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A Slime reincarnation Tale: Prologue 2

New Game

This chapter was traslated by TechnoLazer

I opened my eyes and saw the sky. A fine weather without any cloud.
I thought because I just woke up, my head didn’t worked well as desperately tried to moved it.
(What time is it now?)
I shouldn’t have overslept because I didn’t heard the alarm. No, is alarm clock is broken right?.
(Are, it broken, I overslept then...)
My consciousness suddenly returned. That’s right, I should’ve died. I fell from the stairs and hit my head.
(Wait, if I am conscious then does it means I didn’t died?)
If so, then that’d be too embarrassing because of my last words. My last words were not something cool, but rather, they were shameful words.

Well, I don’t care as long as I lived. It’s not like I want to die one more time. I didn’t wanted to die at all, I wanted to live. There were a mountain of things I wantend to do .
I wonder what should I say to work. Something like absence because of sickness. I barely OK because my head was hit that caused a substantial injury, or so I believed.
I noticed that even thinking about that is funny now. The blue sky without any cloud was reflected on my view. That’s why the place I'm now is seem to be outdoor.
As I was bleeding, I should’ve lost my consciousness after I fell from the stairs. Normally I’d be carried by an ambulance and brought to the hospital. I never heard of an innovative hospital room where ones could see the sky. Furthermore, the forecast said it will raining for a while. So, the clear sky was strange.
I understand I was asleep for a long time so where is this place? No matter how many days has passed, the wounded should be put to sleep outdoor.
When I looked around I couldn’t see nothing. There are no buildings. There are nothing’s here other than the trees and the grass. I didn’t even felt another’s presence.
(In addition, my body is somehow heavy. It's difficult to move, and I can’t feel my legs)
So I sat up and looked at my body to see there was not leg. It’s natural to not felt it because they didn’t even existed. What a simple conclusion.
[I see, I see. There’s not legs. Ahahahahaha… ...haAh!?]
Wait a moment. There’s no legs? Only my head was hit when I fell from the stairs. So why my legs disappeared.
Was it cut because of the necrosis? I are hit to the head so that couldn’t have happened!
I didn’t understand it. In my confusion I heard the sound of a water fall. When I turned around, there was lake-like things. I postponed my question about why it was there. Anyway, I must make sure about my body.
Don’t know why, I somehow managed to moved my body even without my legs and reached the lakeside. But the body it was difficult to move.
Anyway, just for look into the lake to confirmed my current situation I became speechless. I couldn’t help but becoming like that.
If you ask the reason, what reflected there was.
[Wh-What’s with, THIS!]
My body it was something of like a jiggle sphere that shook like a jelly.

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  1. I think re:translation is also doing this web novel. They got 12-18 already.

  2. Yeah, but they started from the chapter 13 of the 2 prologue and the first 12 chapters there are only summaries