a very tough opponent for the Naofumi-san who's hung on with self-study!" (Rishia)
"Like I'd know!" (Naofumi)

I thrust Rishia away and confront Female Knight. Hmm, no matter what attacks this fellow tries, if we get within skill range or Atla reaches Ren, it'll be checkmate.

"Well then, I will accept this one versus two" (Female Knight)

Female Knight thrust her thin sword in front of me. The weapon did not appear to be that good. She'll stand in my way even then huh. Chivalry is a troublesome thing. I thought chivalry in reality was something filled with pride and ego.

"Go, Atla!" (Naofumi)
"Yes!" (Atla)

Though she could not see, Atla nimbly ran towards Female Knight with a sutatata-. I followed after her.

"Here I go! Please go to sleep for a while" (Atla)
" expected of the Hakuko, so agile. However, Peerless Transformation sword technique...Four Cross!" (Female Knight)
"Kya!?" (Atla)

Female Knight parried Atla's certain kill thrust attack and slashed. It looks like two crosses engraved on top of each other, a magic sword technique. There appears to be a combined X and + attached to Atla.

"Let me say instead. For the time being, please sleep. Be at ease, the wound inflicted is not that strong" (Female Knight)
"Such...Naofumi-sama, I'm terribly sorry..." (Atla)

Atla was blown away, not moving as if she'd lost consciousness. It's probably fine to see this as having an additional effect. In the first place, there was too much difference between Atla and Female Knight's foundations, level, and experience.

"That's the so-called Peerless Transformation style's spirit?" (Naofumi)
"Yes, I'll have her sleep for a bit" (Female Knight)

She readied the tip of her sword. Female Knight stood in my way. think there'd be a hindrance here.

"Next is Iwatani-dono" (Female Knight)
"You, think you can deal damage to me?" (Naofumi)
"Of course I think so, rather there is a perfect technique for Iwatani-dono" (Female Knight)

The technique the Old Lady used on me I guess. However, countermeasures for that technique have already been completed.

"If you can then try!" (Naofumi)
"Then here I go! It'll hurt a bit, but I must have Iwatani-dono hear what I say" (Female Knight)

Female Knight headed towards my chest. Fast! But, not faster than I can prepare defences. I parried Female Knight's first attack and took distance.

"As expected. It requires considerable capability to avoid this thrust" (Female Knight)
"So you say" (Naofumi)
"Then I'll have the next go" (Female Knight)

With her hand in front of her sword, Female Knight runs towards me preparing to lunge.

"Peerless Transformation sword technique! Multilayer Crumble Attack!" (Female Knight)
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Female Knight's attack appeared to have the tip of her lunging sword multiply numerous times. It seems as hard to avoid as expected. Let's block it. The thrusts were repeled away one by one--. Gu....

"With the basics, I am aiming for various places that have a high chance of effectiveness. It's not good to forget" (Female Knight)

That fellow came and used internal attacks on my spirit flow whenever I blocked. You...thanks to the training with Atla it's not like I don't have a counter technique, but I can't defend against so many attacks. Isn't she stronger than expected.

Moreover, if I purposely give an opening to avoid the attack, I will likely be stabbed. Female Knight's barrage will end eventually. It was a good attack. And sharp.

I certainly thought she was capable but for it to reach this extent. As I thought, with just light sparring with Atla, it's too difficult in an actual fight? I'll be quickly caught up to even if I'm able to get past.

Alright, though there isn't much time left, I'll switch to the Wrath Shield. With Dark Curse Burning S's power, I'll create flames at the points of attack. If my desire for vengeance burns stronger, the power should increase. Yes, immediately after deciding so, Female Knight opened her mouth.

"To begin with. Just how much resentment does Iwatani-dono hold towards the Hero of the Sword?" (Female Knight)
"Resentment? Thaat's, any amount will come out!" (Naofumi)

First is when he did not cover for me when Witch deceived me. He only watched as Raphtalia was about to be taken away right? I was suddenly hit with an instant kill skill from behind. Starting with Motoyasu, Ren also said "annoying" while using the transfer skill to escape. After that, after that....

...Huh? Less than I thought.

Yeah. That's right. Thinking carefully, I don't have much resentment towards Ren. Exactly what is this?

He tried to help when I was suspected of trying to assassinate Melty. There was something wrong with that proposition so I did not negotiate, escaped, and only promptly attacked. Though it was Ren's mistake in Gaelion's case, I stuck my head in when actually, I had little relation to it. When Witch was spreading salt on my wounds with deceptive rumours too...he was just a spectator so the involvement is small. Rather, a complaint was raised when there was unfairness in my duel.

I just paid him back for using the certain kill skill from my back too...I enjoyed his miserable state to my heart's content. From Witch's sweet whispers, falling for her temptation is the crime. After was a situation where he'd be killed to spit out Witch's whereabouts. Thinking about that, there was no need to go as far as killing I guess?

That is to say, I have a preconception of resentment towards the heroes?

I see, I've also been corroded by the Wrath Shield. It is annoying but, I must reconsider a bit. Like Ren's weird speech and conduct, I've also been affected by my anger huh. Thinking about it, Raphtalia has not been nearby like up until now, so I've been absorbing anger like the time with the Wrath Dragon. Gaelion is suppressing it for the time being, but our time spent together is too short compared to Raphtalia and Firo.

Perpetrator of the Spirit Turtle said but, in reality the Spirit Turtle still would've revived someday. Whether or not diplomacy could do anything, with this guy's reasoning it seemed impossible. The authority of the heroes too, the world leaders seeing that the Spirit Turtle's brainwashing did not affect them is fine. Melromark is a good example.

After all heroes have the aspect of being pieces in religious and international diplomacy. Running away or dying poorly could trigger war, is what the Queen and the leaders of other countries have said. That's why I was able to survive in Melromark.

If running away is no longer an option...this is also a means.

"Won't you reconsider? If possible I want to have Iwatani-dono's name in history as an upstanding hero. For Raphtalia's sake as well" (Female Knight)

She hits where it hurts. However, this woman, she did nothing when I was suffering right. ...Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing her until the Queen arrived. Was she an imperial guard or something?

Well, thinking back on it, my grudge's basis is on Trash, Witch, and Motoyasu. Even that Motoyasu fell into sorrow, to the point that I don't wish to meet if possible, since it disturbed my mind. Only Trash and Witch own grudge with Ren is not to the point of killing.

"This concerns a prediction of the conclusion of this world. At the time of the waves, there is a theory that the killing of heroes will promote the end. For that reason, do not kill him so easily" (Female Knight)

Gaelion also said something similar. I don't know what is being promoted, but the question I've had since the start about what the waves are still remains.

Frankly, the incident with the Spirit Turtle was just the heroes' self-destructing as they pleased. If asked, I do not hold a grudge against Ren because of the Spirit Turtle incident. Well I heard the scope of damage was considerable, but whoever dies does not particularly concern me.

I can't say it out loud, but honestly I dislike the bunch from this world. Of course there are exceptions, but it's impossible for me to come to like those who badmouthed me as a devil and what not. Because of that, when a just cause is found, "kill kill", and a clamour is made. Like that, my hate for this world's lot won't change.

The inhabitants of this world are to judge the three heroes regarding the Spirit Turtle, not should I put it, it's that. There is war in a foreign country, several hundred casualties occur, or skin off my nose or rather, somebody else's problem or something. Of course, I am involved since I fought the Spirit Turtle, but not to the extent of being angry for them.

Rather, the matter with the Spirit Turtle could be said to have improved my standing in many ways. I have no intention to give gratitude, but I do not hold much of a grudge towards Ren himself. Ren's pretending not to see too, that applies to this world's bunch as a whole. Towards Ren who came this far full of holes with a boko boko-, the sour feeling from the preemptive attack are settling down.

But, the sentiment can't be forgiven.

Left practically naked after being treated like a criminal for a nonexistent crime, called weak, small fry, disgusting, Trash, my feelings as I was thrown alone into a strange other world, no one could understand.
No, I won't stand being understood.

There is no way this fellow could comprehend a rage able to make food lose flavor.

This woman is proudly enumerating these just arguments, yet she did nothing when I was truly in trouble. Coming after all that and acting like a good person...just who are you trying to be. You have no right to preach. I won't stand it.

It's the same with the Queen. When I was truly troubled, the one who put all else aside and became my ally, was only Raphtalia alone. What is this hypocrite who was not there at that time prattling on about.

But, Raphtalia who scolded my laughing at the misfortune of the other heroes, what would she think if she knew I had a hand in killing a hero? I wonder...I have a very bad feeling.

Or rather, saying "kill kill" repeatedly has made it hard to retreat. Thinking calmly, rather than hurting my reputation by untactfully killing a hero, making use of the situation would be better. Of course, because I may be punished if I overlook a criminal, for now capturing him would be the best course of action. Even if he's executed, my legitimacy will be damaged if the proper legal process is not used.

Alright, now to let Female Knight save face and while pretending to give up during discussions, I'll get advantageous bargaining chips to--


I shifted my attention to the voice just as Ren was getting up.

"I...won't lose. I, to acquire the strength, to be the strongest, will take everything, take, this!" (Ren)

Ren's sword...the ominous one-handed sword transformed into a large, dusky great sword.

"Wha, what!?" (Naofumi)

Not only that, a black aura has been strongly gushing out for some time now.

"Fuee!?" (Rishia)
"Wh, What's this!?" (Taniko)

With a ba-, Gaelion grabbed my shoulder and whispered near my ear.

"This is bad. I sense a power stronger than even before. I dare say I cannot offer opposition" (Gaelion)
"Shit! It came to such a situation because we were doing something like chatting leisurely!" (Naofumi)

Should retreat be considered?

"Rishia! Taniko! Wake Atla up!" (Naofumi)
"...Iwatani-dono" (Female Knight)
"What!?" (Naofumi)
"I will take responsibility for this. In exchange, if I bring down the Hero of the Sword alone, could you entrust the dealings with the Hero of the Sword to me?" (Female Knight)
"You still say that even after causing this situation!?" (Naofumi)
"Yes, I must not stray from my own path you see. But if it is still too much to stop, people can be gathered to kill the hero. If it becomes like that, the Queen can make a decision" (Female Knight)
"Do you think you can win against that?" (Naofumi)
"I don't know! However, I do not have any swords so simply bent after deciding once!" (Female Knight)

It's fine if we directly bring Ren down while Female Knight is getting taken out. If comrades are taken out, even Raphtalia should compromise. It is not blind slaughter. Female Knight should know he's stubborn. I think Raphtalia understands too.

Besides, the plan was to settle by discussion anyways, it's all good. If it's genuinely dangerous, it'll probably be fine to sell a favor and owe a debt. Time to wait for a chance.

"...I guess so" (Naofumi)
"Is it fine to take that as affirmation?" (Female Knight)
"Aa, if you can bring Ren down alone that is" (Naofumi)
"You've promised" (Female Knight)
"I keep promises. Both good and bad. I'll lend a hand if it gets dangerous" (Naofumi)
"I understand. That's fine" (Female Knight)

While there was deception, I hate wasting promises. Well, I think I'll deceive you as many times as needed about making the promise though. Now then, let's watch Female Knight's fight.

"Try not to die" (Naofumi)
"Ha? A, aa-...n!? Iwatani-dono, can't possibly...!" (Female Knight)
"I don't know" (Naofumi)

Female Knight's face became incredibly amazed. You may think you've just been had, but it has only been deception since the middle. Hm, with this there'll probably be a misunderstanding if you use your head. Though nothing was actually used.

"Honestly! Then, let us name ourselves, Hero of the Sword. My name is Eclaire=Siaette! To reform your spoiled natured as ordered by the Queen, I shall wield my sword!" (Female Knight)

She had that kind of name huh. I don't understand why she did not put on airs and give her name. You'll just be called by a weird name if you don't name yourself. I wonder if Raphtalia knows? I suppose she thinks I've already heard from Raphtalia.

Oh well.
In any case, the battle between Female Knight and the curse corroded Ren is beginning.

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