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The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 7 Chapter 237

Spirit Turtle Armor

This chapter was traslated by YORAIKUN

I’m reaching my limit here.
I don’t plan on letting these people live. My stress has reached its peak.

“Understood! But… They’re Itsuki’s former comrades, right? Will you be alright?” (Ren)
“They’re no one’s comrades right now. They’re the scum of this country… no, of this world. We need to deal with them as soon as possible. There’s no merit in leaving the Three Hero Church alive either.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Ren)

With Ren’s reply, the other members run forward.
I get off Firo and begin walking towards Armor.
I left Firo to deal with the others. If I let anyone else fight this one, then the shield I’ve been waiting so long for would get damaged.

“Die!” (Armor)

Sure of his victory, Armor swings down the Spirit Turtle Sword at me with all his might.
It seems that the remnants of the Three Hero Church are continuously casting support magic on him as well.
They don’t have any time to discuss the matter. They’re unorganized ‘til the end.
However… I use one hand to catch the blade just before it reaches me.
Sparks fly everywhere as the metal collides.

“Gunu!? He stopped it unarmed!? What is this farce!?” (Armor)

Armor’s expression is colored with surprise.
I apply pressure to my hand as Armor puts all of his weight into withdrawing the blade. Did he think that someone who never received any growth corrections would be able to defeat a fully-strengthened Hero?
I’ve never seen his stats, but the only thing I can compare him to is the Rishia of the past.
The support magic doesn’t seem to be helping much.

“Nuo! Unhand me, Demon King! Don’t grace me with your foul presence, you fiend!” (Armor)
TL: This is more of a literal translation. If you didn’t get it, he’s saying he doesn’t want to be near him.

Even though he was the one who rushed at me.
Since when were counterattacks off limits? Are you a child?
Should I feed you a poison mushroom?
… I don’t think that I’m bullying him, but I’m getting a strange feeling.

“How absurd! The Hero of the Sword is only at that level… I guess the true Demon Lord can’t be dealt with with such half-hearted measures…” (Armor)
“Shut up.” (Naofumi)

I use the principle of leverage to steal his sword.
Without taking any damage, I managed to take my opponent’s weapon. I think I’ve seen this scene in a game before…
I didn’t think I would be able to do such a thing in real life, but it was surprisingly easy.
Though, it’s probably due to the defense I’m getting from the Shield.

This sword was quite valuable, right? I bet I could sell it for quite a bit.
Though I could also let Raphtalia or the other slaves use it.
But first, I better let Ren copy it.

“Ren!” (Naofumi)

Before the system rejects it, I throw the sword at Ren.
And Ren catches it by reflex.

“Wow… This is quite a sword.” (Ren)

I’m not sure if the Weapon Copy is working, but it looks like he’s reading its stats.
As a result… The sword suddenly became worn out beyond recognition.

“Ah! The Sword I was going to put to good use!” (Naofumi)
TL: Literally recycle
“Um… Sorry.” (Ren)

I had completely forgotten about his curse!
I have to move on. It’s not like losing it hurt me.
It wasn’t mine to begin with.

“Wha… The Holy Sword Rusted… You Monsters!” (Armor)

Yes, it is quite a spectacle when you’re seeing it for the first time.
Just as surprising as when I first witnessed the brainwashing dagger.

No, for now, I have to think of how to get the Shield away from him.
The shield the Old Man made is special.
I can’t let Ren touch it.

“Ren, no matter what, you can’t touch the Shield he’s holding.” (Naofumi)
“G-got it. So please don’t glare at me with such bloodlust.” (Ren)

Ren changes his sword to the Spirit Turtle Sword.

“Now then, I’ll have you return that shield.” (Naofumi)

As I step forwards, it seems evident that Armor lost all of the momentum he had before. He draws back, as if to retreat.
Did he lose his confidence from having his prided weapon destroyed?

“You seem to be the ringleader here. I’ll have you spill everything. It may be a bit messy, but I’ll have you pay the tab for picking a fight with me as well.” (Naofumi)

Without a moment’s delay, I grab Armor’s collar and drag him towards me.
Armor immediately puts the shield in front to protect himself, but it’s too late.
This guy’s been pissing me off for a while. I’ll take the opportunity to inflict a bit of torture.
His Justice is a nuisance.

“There’s no choice. Mald, I won’t forget your sacrifice!” (Three Hero Church Member)
“What!? Are you betraying me!?” (Armor)

One of the Three Hero Church followers takes out a bomb-like item and throws it towards us.

“There!” (Rishia)

Rishia throws her dagger at the projectile, causing it to explode in midair.
And the explosion encompassed the thrower as well.

“GYAAAAAA!?” (Three Hero Church)

Did he plan to take everyone out, enemy and ally?
There should be a limit to idiocy!
TL: And then came the internet
As soon as he was at a disadvantage, he cut off all his comrades. As expected of the people Witch sided with.

Now then, how do I take this shield…

“Atlas!” (Naofumi)
“Yes, coming!” (Atlas)

“What about Firo?” (Firo)
“You’re overkill. Go play with the slaves.” (Naofumi)
“Got it!” (Firo)
“Can you to render them unconscious?” (Naofumi)
“I’ll try.” (Firo)

Now then, as per my order, Atlas comes running over.
I push Armor in her direction and issue orders.

“Keep pricking his vital points until he can’t feel anything anymore.”
TL: The phrase used here is これでもか, which means, ‘And still more!?’ This pretty much means do it so that onlookers will say, you’re still going to hit him after that 10000 hit combo!?
“Yes, as Naofumi-sama commands.” (Atlas)
“Guru… Uge… Sto…” (Armor)

Atlas circles the man while thrusting at him. He desperately lifts the shield to defend, but Atlas is too fast.
Every time she hits, his facial expression changes. It’s quite interesting.
And after a while, he drops the Shield, and I lift it up.
As soon as I touch it, a light goes off, and Weapon Copy begins to activate.

You have activated Weapon Copy.

You have unlocked the conditions to use Spirit Turtle Armor.

Spirit Turtle Shell 0/70 C 
TL: Yes, it says Shell, not Shield
Ability Bonus

Equipment Bonus
「S Float Shield」,「Reflect Shield」
Special Bonus:
Gravity Field, C Soul Recovery, C Magic Snatch, C Gravity Shot, Tenacity Enhancement, Magic Defense (Large), Lightning Resistance, SP Drain Block, Growing Power
Weapon Proficiency 0

Amazing…  It has all of the best bonuses from the other Spirit Turtle Shields.
Excluding Wrath, its base stats are the highest of any Shield in my possession.
I wonder what sort of effect Growing Power has.
Can this Shield Evolve like Wrath?

S Float Shield is probably an extension of E Float Shield and a Semi-Passive Skill.
It’ll probably let me extend beyond ‘Second Shield.’

What could Reflect Shield do?
From its name, I expect it to reflect received damage to some extent, but I guess that makes it useless against small fries.

I’ll have fun unlocking more powers by awakening it.
But, I don’t think it can get much better than this.

This is the best part. I probably already have many of the needed materials in order to strengthen this shield.
It’s made of the same materials as the other Spirit Turtle Shields I have, so I’ll assume that’s the case.
It’s unfortunate that I don’t have the free time to strengthen it right away.

“Let’s go!” (Atlas)
“”Pii!”” (Filo Rial)

Matching Atlas’s timing, a Filo Rial chick joins and kicks Armor.

“Guhaaaa!” (Armor)

Armor twirls in the air as he flies several meters.
You reap what you sow.
Remember kids, stealing is bad.

This man’s thought process sure is strange.
Could it be that? He thought he could win against a stronger opponent through resourcefulness and skills?
Their group is unorganized through and through.

If he won, he would claim that it was because I was foolish.
And saying those lines would make his side seem like the righteous one.
Throughout history, most tacticians can be seen as cowards if you change your perspective.

… I don’t mean to criticize; I’m a fan of Manga and Light Novels, so I get it.
From the enemy’s side, I’m most definitely a heinous villain.

“Now then, have you finally understood the difference in power, self-proclaimed ‘New Hero?’” (Naofumi)
“Gu…” (Armor)

Looking around, it seems that all but the brainwashed slaves have been pretty much taken care of.
Seeing the annoying Three Hero Church that put me through such agony in such a state puts my heart at ease.

“Take them all in. Everyone who resists gets a death sentence.” (Naofumi)
“You sound just like a villain, Naofumi…” (Ren)

Ren retorts. How annoying.
I won’t say I’m not one.
I glare at Ren, and he shifts his gaze back to the enemy.

“Running also warrants death.” (Ren)

Says Ren in a yakuza-esque voice, pointing his newly copied weapon at the Three Hero Church remnants and threatening them.

“G-god… Please deliver us from the Demon Lord’s curse…” (Sister)

A sister of the church pleads.
Aren’t the people before you supposed to be fake heroes who go against God?
Begging for one’s life now is unsightly.

“I don’t think I’m wrong, and I don’t believe you’re right. Even without the brainwashing.” (Ren)
“That’s just because you’ve been brainwashed!” (Sister)
“… This isn’t getting anywhere. You people only believe whatever’s convenient at the time. Because I’ve been wrong many times, I’ll say this. You people are wrong! If you want to make amends, now is the time. I’ll plead for everyone here to keep their heads. Surrender.” (Ren)

How soft. I doubt these people have any hope of rehabilitation.
… Looking at it from Ren’s perspective, he made many mistakes, and Female Knight was the one who preached to him and woke him up. He probably wants to do the same for another, but he’s picking the wrong group.
Just as I thought. Ren’s words fall on deaf ears, and the Sister pulls a dagger from the inside of her robe.

“Submit to our Justice, you fake!” (Sister)

She stabbed at him.
But that was a meaningless action.
Firo is already behind her.

“Hup! (Firo)
“Gyah!” (Sister)

Firo lightly drops her heel on the sister’s head, and the sister falls onto the floor.
… Is she dead? I hope so.
The other remnants are pretty much the same. Besides the brainwashed slaves, they pose no threat whatsoever.
Gaelion starts making a game of lightly tossing them at one another.
There is no need to hold back against the ones who acted of their own volition.

More and more Zombies are pouring in, making escape impossible.
Annihilating all of the forces here should be enough to set back their plans.

“Damn…” (Armor)

Armor slowly rises to his feet.
He’s surprisingly tough.

“I guess it’s about time to finish this. There’s no need to keep you alive. Shall I make you regret baring your fangs at me?” (Naofumi)

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