A Slime Reincarnation Tale ToC

A Slime Reincarnation Tale [Japanese Web Novel]

A common middle aged office worker dies saving a high school girl. For his heroic self sacrifice, he is reborn into a fantasy world. As a slime...

Now he needs to figure out how to survive in this dangerous world. As a slime.. the weakest monster, without a single cheat-like ability, in this situation where he has no option other than to get stronger steadily, frankly speaking it's no good right? But, since he doesn't want to die he has no option other than to give it his best it seems.

Written by Hēitóu Báiwěi (黒頭白尾)
Original name: Slime Tensei Monogatari

Prologue 1
Prologue 2: New Game

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  1. this is currently being translated at https://translatedbyaclown.wordpress.com/chapter-list/ it is currently up to chapter 38 and updated daily