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A Slime Reincarnation Tale: Prologue 1

Prologue 1

This chapter was traslated by TechnoLazer

Finally did it

Nowadays for a fresh graduate it’s a good thing to be able to enter a company, and I continue to work for five years like a company slave of a certain black company, but unfortunately I died on a certain day as my thirty approaching.
That day, due to the alarm clock, that was unfortunately broken, I rushed over as I was overslept, and the floor that was wet from the rain. I ran with all of my might because I 120 percent knew I’d get an endlessly, sarcastic sermon from my superior if I was late, after all I didn’t have any achievement and only have this skillful mouth .
One more minute was left for the ticket examination and the train arrival. It’s a good thing the platform was close, but unfortunately even after the ticket examination finished, I still needed to walk for a while to get into the train that I accustomed to. It would be a hair-breadth before I got late, no matter what I would not missed the late fixation time if I rode it.
An announcement resounded said that the train had arrived.

I got down the stairs as skipping a step each. Just why did I have to descended from the platform, furthermore it was a hassle to climbed it. There is no use complained that I’d be easily on time if this thing didn't exist.
The sound of the departure resounded. At that time I still on the stairs’ last step, please pardon me of last minute rush, okay? I wouldn’t be late if you do that!
It’s impossible to advance straight from the stairs because considerable amount of people were getting off from the train. I ran and somewhat managed to avoid the crowd, and the train entered my vision. Fortunately, there was still a little time before the ring that announce the closing of door resounded. That little times would separated the light and shade for me.
(Just in time! )
Having thought of that, I ran and somehow I could see something good at my side as I side glanced it. Afterwards, I would understood that this was the true meaning of separated light and shade.
Slipped on the wet floor several steps away from my left above there a schoolgirl with black hair that could be seen anywhere. That was splendidly done just like in the manga. If this was a manga, she’d fell on her butt.
Wait, I could see clearly her panty from below here. Blue polka dot.
That girl probably didn’t understand what had happened to herself, and she fell. Somehow, that spectacle was in slow motion so I could see the details.
Following that, I came to intuitively knew it. If this kept up the girl would tumbled down the stairs and strongly hit her body to death. I never could do a foresight up until now, neither indication for it. If I have such power, I wouldn’t always received red marks on English.
But, this time I came in the belief as my thought defined that scene.
What should I do, such thought didn’t occurred.
Before I could thought of anything my body moved. I advanced ahead as commotion roused on behind me, I rode the train to be on time, I am the worst, but it’d be a good excuse if the train was stopped because of an accident.
There was no time to think.
I dashed forward and moved a step to the left. With that one step the girl will naturally crashed into my body just like a blown clothes as it fell.
The result was obvious. I was only able to moved that one step as I couldn’t braced myself in that spot, I rolled and tumbled down the stairs together with the girls as is.
My vision go round and around in high speed when the slow motion ended. I didn’t understand what’s what.
But even if I was in so state I somehow managed hugged the girl desperately tried to protected her head and body.
Gong, my view stopped when I heard that dull sound. It seemed I’ve fell to the bottom.
When I opened my eyes, I could see the girl in my chest not seems to be injured. She seemed to be stunned as she looked around. Her appearance indicated that she didn’t understand what had happened.
Anyway, it’s good she was safe. What’s important was the body or so they said.
However maybe because of the strong impact, my body wouldn’t even twitched. Well, that was naturally because the girl stay on top of me.
I tried to told her to get up but my mouth couldn’t moved that well. The only thing that came out was a groan without any meaning.
(Are? Somehow my view is...)
Gradually I realized. Something was wrong.
The girl’s gaze and mine met, then raised a penetrating scream. Even so I was the one who saved your life, so I couldn’t bear that reaction was as if you encountered a pervert.
As I thought of that, a sound came from the back of my head.
I could only moved my eyes to see it because my body couldn’t be moved. Curiously there was a red puddle. I haven’t seen such strange puddle before.
People started to gathered around. I wanted to get up quickly to prevent any big commotion, but i couldn’t moved just like before. It was completely out of my control.
Then the station staff arrived and said something in my ear. Am I okay? You should understand that as you see me. I am completely okay. My mind was clear although my head was hit...
I hit my head? From that height?
That's right, I finally remembered that a strong impact hit my head. With such hit on the head, the result was simple.
That is, having fell from that height coupled with my and this girl’s weight, what happened could be easily understood.
(Oh, this's my blood.)
The red puddle was something that came out from my head. Apparently, there was a considerable bleeding on the back of my head.
(I wonder if this is mortal?)
The mind that early was clear gradually grew dimmer, it seemed I was not mistaken. I never thought I’d be in this shape. Moreover, I never imagined that I’d die to help someone else.
What that mysterious even as sober thought.
It just that, it’s annoying to die as is. It’d seemed I die because I unwillingly got involved. I protected this girl with my own will. I didn’t regretted it even if that was just a momentary judgement.
I didn’t get the feeling I was dying as I thought that, but even if it was like that my last feeling wouldn’t be a regret. To be able to have a satisfactory dead was the greatest joy.
Although I thought to slept as is, the stunned girl on my chest still looked at me. If I died as is, this child would surely felt that she was the cause of my dead.
My death was the result of my choice, so it was not this girl’s responsibility. Actually, I also had the choice to go to work and left this girl to death.
If I chose to go my company, it’d just like I was their slave. A completely difficult choice.
That’s why I decided to squeezed out the last ounce of my strength.
My voice came out from the power that desperately squeezed out. It seemed I’d be barely able to speak. I squeezed out the last of my strength and moved my mouth.
[A-are… … you, hurt?]
My words were smattered just like a foreigner. Although I worried she wouldn’t be able to heard me because my words were just like a whisper, the girl noticed that I was talking about something and bring her ear closer to my mouth. It’d be okay like this.
Having seen this, the surroundings became quiet. They were good people.
If possible, I wanted to talked about the girl’s reaction from before which hurt my consciousness.
So as it wouldn’t ended abruptly, I must spoke everything at once.
But what to say? It’s difficult to find the right words that’d be able to erased her guilt.
At the end because I was puzzled, I decided to just  to say that thought.
[Blue... polka... dot]
It might be inappropriate as the last words. But, that no matter because I’d be dead anyway.
[Com... pletely… seen.]
For a moment, the polka girl didn’t understand what I’ve said, but she finally realized and let out a dumbfounded look.
Although I’d be changed from someone who died for her into a pervert, I'm not afraid. It was a cheap thing if the girl wouldn’t be hurt because of this.
… … well, it’d be the worst if it was transmitted to my parent after this. Something like, her panty seen by the died man. Too much hate.
Well it couldn’t be helped , and it may be irreversible.
My consciousness could be kept no longer. The moment my consciousness flown, it immediately wrapped in the darkness and disappeared.

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