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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 7 Chapter 231


This chapter was traslated by YORAIKUN

Sparks fly as Kiel’s claws brush lightly against my shield.
Though she can’t overcome my Defense, it doesn’t feel good to intercept the momentum from a full-body attack.

All of the attacking slave’s attacks seem to be centered on me.
I’ve narrowly managed to block everything without taking damage, but I wonder how much longer I can keep this up.
As I receive attacks, I feel the curse afflicting them dealing additional damage to me.

It feels like my internal organs are twisting around each other. I feel dizzy.
Damn. At this rate, my body isn’t going to hold up.

“All is in the name of Justice. Niichan must be defeated!” (Kiel)
“Kiel… you better remember this later. Even if you were brainwashed, that doesn’t mean I’m lessening your punishment for this at all.” (Naofumi)

… This justice crap is getting annoying!
Aren’t they getting something wrong here?
I’m no saint. I’m no philanthropist.
Of course I would use all of you people.

I mean, aren’t I always saying it?
‘Get back to work,’ and such.

No, the normal Kiel should be well aware of that.
I should think of the person in front of me as a separate entity controlling Kiel’s body.
What should I do? Should I use Wrath and turn everything to ash?

“You’re wrong! Naofumi-san is… definitely not evil!” (Rishia)

Rishia cautions Kiel with a strong tone of voice.
I didn’t know she could speak with such a tone.

“Naofumi-chan, should this Onee-san do something radical to gain control of the situation?” (Sadina)
“What do you plan on doing?” (Naofumi)

Ah, by the way, Sadina is level 75. Her stats are also quite high.
Honestly, if you don’t count Raphtalia and Firo, her stats are some of the highest I’ve seen. They’re higher than Kiel’s.
Her weak points are Speed and Attack Range.
But, when in the water, these weaknesses disappear.

“Just… a little.” (Sadina)
“… I asked what you were going to do.” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see. The result of this plan will probably make you forgive Kiel and the others.” (Sadina)
“Oi! You couldn’t be…” (Naofumi)

I who has understood the source of power command. Let the truth once again manifest itself. Oh lightning, shoot down all that stand before me! All Dreifach Chain Lightning!

From the tip of Sadina’s harpoon, several streams of lightning bright enough to cause permanent eye damage shoot out towards the brainwashed children.


Kiel and the others fall to the ground.
The lightning continues for a while. I smell the scent of burnt hair.

“Sadina, you…” (Naofumi)
“It’s alright. I controlled the output. If I was serious, it would look even more amazing.” (Sadina)

I see.
TL: Naofumi uses sarcastic slang here

“Is everyone alive?” (Naofumi)
“We’re fine, but some people are beginning to spout words similar to Kiel-kun.” (Rishia)

Ah, so they awakened to the wonderful world of Justice.
Is this some sort of religious cult?
… The situation is quite unfavorable.

“Brother of the Shield, prepare yourself!” (Slave)
TL: This is not Kiel

So there were still some hiding around.
More of the missing children begin pouring into the village.
Dammit… They’re putting my subordinates to good use.

They’re definitely cutting their losses here.
Even if Itsuki was consumed by his curse, I doubt he would have enough power to beat me and my subordinates head on in battle.

But, the people standing before me are those I personally raised and gave stat growth increases to.
These children are already leagues above the average knights and adventurers.
And for many of them, like Raphtalia, this is their homeland.

Normally, this would be a group that even entire countries would hesitate to challenge.
I have to congratulate him for the brilliance of his idea, but it’s quite inhumane.

He probably lured out the weakest of slaves, brainwashed them, sent them back, and had them bring their friends. In the end, everyone would happily try to kill me.
He probably spent a long time planning this.
Ah… This really is hitting below the belt.

Among the seven sins, I wonder which one would grant such an ability.

“Is this all of the slaves that went missing?” (Naofumi)
“No… I think it’s less than half.” (Rishia)

As I thought.
Honestly, if he suddenly gained such an amazing fighting force, he would start off by spreading it out.

“That carriage is…” (Naofumi)

The slaves were carried off towards it, but the battle’s been going on for a while, and I’ve seen no activity from it. Is Itsuki there?
Did he miss his chance to make a dramatic entrance?
I wonder. Something seems fundamentally wrong here. I have a bad feeling about this.

“How long do you think Kiel’s group will be knocked out for?” (Naofumi)
“You shouldn’t expect too much. Kiel-chan’s become quite strong.” (Sadina)
“Then we’d better investigate that carriage while we can. We may find the source.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-san…” (Rishia)
“What is it, Rishia?” (Naofumi)
“…” (Rishia)

Is she going to ask me to spare Itsuki?
Female Knight did something like that as well.
Well it depends on the situation. If I find a way to free Itsuki of his curse, I may be able to use him later.
And from his ability to cause such chaos, I think the boy will be quite useful.
At least in battle.
I wait for Rishia’s question, but it doesn’t come.

“If you’ve got nothing to say, then we’re heading out.” (Naofumi)
“… Okay.” (Rishia)

I guess she’s dealing with many conflicted emotions. I wonder what she’ll do when she meets Itsuki.
Anyways, I hope it doesn’t come to her betraying me.
That would really be a pain. I’ll have to use the slave seal to stop her then.
I open Rishia’s slave management screen just in case.

“Oi, whoever’s hiding in the carriage! Just get out already.” (Naofumi)

I should out as I approach it.
… Is there really no one there?
That can’t be. From Kiel and the others’ movements, there’s got to be something here.

“Oi!” (Naofumi)

This isn’t getting anywhere.

“Sadina, go cast your magic on that carriage.” (Naofumi)
“Are you sure?” (Sadina)
“I gave enough warning. Use your full power on this one.” (Naofumi)
“I guess there’s no helping it.” (Sadina)

Sadina approves my proposal to attack the carriage.

I who has understood the source of power command. Let the truth once again manifest itself. Rain down thunder on my enemies! Dreifach Thunderbolt!

Thunder sounds out as a bolt of electricity strikes the carriage.
And a human figure quickly scrambles out just in the knick of time.

“What!?” (Naofumi)

I-it’s not Itsuki…

The figure held a cane in his hands and wore a long robe. On his head was a needlessly pointy hat. It was the stereotypical clothing of a mage you would find in a child’s story book.
The robe had intricate embroidery stretched over the trim, and the cane gave off an expensive feeling.
I can tell from a glance that the hat was also made of good materials.

But the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that the man was not Itsuki.
He was clearly a mage of some sort. I have the feeling that I’ve seen him somewhere before, but I can’t remember where.
And… he pulls out a dagger glowing with a strange light from the chest area of the robe.

“You bastard… Devil of the Shield! Treating your own subordinates and ours in such an inhumane manner.” (Mage)

Who was this guy again?
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him… somewhere.

He seems to know me, but… is he the guy Ren mentioned as being Witch’s companion?
That means that there’s a possibility I may have met him before.
I have some familiarity, but… It’s just not coming to me.

“Could it be…” (Rishia)

Rishia’s face becomes increasingly pale.
What? Do you know him?

As I thought about it, I remembered.

I’m pretty sure this guy was the mage in Itsuki’s party.
The time I spent with that party was short, but I think this guy may have been there.
I do feel a little guilty, but you can’t expect me to remember every little stupid detail.

The reason Ren didn’t remember clearly was because he went off and did Solo Play on Cal Mira. He probably only saw him for a few minutes.
I shouldn’t be criticizing him for it though. Besides Armor, I don’t remember any of them.
I mean, they all said pretty much the same things.
To put it bluntly, I don’t remember anyone from Itsuki’s party.

But… This is quite a miscalculation.
The contagious nature of the brainwashing was one thing, but Itsuki isn’t even here.
And the wound Imya’s uncle received was not by bow.
Kiel seemed to refer to more than one person when she spoke as well.

Did I think it was Itsuki due to the continued utterance of the word ‘Justice’?
No, there’s still a possibility he’s involved in this.

Okay, I’ll capture this guy and make him spill everything.

“Welst-san! Why are you in a place like this!?” (Rishia)

He had a name like that? First I’m hearing of it.
It’s not like I care or anything.

Among the other heroes’ companions, there are very few that I even remember.
And wasn’t Itsuki abandoned by his companions?
I assumed as such when I saw him acting independently, but I guess I should have investigated further.
Ren’s died, and Motoyasu’s ran away.

I see. So Itsuki’s companions survived.
Then, why was Itsuki mentally broken and fighting in Zeltburg?

“Why? That’s what I should be saying. Rishia, to think you would be conspiring with the Devil of the Shield… What could you be thinking?”

Nonono, the ones who drove Rishia out were you people.
You were there–you saw everything.
You can’t just conveniently forget that at this point in time.

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